The Prayers of the Saints

The vessels of incense are not empty when you contribute your intercession. Instead, you finish filling them up, so they overflow into history.

Oversight leaders carry these vessels in one hand and harps in the other hand.

“So I looked, and there, surrounded by Throne, Animals, and Elders, was a Lamb, slaughtered but standing tall. Seven horns he had, and seven eyes, the Seven Spirits of God sent into all the Earth. He came to the One Seated on the Throne and took the scroll from his right hand. The moment he took the scroll, the Four Animals and Twenty-four Elders fell down and worshiped the Lamb. Each had a harp, a bowl, a gold bowl filled with incense, the prayers of God’s holy people. And they sang a new song: Worthy! Take the scroll, open its seals. Slain! Paying in blood, you bought men and women, repurchased them from all over the Earth, repurchased them for God. Then you made them a Kingdom, Priests for our God, Priest-kings to rule over the Earth.”

Revelation‬ ‭5:6-10‬ ‭MSG

The metaphors reveal how things work in the spirit.

Oversight means only intercession that produces Father’s purpose, recorded on the scroll, fills up the golden vessels. Harps are for singing the new song. Overcomers sing about the Overcomer. Holy ones join the “sacred, sacred, sacred,” the 4 created beings say, calling for the beings saying “sacred” to join the sacred people and the sacred people to join the sacred beings.

I can do all things through Christ doesn’t mean you can do anything you please through Christ. It means you agree with Christ in producing what Father wants. Doing what Father wants to be done is the very meaning of holy people.

The sacred created beings are sacred because they never do anything but what they were created to do. They never are anything but what they were created to be.

Saint means sacred or holy human. Believers are saints, not dead people made into grandparent statues stained by candle smoke. It ain’t St. Blabberiski, patron of goose-necked gossips, who finishes filling up the bowls in heaven. You do!

George Mueller Prayers

George Mueller lived by the power of immediate prayer answers, a prayer life. He refused to trust any source but God.

On his way to speak in Quebec on a sailing vessel, the venture encountered heavy fog and came to a standstill. Finally, George informed the captain that he needed to be in Quebec by Saturday afternoon.

The captain said,” ‘It is impossible! Do you know how dense this fog is?'”

Mueller replied, “No, my eye is not on the density of the fog, but on the living God who controls every circumstance of life. I have never broken an engagement in 57 years. So let us go down into the chart-room and pray.”

The mighty prayer warrior prayed a simple prayer.
The captain started to offer a prayer, but Mueller stopped him: “You do not believe He will answer, so there is no need for you to pray, Captain. Open the door, and you will find that the fog has gone.”

The Captain opened the door to find clear skies and sailing, and George Mueller kept his appointment.
Undoubtedly, we pray prayers as humans with the same passions as Elijah, making great power available, even to alter weather patterns. But Elijah changed the weather pattern because God wanted that to happen and wanted Elijah to be His representative in the outcome.

Was George Mueller a prayer snob? No. George Mueller was a leader who could pray. However, the captain was an unconvinced believer suffering from “limited trusting faith in prayer” syndrome.

It Matters Who Prays

Yes, it does matter who prays as much as it matters what is prayed. Yes, it does matter what spiritual sound is released and what atmosphere is produced. Yes, it does matter that the holy ones join with the ultimate sacred atmosphere God smells.

God smells incense spices, flavors, and aromas in intercession consistent with the atmosphere the four created ones produce–they live to make that smell.

They say, “Holy, holy, holy,” but they also say “Amen” to the intercession and worship of the holy ones on Earth.
Mueller was not unkind to the Captain, just as real as it gets about how things really work in the spirit.

The Harps and Vessels Metaphor

The harp did not soothe King Saul. Instead, David playing his harp soothed King Saul.

The harp holds no magic. The shofar has no magic. The instrument isn’t innately anointed.

Who holds the harp? When an angel holds the harp, he releases what God put in the angel. He is a “delivery as distribution” system. Angels are always doing what God is doing. Angels represent.

The second an angel ain’t representing, he ceases to be an angel.

The harp can mourn. The harp can comfort. The harp can celebrate. The harp can praise. But the harp cannot sound any sound but the sound the person harping releases in spiritual reality.

When the four created ones and 24 overseers hold harps and golden vessels for incense offerings, they also represent. They represent the sacrifices, overcoming Lamb!

The Lamb represents the Father. The Saints represent the Lamb.

So, we know they are holding harps so they can sing, not mourn. They sing a new song of eternal declarative observance of His authority to get Father the fullness of His original intentions. They carry out the decrees of synergistic intercession, a persistent condition of perpetual purpose production.

Heaven’s created ones say, “Sacred, sacred, sacred.”

Earth’s holy ones (saints) intercede. Heaven and Earth were representing the Lamb, who represents the Father. Kingdom keys are explained in visions. The containers holding incense are individual. The harps are individual. The sound is the kingdom is Heaven on Earth. The four created ones are continual sound. The 24 overseers are accumulated sound from all saints all of history but as immediate as “the intercession that fills up.” The prayers that overflow are current. The prayers that keep the vessels full are accumulated.

The metaphor says that holy ones join the “holy, holy, holy” in an ongoing song and dance of new song victory that spills into history. It pours or dribbles a constant overflow of our present intercession. Our intercession blends into accumulated intercession. Our finishing intervention causes the synergistic surge.

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