Reset 2020: Declarations of Agreement for America

An authentic ekklesia called into assembly by apostolic order to hear and agree with the announced intentions of the King has come into apostolic order.

Our confession, or mutual agreement is the Apostle and High Priest. We mutually agree that He is both Apostle and High priest.

We do not come now to debate among ourselves. We do not come to an animistic altar hoping to obligate the god of our design to help us.

We come in agreement with the Standing King for the accumulated purposes the prophetic dream pictures as a sealed scroll. We agree that the Word of the Lord for America has been reserved and preserved for this Reset moment. We agree that Jesus says He is now willing to invest this accumulated inheritance in this generation, in an Authentic ekklesia, in a New Era Reformation.

We stand in the authority of that agreement with our Apostle, the Architect who carries a full set of blueprints that will produce the original intentions of the Father’s eternal purposes.

We agree with the Involved Intercessor, our High Priest, who created all, redeemed all, and now operates in Providence to restore all. We agree with His reset and restoration of Father’s original intended purposes for this land.

We come in agreement with the intended purposes of the Inheritor of the Inheritance, Son of God, Worthy Lamb, who rules the nations, the One who formed and founded the United States of America.

We agree with Him that the Creator, not the government, endows us with certain inalienable rights, and agree with Him for the full restoration of these rights.

We agree with Creator Jesus, who invests Father’s eternal value in every baby at the moment of conception. Before his momma even knows he is there, Father is there. Father cries, “I want that one!” We agree with God.

We agree that the right to life supersedes any imagined and contrived right to privacy that provides legal justification for the murder, maiming, and marketing of the unborn. We agree that the most dangerous place for a baby in America will no longer be his mother’s womb.

We agree that turning has come. The empty seat filled on the Supreme Court will begin a process of reversing precedents, calling every state in the Union to renewed commitment in protecting the unborn from the death row demons who birth live babies to harvest their brains and bodies for money. We agree with Creator Jesus and His planned parenthood.

We agree that the healing of the land has begun. We reject the rejection of children, and this healing will release another post-spiritual-war baby boom and populate our healed and healthy land with hope-filled offspring. We agree our children and grandchildren will enjoy the fruit of this victory.

We agree with Jesus that media brothel bullies no longer dominate with Leviathan’s systematic delusion. That the overkill, unrelenting, sharp Sword of the Lord strikes the seven heads of Leviathan.

We agree that the legal bootleggers who badger us in courts of law will no longer silence our fundamental liberties to preach, sing, worship, and freely express the apostolic Didache of kingdom culture.

We agree that apostolic preaching will announce this Word of the Lord for America, with manifestations of the Spirit’s power and impartations of strategic wisdom to mature believers.

We agree that Gospel announcement will pierce the blinding veil over the masses as Awakening rises and hungry people experience a heightened awareness of God, moved by unseen winds of the Spirit, as spiritual arenas over entire regions shift from closed to open.

We agree that this nation is a fathering nation. We agree with God’s intentions to restore America as a Remnant nation among the nations, a fathering nation to the nations. We agree that America is as exceptional as Jesus makes her.

We agree with the dedicatory words of Robert Hunt, that we preach the kingdom Gospel into this land and export the kingdom Gospel from this land. We agree that America will once again become a premier, missionary-sending nation.

We agree that His original intentions call for the establishing of kingdom culture through which His radical representative Remnant will influence every gate of American culture.

We agree that His ekklesia and its kingdom leaders in the gates displace the strategically positioned authorities of hell. We usurp the usurpers. We exercise the ekklesia’s establishing authoritative, using kingdom keys.

We also agree that among the several candidates for and men elected to the office of President in our nation’s history, few, if any, have agreed with Jesus as much as Donald John Trump. We agree that his agreement with Jesus, as deep and historic as it is, should continue for another four years.

We are ecstatic to agree with both Jesus and our President:

• We readily agree to bless and stand with our friend and ally Israel;
• We stand for the sanctity of life in the womb.
• We work to find and release captives of sexual slavery and become a relentless terror to those who enslave them.
• We seek significant reforms in our economic and justice systems.
• We agree that judges who sit in our courts shall be original-intention Constitutionalists.
• We agree that Donald J Trump is the best person to nominate the empty seats on the Supreme Court during the next Presidential term.
• We agree that tyrannical Marxist, pirate nations shall not gain power as economic leaders, so they no longer gain leverage to rape the world’s economies.
• We agree that we will not cower in fear because of a virus being used to terrorize our nation stripping us of the Creator’s inalienable rights and calling us to bow down to the satanic religion of evolutionary scientism.
• We agree that America’s houses of worship cannot be closed by tyrannical state governors and silence preachers and worshipers with political terrorism.
• We have not forgotten Dr. King’s dream, and we agree with Jesus and our President that racism cannot and will not be the legacy of our generation.
• We agree that God sets the borders of nations and the protection of those borders from enemies, without and the security of our persons and property within, is the principal reason that We the People made agreements with our government.
• We agree that any legal definition of “marriage” written without considering the Creator’s original design and definition cannot serve as the nation’s standard for that covenantal relationship.

In a vision, I saw Jesus lying down, covered with the dust of centuries that had settled upon Him. I saw Him stand up and shake himself, and the wind blew the dust away, as if it had never been. He set His feet and looked around America with fire in His eyes.

I saw the fire in His eyes. But more importantly, I experienced that fire. It is the burning passion of the Father for this nation. I feel it right now.

“America, God wants you!”

Jesus looked around this land with a challenge on His face and declared to heaven above, earth around, and hell beneath, “America is mine! America is mine!”

We agree that Jesus involves Himself in history to position a New Era Reformation based upon the apostolic restoration operating at the foundations of His reset, radical, representative Remnant, who decree the Word of the Lord into our nation’s spiritual arenas.

The kingdom ekklesia created a confrontation with the pagan ekklesia in Ephesus and Asia Minor as Luke records in Acts 19.

Luke summarizes the result: “In this way, The word of the Lord gained momentum through overcoming spiritual might and took dominion.

We agree now that the scroll being unsealed from the Beersheba overflow of Cape Henry will gain momentum through overcoming spiritual might and take dominion in the United States of America!

We agree that a reconstitution of the kingdom ekklesia restores the intended purpose of Jesus for America. She is a fathering nation and restores America to her place of leadership among other fathering nations.

We agree with Jesus Christ, who says, “I am not finished with America!”

We agree and declare, “America shall be saved!”

If you agree, ekklesia, shout, “We agree!”

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