The Next Seven Years of Plenty (with Seven Steps of Action)

Wealth of the Wicked Stored Up

Isaiah pictures what is available in the atmosphere as rain in ways that help us understand how God changes the conditions to release. A desert atmosphere contains a reservoir but the conditions distribute the moisture so randomly that it seldom produces rain. Water is available but the conditions don’t release it!

Consider the same concept with respect to seed in the ground that lies dormant when it is not germinated. When rains come, what is hidden but available begins to sprout. Consider what would happen when that germinated seed combines in one season with the seed we are planting. Consider the momentum that would come if that bumper crop were to be immediately proportioned for greater planting because we understood that the next seven years will provide optimal conditions for abundance with incremental increase and exponential multiplication year after year.

We may be looking for the wealth of the wicked in the wrong places. The wealth we are looking for isn’t for our ascendancy in Egypt but our investment in kingdom. We aren’t looking for a way to take over the seven mountains of culture so we have positioned people in them who are presently positioned in church-anity. That is, we shouldn’t be picturing “success” as TD Jakes for president and Joel Osteen as Secretary of State while Mr. Strang who owns Charisma magazine buys the New York Times and John Maxwell becomes the Secretary of Education or Michael Murdock becomes the Secretary of the Treasury or Benny Hinn becomes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to administer Obamacare.

While we aren’t establishing a subculture, we must always function in kingdom culture to influence and impact the cultures of the earth. We can’t properly confront those cultures with kingdom culture until we get it right ourselves! Judgment begins at God’s house.

Shifting the Balance of Power

Joseph interpreted a dream for Pharaoh with an international strategy for the strongest nation in the world. This scenario repeats throughout history, that God speaks into nations with international influence, especially the strongest of nations, to release something to all nations.

The US remains the strongest nation in the world by nearly any measurement of influence and leadership. While this makes other nations envious, jealous, and angry, allowing them to place blame upon the US for things that are not our fault and take for granted the good that we do at the expense of their weakness, God still speaks into the US because He has a strategy to touch all the other nations.

In Brasil, God is speaking about all the nations because He is originating something there that will touch the US as Brasil takes the lead in releases “the next move of God” and Latin Nations take the lead in kingdom expansion.

God directed a storehouse nation to become a center of influence economically and shifted the balance of power and the influence of culture in strategic ways. In the midst of this shift, He made provision to enhance the influence and impact of His covenant people, and He moved them into position to ultimately receive the wealth that Egypt gained from this strategy. When Israel left Egypt, they took the wealth of Egypt with them.

Seven Years

Joseph interprets the king’s dream of seven years of plenty followed by seven years of leanness and releases a strategy that puts the entire agricultural economy into a seven-year plan of action: during the seven years of plenty, because they will be followed by seven years of leanness, we will store harvest increases so we will have food for starving nations.

What I see coming, beginning in 2014, is just the opposite in sequence, therefore, opposite in strategy. I see that we have come through seven years of leanness and are coming into seven years of plenty. So, the strategy won’t be storing up for seven lean years but immediate reinvestment of increase for multiplied abundance. Each year will have the capacity for greater abundance if we continually to plant a portion from the harvest while we are harvesting.

The first year will produce bumper crop from seed already in the ground that has not germinated. The new atmosphere will cause it to germinate and sprout. It will begin to appear during the spring season of 2014. This will produce a harvest of restored purpose. When this harvest appears, the harvest from this seed already in the ground and the seed we are planting this spring with it, the plowmen must be in the field with the reapers, and a first-fruits portion of the harvest must be planted at the same time it is harvested. This portion never leaves the field.

In this way, as we continue this pattern into 2015 and 2016, momentum will increase and harvest will continue to expand.

Your Personal Position for Preparation and Producing

Most modern American believers are out of position. In order to be in position, they need to align with a blueprint leader who has been given both revelation and authority at a broader level. Notice I didn’t say “higher” level. Notice I said “broader” level. The ability to see enough of the blueprint to position people isn’t given to everyone, and those who insist upon positioning themselves, no matter how anointed, called, and precious they are, will create dysfunction in their own lives and bring that dysfunction into the Body. Blueprint leaders are positioned by other blueprint leaders who have a broader perspective than theirs; at the international level, the blueprint leaders have a perspective of purpose about nations.

Discover the power of accountability! Discover the peace of accountability! Discover the protection of accountability! Your alignment will position you in a place where God’s blueprint for your life can be fitted into God’s blueprint for the kingdom, and your accountability to be in that position and function from that position will release the greatest grace, favor, and anointing!

