Specific Prayer Ministry in FreedomRooms

Initial interviews are very helpful in FreedomRooms. Among the ministries that release healing, freedom, and inner healing, patterns emerge that are recognizable, that can be given a name or description, thus be assigned a response. In FreedomRooms we like to have the initial interview as a place to start, to gain the perspective of the individual seeking help, and to hear God’s ideas on a strategy for ministry.

A  Fully-Functional FreedomHouse

Envision a campus with hotel-like residential occupancy, FreedomRooms in another building open for personal ministry, a chapel for training, intercession, and FreedomMinistry, with an adjacent facility to seat hundreds for conferences and FreedomHouse FirstDay, David’s Army, and Wagner Leadership Institute courses. Imagine that leaders from all over the world could arrive here and stay on campus to receive personal ministry or training. Imagine that broken or hurting leaders could simply inform their people that they were on vacation in Florida and spend days with us receiving personal breakthrough, healing, freedom, and training.

As part of an apostolic resource center, with an Ecclesia, leadership training, and ministry training for every believer, FreedomHouse has a regional, national, and international scope of ministry. In order for FreedomMinistry International to full function, several aspects of discipling should be available.

The residential aspect turns the campus into a destination, a refuge and haven, for hurting leaders. Unfortunately, leaders who need ministry are seldom afforded the

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