The Timing of Refreshing: Awakening Wells and Added-Value Harvesting

Wells Full of Water

When a penetrating rain falls, it reaches the deepest places. It contributes to the hidden river or aquifer beneath from which we all draw water. The wells sustain both the people of production and the production itself.

The rains invest life in life-giving investments. Recall the born of the water and born of the spirit contrasts to see the spiritual points in this metaphor.

And, the dry wells fill with water again. The wells mark God’s previously identified places for people prepared and positioned to restart what stopped. Someone stopped doing what produced God’s intentions, so God stopped feeding the process with investment.

When someone arrives at the place that surrenders to God’s blueprints and battleplans, the production of what God intended resumes. We call this revival. When the people in the place push into a pursuit of expanding that purpose through added value, overflowing wells enrich the earth for Awakening.

Seeds Sown by Previous Generations

Yes, as the water table rises, renewed by the penetrating rains of Awakening, all the wells that went dry when the water table lowered fill up again with freshly filtered water.

“The rain and snow come down from the heavens and stay on the ground to water the earth. They cause the soil to sprout, producing seed for the sower, and bread for the eater.”

Isaiah 55:10

Dormant seeds sown in previous generations germinate when penetrating rains reach places previously dry and dead. The seeds carry the same life as when the sower planted them, but they await penetrating rains. The penetrating rains fall from heaven.

God determines the timing of refreshing. The penetrating rains trigger the germination of sown seed.

“Times of refreshing from Heaven” is a phrase marking the kingdom Jesus made eternal. It is the spiritual climate for continuing kingdom establishing, expansion and enforcement.

From Heaven. Times. Refreshing.

So not only do the seeds that you have sown germinate, but the seeds sown by previous generations germinate, the ones that never sprouted because the water never reached them.

“I send you to harvest fields you did not plant,” Jesus tells His originating apostles.

Every move of God plants seeds available for the next spiritual generation. Thus, every move of God arrives with a transgenerational intention to expand in generation after generation. It is only through added value, however, that a generation becomes available for penetrating rain.

Added Value

God now says, “So, send I you,” in the season of penetrating rains to harvest and add value to the harvest. “Harvest fields you did not plow or plant.”

Isaiah quotes God: germinated seeds sprout and produce multiplied amounts of seed, so the sower has more seed to sow, and processors turn seed into food for consumption.

In consumerism, this means packaging. This idea is one of the key reasons our present forms of leadership development reveal humanistic presuppositions: telling people to repackage themselves has no capital advantages because it remains a perception issue, not an increase in purpose. Branding yourself is consumer language.

But, on the other hand, pure kingdom capitalism means processing raw materials, providing everyday profitable and practical use.

Consider how God’s Word, the seed of this prophetic metaphor, “accomplishes all that God sent it to produce” because harvested multiplication, generation after generation, enters into added-value processing.

God’s kingdom commerce does not produce perceptions but purposes. Therefore, repackaging yourself or the Word of God has so little value that we should drop its prioritization down the list.

Prophetically, this points to kingdom capitalization, refinement of raw materials, and vastly increased applications and implementations of God’s Word as a spiritual influence in existing cultures.

He also includes added value to this process. And to this, we must bring more significant focus. Being world-class at harvesting while lagging far behind in added value startles Heaven. It signals to God that the generation is ill-prepared to finish His process of establishing, expanding, and enforcing the kingdom.

Double Harvest

Prepare for double harvest as the penetrating rains germinate both your sown seeds and those brought to life by Awakening.

Unfulfilled purposes preserved and reserved for the Remnant of this faithful generation rise in the fields before you. Harvest! Pray the Lord who governs this harvest to send harvesters! Prepare and position harvesters who can assist in the sudden abundance.

Periods of history in which harvesters stand by waiting for a sending into the harvest represent the timing of refreshing revelations: God awaits a generation prepared for added value.

Kingdom Infrastructure

The King restores kingdom culture as a context for His original ekklesia. To respond to the kingdom’s normal condition of penetrating rain–this is how things are supposed to be! You must reconstitute yourself and kingdom culture. Hence, the ekklesia operates in the original order of apostolic blueprinting and battleplans.

The infrastructure of the kingdom in Awakening is unlike the contemporary churchism of the perpetual drought. First, the land wept itself dry, waiting for this generation! Now the ground shakes as shifting sediments settle and thirsty top soil responds.

Kingdom Added Value

Then, the apostolic order brings added value to the harvest by sifting out the tares, replanting the royal seed immediately, the plowman, sower, and harvesters in the field at the same time working without competition or contrast.

The added value of leadership, fathering, and discipling prepares and positions the inheritors of the estate for expansion from the Awakening. Added value feeds the spiritual momentum.

Revival establishes Awakening through revival leaders. Revival expands Awakening through new revival leaders with the same DNA. Awakening becomes Reformation when the kingdom culture and apostolic order construct a completed ekklesia as a building with operational integrity of a body maturing as a bride to complete through oneness with the Groom the image of God on Earth.

Play in the Rain

The timing of refreshing from Heaven provides continual bathing, washing, replenishing, cooling, and refreshing to the soul. Play in the rain. “En-joy” with delight, as joy becomes strength and penetrating rail touches you in the deep places.

In the valley, He restores your soul.

One of the lessons learned at Brownsville: “we should have taken more time to rest, but we feared the Glory would depart if we did.”

God doesn’t punish us for resting. Instead, he involves Himself in restoring our strength. Some angels are skilled in physical strengthening: Father sent one to strengthen Jesus in Gethsemane. The vulnerability of the human soul and the strategy of God are not at opposites or standing in opposition to one another. God factored human frailty as He created it into His purposes.

In Awakening, strength awakens from consuming passion. You find you have more in you than you know. Deep calls unto deep. God replenishes the substrata within you. You empty out without hesitation because you learn “there is more where that came from.”

You do not build bigger barns to store seed. Instead, you sift seed to replant royal seed in good soil with penetrating rain falling upon the planted seed even as you sow it. You are bold! You have seen good ground producing where no previous root system chokes the seed. You have known that the rain from God won’t quit on you “any minute now.”

You stop thinking, “This is too good to last,” and you live in the Awakening, feed its momentum, and engage a new stream of inheritors in estate expansion. Then, finally, the lies of limitation explode before you, and you exclaim, “Kingdom of God, arrive! Will of God, happen!” in the desert.

You recognize you now live in a new era reformation.

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