First, ask God for a revelation of personal purpose.

Expect that revelation to necessitate an alignment with an assignment greater than yours. Expect the revelation to be limited as opposed to exhaustive. None of God’s revelation is exhaustive, including the Bible. All revelation is limited, and the limit of your personal revelation should motivate you to seek alignment with a blueprint leader who can give you interpretation, application, and implementation of that revelation.

Purge yourself of the world’s thinking! Stop allowing the enemy to move you out of position so that your function frustrates more than it bears fruit. Consider that all the “pursue your own dream,” “be a self-sufficient person,” “get yours or someone else will get it,” and “God is there to get you what you want” slogans are of this world and not of God!

Get ready for God to clarify your personal purpose through His leaders. God has designed leadership strategies for marriage, family, Ecclesia, and kingdom through which He clarifies personal purpose: personal purpose can never be realized in a vacuum.

Our thinking and approach is to blend kingdom and Ecclesia leadership in this way: we are an international kingdom apostolic resource center with worldwide locations in which and through which a growing and maturing Ecclesia functions.

Second, submit personal purpose to the greater purpose that comes through alignment.

Consider alignment as a positioning, a “positioned to produce” privilege to be valued. Consider how this alignment and positioning releases greater fulfill of purpose in your life as you are prepared and positioned, that honor releases anointing, wisdom, favor, and grace.

Consider that the promise demands a position that honor will place you in: that is, the first commandment with a promise is “Honor father and mother;” and, this promise is released through honor. The people through whom you came into life – through honoring them, you receive long life. Apply that honor principle to your kingdom leaders at every level, then honor one another because of the mutual positioning of their personal purpose and promise. When positioning properly aligns the Body, it produces a perpetual “building itself up in love.”

Consider that the major message of the metaphor– the Ecclesia as a Body—focuses upon the how we relate to each other in ways that produce the greater purpose of the kingdom. Consider that this describes how Jesus, the Head, organizes His Body through leaders. Consider how your assignment and alignment with a greater assignment prepare and position you within the Body to produce the greater goals of the kingdom. Then, consider that this positioning isn’t a detraction from personal purpose, that the submission and sacrifice doesn’t diminish your purpose but prepare and position you to fulfill that purpose.

Third, get ready to learn and change. Be teachable and transformable.

Allow the preparation that will position you to work in every area of your life: physical, family, finance, friends, and fellowship (koinonia). Embrace change as a welcome friend! Stop blaming others, demanding God and others to do things your way, excusing your own silliness and foolishness with justifications that leave you saying that your present condition is someone else’s fault.

When you say, “If only they would do this, I could be successful.” That is the most obvious form of rebellion and rejection! Imagine Joseph looking back at his path to purpose and saying that!

Change produces a “prove the will of God” dynamic for your life. That dynamic never stops operating, a continuous lifestyle of personal learning and transformation. The “renewing of the mind” involves “the spirit of your mind” in a SpiritFirst, “top-down,” “trickle down” lifestyle. This is a lifestyle: consider that the posture of your priesthood is a condition of sacrifice, the world isn’t by source and resource thinking, a renewing of the mind transformation that results in living  in a way that “proves” the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God. The what-God-wants lost in my life before entering the kingdom becomes the what-God-wants of my personal restoration.

“Prove” [dokimazo] means to test to determine its level of authenticity or purity like testing metals for the purity or integrity of their condition. When applied in this statement to the what-God-wants, we can see a process in which only by self-sacrifice, mold destroying or avoiding, and mind-renewal can be more certain that we are actually doing the what-God-wants. No separation between experiencing the understanding of His will and doing His will exists.

Fourth, get some measurable, long-term goals that tell you what to do right now.

To be who God what you to be, to do what God wants you to do, where God wants you in 2020, you will need to know what to do about it right now, and your goals for 2014 should be goals that look to the next seven years for meaning, priority, measurement, and purpose. “I am doing this as a priority today because of where I’ll be by 2020.” Your goals for right now should be fully integrated with who to be, what to do, and where to be when you reach 2020.

You don’t want to wake up in 2016 with a sense that what you’ve done for this and the next years hasn’t pushed or propelled you closer to your purpose.

Transformation is about identity: stop identifying with the world in a way that allows you to measure your goals by your environment and start identifying with the what-God-wants for your life!

