The God Who Never Forgets His Promise

Character and Glory

“God passed by and declared His Name.”

The many names for God all reveal facets of His character and can be manifested as aspects of His Glory. Glory is a manifestation of some aspect of His character. Obviously, Glory does not manifest all His Glory; Glory manifests on purpose, and whatever aspect of His character is revealed helps us discern that purpose.

When God declares His Name, He is indicate what He intends to do. We can best understand what God was intending by revealing Glory to Moses as He passed by in what God declared of His Name.

Yesterday, God declared His Name to us here in Brasil. He manifested an aspect of Who He is to indicate what He intends to do.

He declared, “I am the God Who Never Forgets His Promise.”

He revealed this aspect of Himself because He was resurrecting unfulfilled prophetic promises people had given up on that the God Who cannot lie had never given up on. While people go into despair and forget promises to avoid the pain of disappointment, God never forgets His promises! Though buried away in death chambers of the soul, He digs them up, stands them upon their feet, and breathes life into them!

He declared, “I am the God Who Never Forgets His Promise.”

We should understand that God is resurrecting ancient promises as yet unfulfilled to people, ministries, and nations in this generation. The people most likely to experience these resurrections of promise are those that set their lifestyles to them and remain in preparation mode for their fulfillment.

Abraham Lives in Promise Mode

Look at it like this: Abraham was promised a son by his wife Sarah.

God chose people to be a father of nations who couldn’t even have children! After repeated efforts to help God out, the promise dies. When God resurrects it, Sarah laughs so hard her son is named “laughter.”

Here’s the key: Abraham never stopped doing what was necessary to produce a son, even after the factories shut down and the assembly lines stopped. He and Sarah invested in the promise by maintaining a passionate love for one another because lovers produce babies.

His breach of trust with Sarah’s servant girl certainly provided them both a moment to take out the mistake on the other, but the closure of that error, after several other failed as well, never led to them sleeping in separate tents. They didn’t ever doubt God even when the possibility of a palm tree in a snow storm blinded the natural mind to possible success.

The God Who Never Forgets His Promise will most likely find the people who keep on living by the promise even when it is impossible to happen as the ones prepared to receive the fulfillment.

Live the Process of Preparation

Once God promises you something, He immediately starts the process of preparing you to be the person who can receive the fulfillment of the promise. It is the process that wears down the soul until only the spirit breaths life into the preparation process.

Remember, God wanted a father of nations. He promised a son to people who couldn’t produce children. He knew that any man can be a father, but He wasn’t preparing a father. He was preparing a father of nations!

When God promises, He invests His character into history. Since He never forgets, start living as if He is going to fulfill His promise!

Ask yourself, “Am I now living as if I believe in the integrity of God?”

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