My Ipad has a locator function. I just push on the map application and the world shows up on screen. Then, map pin slammed into the earth to show where my Ipad is located at any given moment.

Returning home from six weeks in Brasil, I awoke from a dream that reminded me of this targeting function. I saw Jesus looking down from heaven, targeting cities, people, ministries for revolutionary revival, favor, finances, and assignments!

Wow! It was strong! Powerful! The map pin would slam into the ground and shake the earth until concentric rings would appear from the epicenter of His targeted favor! The concentric rings made the location of the pin look like a target!

While God wants everyone, He never starts with everyone. He begins with targeted people, places, and resources. Often, the resources are already there, waiting for release! As He said to Moses, “What is in your hand? Throw it down…”

Jesus is being more strategic than ever before! He is serious. He is in a hurry. These are not random shots in the dark. They are the releases of a Master, the darts are hitting bull’s eye every time, with pinpoint accuracy. When the favor hits, we know God is doing something only God could do!

And….we are shocked! Yes, we are surprised!


Today, I had a vision of a man being fitted for a suit. He was being measured shoulder to wrist, neck to belt line, around the chest, and across the belly.

The vision works two ways depending upon who is doing the tailoring. The one side is Jesus fitting favor to strategic people. The other side is people having “church” tailored to fit themselves.

Wow! what a contrast of end results! I was reminded that the strategic leadership Jesus bestowed upon the called together assembly produces a Body maturing into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Tailor-made church fits the measurements of man: it designs church to fit what we want instead of fitting us to what God wants.

Targeted Resources

Favor works like animals arriving at Noah’s ark. God gathers things you could never get together on your own. The Body is called together by Jesus. He builds His ekklesia by calling together as assembled people.

Favor works like Joseph living through seasons of prison, rejection, misunderstanding, and being suddenly positioned to produce in a strategic time.

Favor works like Paul seeing extraordinary miracles in Ephesus as “the word of the Lord increased until it dominated with supernatural power” over a strategic city that would become the center of Christianity for 200 years!

Favor works like Jacob’s staircase with angels carry up to heaven and delivering down from heaven.

So, would you rather have a suit tailored to fit you and what you want, or be tailored to fit the stature of the fullness of Jesus!

God is targeting leaders He can entrust with fullness-of-time strategies for nations, cities, ministries, and people. Many of His people are getting really upset that God’s plans don’t seem to fit theirs. God has faced this dilemma before in many generations with His chosen people. When the greater group demands their own way, God targets some unlikely people from unlikely places to do unlikely things.

Favor is flying around, darts released to bull’s eyes. Hold still and receive God’s pin-pointed release of favor!

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