The Missing Scarecrow

Dream, March 11, 2021

My perspective throughout the dream is onlooker and recorder.

A kingdom general is walking in a large field, leading a company on well-worn pathways. The setting presents an army moving freely from battle to battle through these back channels.

The enemy is unfamiliar with these fields and wonders why and how this army moves around undetected in this manner.

Six scarecrows stand at attention in the fields. They represent the assigned security of the home base during the campaigns of war. The scarecrows are angelic. They are watchers.

They appear as scarecrows in the dream because they successfully terrorize the wasting spirit constantly and consistently attempting to ravage the crops during the absence of those responsible for the fields. These angels have a particular, narrowly-defined assignment. They don’t do anything else.

These crows are demonic Midianites and Amalekites. (I recognize these crows in this way because I have some experience with this spiritual condition.) They steal harvest. They do flyovers to monitor the terrain for opportunities to infiltrate. The number of crows has increased to the point that they can block out the sun when the entire group flies over the fields. However, they cannot maintain this level of attack, and the six scarecrows keep them from landing.

The Kingdom General Discerns Danger

The kingdom general is walking forward, leading the company in a familiar pattern on a familiar pathway. Suddenly, he stops. He freezes into an alert posture. The General catches the company off guard by stopping so quickly. After stumbling into one another, they come to a complete stop. They emulate the leader’s posture. These warriors are trained, experienced, battle-ready troops.

The General asks, with alarm in his voice, “Where’s the seventh?”

The company turns as one to look at the empty spot where a seventh scarecrow once stood. The level of alert rises significantly.

His use of the term “seventh” invokes the sense of covenantal relationships, and something “seventhed” had been breached. The covenantal relationship that held the entire home base security together was breached by misuse of the covenantal conditions.

An Achan Could Sink Us

The General says, “An Achan could leave us all vulnerable, you know.”

The company gasps.

The General says, “We have no Achan. We do have a breach that has left us vulnerable to the wasters by the absence of a watcher.” (I heard those actual words. this is not my writing style leaking into the dialogue of the dream.)

The General continues: “We cannot abide an Achan at this moment. We have the momentum, and we must keep it. We must secure the home base.”

The Company Responds

The company falls on its knees to inquire of the Lord. The entire company is engaged. They are not waiting for the leader to get a word. They are all involved, and that indicates they are all opposed to any Achan-like breach.

One person stands, trembling, and says, “I see that the breach is a work of flesh to use our momentum for something other than God’s purpose in giving us this momentum. The spirit behind Amalekites, the ‘lickers,’ is consumerism. Like Achan, choosing to make money off this campaign, favor, and momentum is like keeping things devoted to destruction because they belong to God. I have entertained this motivation, but I am no Achan.”

Repentance breaks out in the entire company, and we all sound like the Twelve when Jesus announces one of them is a traitor.

The company cries out. The sound startles the entire flock of crows, more by their voices than the scarecrows in the field. The crows rise as one cawing with frenzied distress. The crows felt exposed now and really afraid of this company.

The Perspective is National

The seventh scarecrow flies in from the northeast. I suddenly get my bearing in the dream and realize the vulnerable place in the fields would direct attention toward DC and the spirit that we fight thought to infiltrate the Remnant’s ranks.

Then, the General stands and says, “Warriors do not entangle themselves. If we all become millionaires during this campaign, God will be pleased, but He will tolerate no entanglements. If the campaigns bring Him Glory, not us, and we are to be a Remnant like Gideon’s, we cannot win because of overwhelming force but finishing obedience.”

“Using the victories by appropriating them led to Gideon’s final failure. The people worshiped the leader as an idol. The very thing God said a Remnant would keep from happening ended up happening. People failed to give God the glory and worshiped the leader.”

“God is faithful in mercy to direct our attention to this subtle breach. He intends to reset the kingdom on different foundations, unlike the consumerism that measures the failure of the contemporary church.”

What This Means

(I have done the best I know how to give this speech as I heard it in the dream, the exact wording I hear in my spirit after waking up. I feel that I have done so after rereading it several times. I do so because I do not want to put words in the leader’s mouth in that he represents the Remnant Ekklesia in a critical moment of history.)

The dream ends with this scene. I felt the response of the company resolved the issue. The watchers restored full security to the home base, so the company felt bold to respond to assignments.

Now, I have had a very personal experience with God about my own heart. This intent could be the extent of the dream. During the two decades I have been in the nations, the temptation to use favor and fame for something other than the fullness and fulfillment of apostolic assignment reached extremes. These crucibles crushed the urge to use anything God has done to enhance my own condition.

Consumerism is Deadly

I make no bones about my disgust with the marketing machinery of modern prophetic and apostolic ministries. I found them to be the most dangerous exports of the US to Brasil and many other nations. I have been bold to denounce it publically.

But that is me and my voice, not yours or the present company. This dream sounds like a warning, so I communicate it only with you. I do not feel the dream indicates we have a breach, in other words, or a vulnerability, as much as a warning that one is imminent.

It could be personal to me–I probably need it. Like everyone else, I want the things I lead to prosper. It could be corporate for the entire kingdom, but I’ve already been vocal in my arena of assignment, and this dream deals with a scope beyond that. It could apply to the team you lead, of which I feel part. If so, I’m still in the communicate and interpret stages of the prophetic process, with interpretation requiring more voices than my own.

So, I conclude that I submit to accountability about my heart condition if it for me personally.

  • If it is for the entire kingdom, I will communicate it within the scope of my assigned authority with the same boldness I feel about consumerism in the restoration and Reformation.
  • If it is for the company you lead with specific assignments, and I see signs that this is possible, I rest it in your hands to say nothing more in that application.
  • I do not feel that I am overthinking or overreacting to the dream’s seriousness, however, but it indeed contains the filtering of my passion. God may have given to me for that reason, in other words so that passion bleeds into the prophetic process.

I will apply it to my own heart and our home base immediately.

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