The Mountain of the Lord

The mountain of the Lord is a higher place. It is spiritual. It is higher in the spiritual. The “heavenlies,” where He dwells, touches Earth as a Way. The way of the Lord leads to the heights of the spirit. The heights of the spirit are a climb, though sometimes He carries us up…

The mountain of the Lord is a perspective. We see from God’s point of view. That is revelation within itself, this Divine perspective. The heights focus our spiritual eyes and ears. The Earth blurs. Heavenlies do not blur. They come into focus. The Earth sounds dim. The heavenlies broadcast the sound of Glory.

The mountain of the Lord is a culture. It is the kingdom as a spiritual condition in any arena of spirit. It rises up from the grassroots to touch the heights of heaven. It is another form of the escalator Jacob saw at Bethel. Activity from the heavenlies coming down and going up. Exchange of Heaven and Earth occur on the mountain, at different heights. The highest heights open the curtains of flesh and reveal the hidden glory and Glory.


We gaze upon His Glory and our glory transforms in this encounter.


The entire Earth is full of His Glory. Glory manifests by Divine intention. At any moment, Glory manifests to whom and where God intends to reveal some aspect of His Character. For whatever purpose He reveals Glory, that purpose becomes the priority of the saints.


The mountain of the Lord is an exchange of worship in the reality of spirit. Our best efforts at sound attract the best efforts of Heaven’s sounds. The blend can give way to the sound of Glory. The blend can reach only as high as authentic worship. To reach higher, He must teach us His ways.


The mountain of the Lord is a prophetic picture of His influence in the Earth. It is not the influence of influential saints infiltrating that alters cultures. It is the influence of His mountain. Enoch comes and goes without exerting this influence. Enoch is a success as a person. His influence on history is a testimony and prophetic picture. Enoch is not our example. Enoch is one of God’s favorites.


The influence of Heaven upon Earth is spiritual. The mountain of the Lord manifests at the heights gained by His people, not the heights at which God dwells. He has dwelt in the heights forever and will continue to do so! The mountain of the Lord rises from the grassroots. The influence of His mountain is measured by representation.


Daniel sees the mountain of the Lord rising to replace all cultures, no matter how influential, with a kingdom culture. The cultures he sees continue to influence the Earth today. Babylon. Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. The influence of these spiritual conditions remains strong. The spiritual rulers continue to influence cultures now. We can categorize the mountains of man by these influences. The Bible does.


The mountain of the Lord is greater in spiritual influence than any other mountain! The influence of His mountain is not in the mountain. The influence of His mountain is the level of ascendancy His people reach.


Every step up is a step of surrender within. Every step up is a pathway of preparation for a higher position. Position is influence. The higher position is greater representation of the King.


When we say, “Enter in,” we should understand the idea of stepping up. We should realize the experience of emptying out. We should recognize the purpose of position as representation.


Beware the idea that mighty men are those with Earthly influence. It has never been so in the kingdom. The influence of the mountain is contrary to all other mountains.


Jesus says, “The time has been on the way and has now arrived when we will not worship at any mountain of Man. The Father investigates the entire Earth to discover and uncover those who worship in reality of spirit.” He seeks authentic worshippers. He looks upon the mountain of the Lord for the influence that represents His Son.

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