The Logos of God: Regaining An Appropriate Appraisal of Scholarly Elders

The Mindset of God

The Logos of God is Jesus as a manifested revelation of God, and the eternal, unchanging mindset of God. The Bible is not the Logos; it is not exhaustive. The Bible is the written or “graphe” communication of Logos God chose to reveal Who He is and How He does stuff.

The graphe is the written Word of God. The rhema is the immediate Providential communication of God. The Logos is the mindset of God.

In each way God communicates, we receive the eternal and unlimited with temporal and limited capacities. Some see this as the opportunity for God to speak something outside the Bible when God never sees this as a viable option. God does not say, “I didn’t include this in the Bible, but I’m going to turn you into a gnostic by revealing secret knowledge to you.”

Nope. That is not going to happen. What God will reveal is more of His mindset from and within which the written and revealed Word of the Lord arrives.

Angels and Revelation

The Bible tells us all we need to know about angels as God’s communication messengers. Angels do not come by for tea and tell us about themselves. If that is happening to you, get deliverance. If your leader is telling that is happening to them, run fast to a leader with a Bible.

Angels are involved in communicating graphe, rhema, and Logos, but angels are not involved in secret knowledge sharing or channeling. That is another kind of angel that we call a demon.

The Logos of God is available to angels only as He communicates specific messages to and through them. They do not provide revelation of God unless they carry a message from God.

Believers and Logos

Reading, meditating, and living the graphe is key to expanding your revelation mindset of the Logos, the mindset of God. This growth in wisdom includes the thinking of God, His presuppositions, and rationale for what He reveals.

God wants you to think like God by thinking His thoughts. As you read His Word, think His thoughts, and apply them to your attitude (habits of thinking) and lifestyle, you experience Truth. Truth sets you free. Paul describes this mindset process in 2 Timothy 3:16.

“All graphe is God-breathed and is useful for instruction, reproof, correction, and training in right behaviors.”

The value of consuming the Bible as a spiritually consumable is incalculable. God has not provided an alternative, short-cut, consumer-friendly, or mystical process for learning how to live right and represent Jesus.

Notice that God need not show you anything for you from sourcing outside reading, believing, and applying the Bible for you to be completely equipped to live right.

The idea that God will bypass the graphe to infuse you with rhema is an excuse to be a lazy slob in terms of kingdom revelation. This practice is a gnostic quest and usually leads to an inspection of extraBiblical materials. When someone applies these sources back into or upon the Bible with spurious conclusions.

This process is not appropriated mysticism or prophetic information gathering. It always leads to some form of error because the conclusion reached is not the Logos of God.

You are thinking spiritual and comparing spiritual things with spiritual things without filtering the entire process through revelation from the Logos.

Prophets, intercessors, or thinkers without Bibles do not reach any conclusions consistent with the Logos because only through graphe and rhema compatible with graphe do we think with God’s mindset.

When anyone says, “God showed me,” and the conclusion isn’t the Logos, we know they didn’t reach that conclusion from thinking the thoughts of God. While a prophetic person may hear and see profound things, the moment they receive them, they enter a prophetic process. That process is not God-breathed like graphe was at the time it was written. That process contains rhema, but handling it requires the assistance of other believers with a greater grasp of Logos.

Elders With Experience and Expertise

In a time of expanded prophetic operations, the people who should be gaining higher leaders and oversight value are those with a greater grasp of the Logos of God, not those with miraculous grace-gift activities of what appears to be words of knowledge or prophetic function.

For example, someone with an expanded word of knowledge capacities is not a person qualified – by those criteria of measurement – to train prophets and prophetic people. The grace-gift word of knowledge may be a revelatory capacity, but it may also operate in a person who is not a prophet.

We should value all the grace-gifts as operations available to all believers by Holy Spirit. We all recognize that the immature believer operates in these grace-enablements.

We should have much greater value for leaders who have a Logos mindset through which conclusions appropriate to God’s thinking are available.

In other words, entering the Roaring Twenties, we should reset our value system to a Biblical point of view about the value of overseers with expertise and experience, both of which are gained by extended exposure to the graphe, rhema, and Logos. We should regain our appreciation and appraisal of the scholar of the written Word.

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