Stop Wasting Inheritance

Malachi says joining a generation comes by turning hearts of fathers to inheritors and the hearts of inheritors to fathers.

This breaks limitation off the inheritance. The land is the inheritance. The curse is the limitation.

Joining a generation has nothing to do with preparing a successor. We do not prepare and position a successor. We prepare and position inheritors. We do not turn hearts by waiting for fathers to quit or die. We join generations when fathers and inheritors are fully-functional at the same time!

The prodigal inheritor wastes inheritance. He has a father. He has an inheritance. He has a right to the inheritance. He fails to join hearts, so he breaches the generation. The inheritance wastes because the limitation remains upon it.

Prodigal Behavior

Prodigals assume the revelation they received belongs to them. They ignore fathers. They fear fathers already have the revelation. They proclaim themselves fathers. They justify this prodigal proclamation by bashing fathers. They declare father failure as fact. They use “abuse” and “dysfunctional” as justification.

  • 1. Every authentic inheritor has seasons with fraudulent fathering. Jacob with Laban. David with Saul. Joseph with the whole bunch. Your experience is not novel. All the fathers you bash have had the same experiences.
    2. You use fraudulent fathering as justification for bashing authentic fathering. You declare that you have the revelation. You have the inheritance. Then, you say, “We have to restart the whole thing now. It is all up to us. We cannot have fathers. We must be fathers, but we cannot have fathers because none are available.” We set up peer level fathering downlines. We assume that having a revelation means we should have our own fathering. We run off and join with a stranger, an unassigned father.
    3. We declare far and wide our revelation collection. We publish our prophetic scrapbook as our bona fides. We declare a new generation when we should turn our hearts. We ignore fathers because we fear they have the revelation already, and this would blow our justification out the window. (It does.)
    4. Then, we waster the revelation. We have no more capacity to implement than the fathers we bash. We refuse to join the generation. We join with someone who has no share in the inheritance. We think forging new alliances will substitute for healthy alignment. (It doesn’t.)
    5. Then, we sell our new start, a new breed, new generation, new thing, new group, new design, and new symbols to peers level party animals. We consume revelation. We never plant it for a harvest. We assume having revelation makes us fathers. The revelation inheritance we have comes so we can join with fathers to produce. We think it means God has christened us to rebel. The inheritance remains in limitation. We implement nothing. We do what happened in the previous generation. We waste.
    6. We father bash some more. We father bash until we get to the place at which we accept an orphan spirit against all evidence to the contrary. “I will be my father’s servant so I have something eat.” We learned this orphan spirit from the fraudulent fathers God placed us with. He did that so we would never do that! So, we end up at the very place all our fraudulent fathers put us: “You serve me. I’ll give you a snack now and then.”
    7. We still have the revelation. We have no inheritance position. We start over when the father we bashed puts the ring back on our hands. If we join the generation, we break off the limitation.

Right now, right in front of our eyes, the generation is being fragmented by opportunistic inheritors. They repeat past errors as if this is a new thing. Authentic fathers giggle to cover the pain of broken hearts about the brash adolescent rebellion. Authentic fathers can do nothing but wait at the gate.

If a sheep wanders, you go get it. If an inheritor rebels, you have to wait for him to come home.

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Dr. Don

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