Representing the King of Kings: Kingdom on Earth

Dr. Miles Munroe, in his book, Kingdom Principles, says, “An honest look at Script will reveal that the fundamental message greatly misunderstood Book is about a King and a Kingdom. The Bible is not primarily about a religion or rituals, but about the establishment of a kingdom rulership on this planet from the heavenly realm. It is about a divine project of governing earth from Heaven through mankind. I believe no one who has ever lived has been misunderstood more than…Jesus the Christ.

Misunderstanding Jesus has caused Muslims to reject Him, Hindus to suspect Him, Buddhists to ignore Him, atheists to hate Him, and agnostics to deny Him. But it just may be those who claim to represent Him the most—Christians—who have in fact misunderstood and, therefore, misrepresented Him the most.”

Matthew records of Jesus asking, “Who do people say I am?” Then, “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16.)

No answer was available until someone received a revelation from the Father. Upon that revelation, Jesus revealed how He would be properly represented.

Until we have what He described as the kingdom normal of our generation, we are misrepresenting Jesus, the King of Kings. To some extent, measurable by Scripture when taken for what It says, we are representing something other than the Anointed One, Jesus Chris, the Son of the God who lives if we do not have what He reveals after Simon Peter shares this revelation from the Father.

Dr. Munroe says Jesus is the most misunderstood Person in history, primarily because the very people failed to represent Him fail to do so.

When we examine what Jesus says next, compare ourselves with an intellectual honesty to His design, we conclude that what He designed and defined is not our present condition. In other words, we misrepresent Him, to the extent and in the measure, we fail to be what He reveals in the next verses of Matthew 16.

In Matthew 16 and 18, we have Jesus’s words on the meaning of Ecclesia. We have the design, definition, and discussion of Jesus on what we call “church.” His design and definition answer His question about “Who am I?” While the world cannot be the source of that information, Father’s revelation is the source. And, Jesus builds upon that revelation. “Who am I?” becomes a revelation in the representatives of Jesus. His Ecclesia is the proper answer for every generation after Father reveals His answer.

That is the Rock. He is the Rock. The revelation is the Rock. The representation of the Rock, who is Himself a Revelation, becomes a revelation to every culture where kingdom culture exists.

We have:

  • Father’s revelation of Who He is
  • Jesus as a revelation of Who God’s Son is
  • Ecclesia as a revelation of who He is

We believe Father’s revelation as a basis for worship, obedience, and identification. We preach Jesus as the Revelation of Sonship, King, Anointed One, and Divine Incarnation as a basis for others to believe and then worship, obey, and identify. We live individually and corporately in kingdom culture as a revelation of Kingdom and King to influence existing cultures to live the same lifestyle and culture to move them toward the worship, obedience, and identification each culture has in the kingdom of God on Earth.

Representing Jesus is the deepest purpose of the kingdom on Earth. Kingdom in Heaven must be represented on Earth. Jesus did that as a Man because Father wants to be represented on Earth by a kingdom led by humans. Father decided to be represented by Creation, Redemption, and Restoration through Jesus so He could be represented on Earth by humans with the character and culture of Heaven.

So, we cannot represent Jesus in the revelation of the Father – “You are the Anointed King, the Son of the God who lives” – without authentic kingdom Ecclesia.

That kingdom Ecclesia displaces the representatives of satan. That kingdom Ecclesia has kingdom keys that represent the decisions of Heaven on Earth. That kingdom Ecclesia is Anointed with the same kingly anointing that rests upon Jesus. That kingdom Ecclesia answers the questions: Who do men say I am? And, “Who do you say I am?”

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