To the extent you are offered up, you can do the worship and intercession of your priestly position so that you can be transformed by spiritual mind renewal, breaking off the molds you and the world place as limiter on your purpose. To that extent the transforming can be worked out in lifestyle and behavior. Getting to a “hands-off” mode of surrender is key to personal preparation and positioning.

Fifth, get into a submission relationship and alignment with blueprint leaders so you will be accountable to those goals.

This will strengthen you in distraction and substitution when hell attempts to move you toward a sell-out for immediate happiness, offers you a glamor route to your dream, and asks you to align with him to get what God promised.

Measurable means accountable to a standard of normal outside and above yourself. Accountability enables and empower. If you become accountable to someone for their mold of your identity, you have surrender to that person; if you become accountable to a leader who recognizes God’s mold of your identity, you become enabled and empowered by the additional strength of their wisdom and strength. Their accountability doesn’t come in making you fit their mold, but in finding a leader who can see and understand your purpose in a blueprint that fits you into God’s great vision for the kingdom.

By submission we do not mean that man has a system, and your surrender to man allows you to be hammered into the system irrespective of your created design, calling, charismatic grace gifts, or life’s work.

Beware the pursuit of “I want my own way into function” that basically says you can just get the anointing and activation of gifts and “be me” however, feels good to you personally without proper alignment with blueprint leaders; such a pursuit is dysfunctional no matter how great you are at anointing and activation of gifts. Submitting to yourself as a way of submitting to God is a great deception.

Sixth, begin to immediately reinvest harvest in this place and position of preparation and invest a portion of that harvest back into the process.

Consider what you have time, energy, and money for, the passions that motivate you, that would be hard ground, shallow ground, or ground filled with drama that would choke the fruitfulness of what you’ve planted.

This doesn’t mean money only or even money first and last. It means life. Note the words, time, energy, money as examples of things to be invested properly.

Examine the major areas of your life: physical, family, faith, finance, and function.

  • Physically, I need God’s temple in a condition consistent with my calling.
  • Family, I need my role, responsibilities, and relationships healthy and functioning consistent with God’s designed norms.
  • Faith, I need my spirit to rule my life, personal alignment of spirit, soul, and body, to live SpiritFirst.
  • Finance, I need my wealth, to grow and mature consistent with my assignment, inheritance, and life’s work.
  • Function, I need my kingdom alignment of assignment to properly released charismatic gifts, anointing, calling, and my life’s work.

Here at FreedomHouse, we are putting together a personal path for your growth and maturity. We have instituted and maintain a strategically designed path to assist your personal commitments in reaching these goals.

We may enhance the offering of these enabling and empowering leadership dynamics as existing and emerging leaders grow and mature, so that everyone of you can be who God created you to be and do what God has called you to do. We may mature these discipling dynamics. We may expand them to include tens of thousands of people worldwide. But, in reality, you can plug into a preparation and positioning process right now, a path that will bring you to an international level of kingdom function in your life if you fully avail yourself of this pathway and make its provisions, procedures, and processes a priority of your life and lifestyle.

Seventh, reset intercession and worship.

Rediscover what Worship meant to Jesus. Rediscover what Intercession meant to Jesus. Then, partner with His worship and intercession by releasing what is happening in heaven into the earth. Examine how the previous years of intercession and worship have prepared intercessors and worshippers for this reset. Examine trends, what still has life on it, and what still has promise in it.

First, examine how your own intercession and worship may have stale formalities in it. Expect that all forms of intercession and worship can become ends within themselves. Examine your own intercession and worship for “this is how I do it” assumptions that basically turn your SpiritFirst response into soulish performances or processing. Examine your worship and intercession for a self-centric posturing instead of a heaven-centric reality.

“Father is seeking for those who will worship Him in spirit and truth.”

Spiritual reality is the beginning point of what Father is doing, and a return to this SpiritFirst “ministering to the Lord” is essential. Experience seems to reveal that God’s people require strategic leadership to enter this and maintain its purity.

We need to measure “success” with a new, fuller standard of fruit in our worship and intercession. The “Worship” to which Jesus refers in John 4 is more than music or prayer because it engages heaven in a way that releases kingdom into every part of our lives and region.

Certainly, “one new man” refers to the blending of Jewish and non-Jews in kingdom, but the “one new man” also moves the entire kingdom into a new worship to which Jesus alludes, saying, “The time is coming and now is” when this worship will be the kingdom norm.

The closer we get to the original design of Ecclesia, the more fully we experience this kind of worship, a worship that includes every aspect of kingdom culture.

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