Revival Priorities

Revolutionary revival resets God’s priorities, the order of God’s “first things first.” While we never enough time and resources to do everything, we always have time and resources to do first things first.

New Year’s resolutions arise during this season because we have a healthy “forward look” at specific times. These resolutions arise from a sense of one thing being over and a new thing beginning. In this sense, resolutions serve as personal resets and priority adjustments. This is an opportune time to change our lives to fit the higher callings we recognize but fail to make priorities.

At important junctures of time, God designs kingdom resets for every aspect of culture. In Israel, every seven sevens of Sabbath years, a year of jubilee resets the economy and culture. In all history, God periodically “visits” His people with the objective of resetting His priorities. We call these visitations “revival.” The whole kingdom in the midst of an historic reset of God’s “first things” that questions everything.

Right now, millions of people begin a reset program of health, relationships, employment, education, and personal goals. They try to recapture something of importance they neglected because it did not meet the priority test of their lifestyles even though it is of tremendous value to their destinies. Highest on the list are things that are “first things” because they are mirrored in the priorities the world around them. In other words, most New Year’s resolutions are first things consistent with the spirit of the world more than the priorities of the kingdom.

Today, my personal resets of “first things” have more to with God’s priorities than my own! I am looking forward by looking up! I am looking forward by seeing what God had in mind for my life when He created me and called me. I am looking forward by observing what God is doing as “first things” in His kingdom.

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