The “Make God Responsible” Prophetic Trap

As a person who prophesies, do not prophesy marriage. Just don’t do it.

But, I see it. But, I hear it. But, I know it. But, I’m sure of it.

Don’t do it. The prophetic process that you follow for directing life decisions is not an “I see it. I hear it. I know it. I’m sure of it.” for someone else making a life decision.

People want to you prophesy life decisions when they want to obligate God to make the decision “fool-proof.” This is superstitious witchcraft, avoidance of personal responsibility, and a poor “how things work in the Spirit” presupposition. It is a form of idolatry (covetousness), based upon getting God to agree with what you want.

It will work to assist people manipulating others into relationships they should not be in.

This is the “I am bringing this person with me to the prayer line so God will tell that person what to do.” The prophetic aspect is supposed to force the person into doing something they do not want to do.

You may realize that God does want them to, but they are not willing. Prophecy is not designed to make people do things. Prophecy is not intended to obligate God or other people to do what God or someone else wants them to do.

You may realize the entire thing is a setup. Then, you will know that you are about to be rejected as a false prophetic voice because you didn’t say what you were supposed to say.

You should avoid saying anything at all. If you do not have the strength of will and character to say nothing on demand, you are not as trustworthy of prophetic function as you should be. And, if you are really good at reading these situations and becoming the voice of God to people instead of the voice of God for God, you are a false prophetic malpractice wolf.

The prophetic word you hear and see may not be a “now you must do this word,” but if you prophesy it as a “God says,” people will walk out and get married or take a job or buy a house or shoot their dog – whatever – and blame you and God for it when it turns out – note this phrase – “differently from what they demanded or expected.”

A prophetic word will not order a perfect marriage since marriage requires more than the will of God to be successful.

I know, I know, you have heard the silly superstitions all your life: “if God is in it, you will never have a problem. The money, people, favor, joy, and happiness will be there, world without end, while you do nothing and God does everything to make you happy and give you all you want. Your Rolls Royce is being manufactured as we speak…”

But, that ain’t true. Marriage and most everything else that comes with a life decision put enormous responsibilities upon the person ente4ring into that relationship, job, future, calling, and whatever else the destiny upon his life involves.

While God told a prophet to marry a prostitute because that prophet’s life was a prophetic picture, that is not a principle, process, or protocol to be followed.

So, you do not get to prophesy marriage that is going to be dysfunctional because you think God will fix them if God says, “Get married.” A thousand times, “Duh.”

The prophetic never adjusts principle to fit experience. Prophecy is not existential: it does not begin with human experience. Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus.


These prayer lines in which prophets read the souls and declare what they want are bogus, divinations, and false. If you can get a prophet to say what you want, he is a wolf. Save your money and your life from these devouring charlatans!

Do not prophesy life decisions if you not the person walking those decisions out with the people standing before you. Knowing about calling and declaring it is a valid thing – rarer than you might suppose, and that is a prophetic reality. THose that prophesy at this level are not novices. Nor do they hand out words to strengthen the offerings.

Do not prophesy marriage, babies, and money. When you see that, you better have verbiage to express it or the strength of will to be silent. Never assume you need to remove all mystery from a person’s life. God never does that either.

The idea that prophecy obligates God to follow through is divination and witchcraft. Using God to get what you want through prophecy is wicked. Participating in this practice makes you a wolf, Jezebel, Python, and fraud. Stop it!

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