Tipping Points, Word for 2012, Part 3

The mechanism was designed to fill the pivoted glass bird with dripping water until a certain amount of water reached a certain weight that would tip the bird and empty the contents, the empty bird would pivot back into place and the dripping would begin again. The bird would remain in place until that one drop, a very small amount of water, would reach the tipping point. Up to that moment, the bird remained in place, but one drop of water changed everything.

As a follow-up to the previous two parts of this Word for 2012, we enter a year of tipping-points when the accumulation of little things will release powerful changes. These tipping points will be reached without awareness that the next drop that falls will cause the whole process to reach its ultimate. The factors that produce these tipping points are not known to man or controlled by man, contrary to many conspiracy theories that accuse “them” of pulling the strings that produce great change. The factors are often immeasurable, predicted to come without a way of knowing the tipping point exactly.

Methuselah means, “when he dies, it shall come.” The year he died, the Flood destroyed life on earth except for what God preserves in the ark with Noah and his family. His name prophesied it, but man didn’t know the tipping point: “My Spirit shall not always strive with man.” The sin of the earth reached a tipping point. This is an example of a tipping point.

Middle East

The Middle East has reached a tipping point. Israel’s enemies have become overly confident and will overreach, go too far, exposing their strengths. Israel will gain from these attacks in the end! The tipping point will be reached in secret, not in public or politics, but the manifestation of that tipping point will make headlines.

The feud among Israel’s enemies will reach a tipping point as well. The manifestation of this division began with Iraq but will reach open conflict now as a “balance of power” reaches a tipping point.

Tipping Points in Economics

While it seems that we have already reached and past the tipping points economically and are picking up the pieces, the fundamental tipping point has not been reached. The tipping point of the world’s economy is still one or two drops away from revolutionary change.

Moments are coming like the one in 1775, memorialized by the poet by the identifier “the shot heard ’round the world.” One seemingly obscure drop of water will bring the accumulation to critical mass, so to speak – mixing metaphors badly – the straw will break the camel’s back and fundamental changes will occur. These changes are not inherently good or bad because they depend upon what current leaders do with the fundamentals changes; they will create opportunities for good and bad, but the leaders of the moment will have determine what is done with the opportunities. In any case, it will not be same anymore.


The Revolutionary Revival Tipping Point


Revival is already here! Remnants are rising, but mini-movements are aligning that will bring momentum to a national level in many nations, including the United States. A mounting pressure in the spiritual atmosphere, a change that will cause both an accumulation and condensation of available moisture, will release a concentration of spiritual power.


The character of this revival will be unique. All moves of God have character, usually marked by the character of the leaders God uses to release it, but this revival movement will have a unique character because of the tipping point dynamic.


The last drop that creates the tipping point will fall into an accumulation of water so that the tipping point will not have such a dominating mark upon the pouring out. This will also demand that prepared leaders quickly take their places to put a characteristic mark upon it before some usurper has opportunity to claim the outpouring.


In other words, God has already been accumulating revolutionary revival leaders, as a spiritual infrastructure for this move of God, so that the tipping point will not become the mark of its character. Revival fires need to burn simultaneously but each fire needs to surrender its distinctions to the whole move of God instead of attempting to mark any particular move of God with a media title or person’s name. There will be an opportunity for these prepared leaders to provide a united, frontline for the revival. Perhaps this will be the first true alignment of God’s purposes in individual nations, as a means of international alignment of revival nations for an international strategy.

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