Time to Tarry?

The point of tarrying in Jerusalem was, “Have you got what it takes to sustain what you start?” When you are filled, there’s no reason to hesitate doing the ministry of Jesus! Just do the stuff! Personally. Daily. Everywhere.

How you coordinate that with the Body is strategic. You cannot function without connection. “Every joint that supplies…” Where you are joined is where you release and receive. The Body cannot function in a vacuum. However, you can personally do the stuff when you are filled with Him!

There are season to tarry. There are seasons to travel. There are seasons of emphasis on any aspect of the ministry of Jesus. What is confusing some right now is the redefinition of what the “called together assembly” we call ‘church’ is all about. In the season of redefinition, a period of confusion will seem to take hold. Some will throw out the baby with the bathwater to their own hurt. It is part of kingdom reset.

In the midst of great salvation, miracles, signs and wonders, some people drop dead, some people want to purchase the baptism of Holy Spirit, and some people complain about who’s getting the best or most provision. The best of God’s visitation will produce the necessity for problem-solving leadership.

In the minds of some, we need to get saved and start being a missionary tomorrow; in the minds of others, we need to spend 17 years being prepared. Who is right? Both! The doing is the training; Jesus taught by doing. Jesus never separated teaching and doing.

As a leader who makes leaders, we must position people to do what they are gifted and called to do as they learn to do it with greater power and learn to live a life consistent with their destinies.

If you lead with your strengths and ignore your weaknesses, you will eventually be discredited by your weaknesses. God has a strategy for the most gifted and called: leadership accountability. That accountability should put you into seasons of tarrying because you require it to sustain what you’ve started.

No, just being anointed is not enough. Just doing whatever God tells you is not enough. God will require that some of what He tells you is spoken into your life by the leaders He assigns you. If you listen to the wrong voices, you may continue to be anointed and still fail in fulfilling your calling.

Seasons of sowing. Seasons of harvest. Seasons when both are happening at the same time!

Some are determined to just make it to the end, hidden away in a subculture. Some are determined to just get people born again and hope for the best. Some are determined to know more and more about truth believing that right thinking is the ultimate expression of heaven. Some are determined to lower the standard so everyone fits into the kingdom culture hoping to make it easier to be ‘christian.’

The reality is that God has strategy that is God’s strategy, not man’s. He has timing that is God’s timing, not man’s. God makes us depend upon Him and depend upon His strategic leadership strategy. When we don’t, we fail to sustain what we are anointed to start.

Time to Tarry? Jesus needed to say this because the disciples were mixed up about His strategy: “will you now return the kingdom to Israel?” They remained a bit short-sighted for 15 years when God had to bust Peter up side the head to get him to preach to a Gentile.

If God could knock Paul down and make him blind, why did God wait until that particular moment? God knows. God has a strategy. God takes His time about some things. “Tarry until…”

God is building an infrastructure for kingdom establishing. He is always working on something eternal in your life. He wants you to sustain what you start, so He is after the seeds of destruction sown at the inception, seeds you don’t know about until they take root, spring up, and choke out.

For me, when the anointing came into my life, it was so strong I was certain the anointing in anyone’s life would be everything they needed. Surely no anointed person would gossip, be selfish, speak evil, have selfish ambition, think adulterous thoughts, etc. I was wrong. I soon discovered, in terms of the problem-solving leadership of the kingdom, that anointed people need even stronger leadership than people in religion!

The season of tarrying is about over, the revival we’ve anticipated has already begun. Yet, we need to understand that people coming into the move of God need a season of tarrying, soaking, and discipling. We cannot assume the anointing will disciple when God’s strategy is for us to disciple. We cannot assume because we are anointed we are perfected by the anointing when Jesus strategy is discipling leadership for our lives. We never outgrown the need for leadership.

Solution? Leadership. Teaching people by doing answers both the issues. They are doing, not sitting around like spectators. They are learning by what they do, teachable in the midst of releasing miracles.

It works.

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