Urgent Considerations for the Radical Remnant

I believe that intercession, apostolic and prophetic leadership exercising in what is approaching a more authentic ekklesia was the spiritual influence that operated in concert with the Providence of God to produce the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Jesus is the Intercessor. Jesus is involved in history. He is doing “involved intercession.” Jesus involves His Ecclesia in this “producing what Father wants on Earth as it is in Heaven” process.

When we rediscover the lost meaning of Providence, reunite this concept with our founding purpose, we come to some astounding conclusions about our priorities.

1. Jesus wanted this to happen, and the kingdom intercession that occurred in something approaching the original design of ekklesia used kingdom keys to release His involved intercession.

a) That means He wanted it to happen, but it happened because He had the intercession to do it. Yes, I mean to say that it would not have occurred without prayer, but I also intend to say that He worked at getting that intercession into place because of His passion for America. The hypothetical question of “what would have happened if no Remnant responded” would be the hypothetical answer that “we would have been cursed with Jezebel leadership and judges with that spirit for forty to fifty years.”

b) That means we now have to move more deeply into the ekklesia strategy of Jesus to continue this national reform. The process begun requires more than maintaining the current levels. It demands greater urgency for kingdom reset to have a cultural reformation. We can see the power of this reset kingdom Ecclesia. We need to race, urgently, with abandon, to vastly expand it. That urgency cannot wait for another two years or even another two months.

2. Involved intercession is the condition the “prayer movement” was created by Jesus to produce.

a. Jesus started this movement to mature intercessors in intercession, not to accumulate intercessors into collectives. The idea that we even have several competing networks is a sign we are immature in our understanding of the concept of regional and national Ecclesia regarding cultural influence.

b. Involved intercession demands a mature intercession. The “worship movement” should have matured along with the “prayer movement” so that by this time our involved intercession and matured worship blended together so that we cannot tell the difference between the two. We can at least see that, so we should rejoice. We do not have that, so we should urgently drop all else to produce it.

3. In the United States of America, understanding Providence and Priesthood as an application of “He is the Apostle and High Priest of our confession” becomes an essential message for the Remnant.

a. We are not ready for a Reformation until we have a radical Remnant. While we hope for bigger crowds, we should be much more concerned with more mature leaders. We might even dismiss the idea of crowds until we have seasoned leaders. I recently saw and experienced something so close to the kingdom reset in the US that I was shaken like a leaf in a strong storm by its power.

b. We should sit back for fifteen minutes to envision a new approach to national intercession that folds all the existing forms into a higher form of Ecclesia. We need something this radical.

In conclusion, Jesus knew the involved intercession needed to save us from Jezebel. Donald Trump was the “other than.” The real issue is what Jesus avoided with his victory in the election.

Jesus also knew the level of involved intercession to which His kingdom must mature for the global attack Donald Trump’s victory would bring. Jesus is fighting His arch enemies on our ground. Jesus has brought the battle for the nations to American soil. Jesus has called the Remnant to this moment, and what He saw coming requires that what He started in the 1980’s rise to the level of restored Ecclesia.

The Roaring Twenties are coming. We rose to the occasion of intercession to avoid Jezebel as President. Now, the corruption within the church and the government are on display! The issues that can make or break our nation are fully exposed. The next year is one of exposure, but the call of involved intercession is much higher than avoiding Jezebel!

We are called to kingdom reset, a New Era Reformation in the kingdom of God, and influencing a cultural reformation and renaissance in our nation that will have international influence and impact against the forces of antichrist (I do not mean the antichrist but the spirit of antichrist) in globalism, positivism, and antichristian tyranny within our nation.

As many as twelve fathering nations will arise, and America is a world leader. That means the radical Remant within America must rise to function at an international level. That Remnant will join with Remnants around the globe with greater spiritual influence than the gates of hell.

The New Era calls us to mature. When God indicates He is going to act in a certain way, Jesus trains some matured leaders to lead His people, so they appropriately respond to God. When Jesus came to Israel, the leaders did not respond well, and they did not train the people to respond well. So Glory shone brightly enough to become a problem that needed to be rubbed out. They killed Jesus.

We have much greater hope! We actually have a much better Remnant than Israel did. We do not have a future judgment for desolation. We do not have a kingdom reset that requires us to despair. We have the greatest hope: a radical Remnant is rising.

The challenge of blending the fathers and inheritors is the greatest challenge. Some sons want to start all over because they think all fathers are unworthy and want to start a new estate from scratch without capital. Some fathers want to ignore sons who the sons know so little about submission and care so little about the estate they are born to inherit.

Sons with a new estate will not have anything ready for the Roaring Twenties because they will waster another forty years trying to start all over. All their efforts at proving they don’t need fathers – adolescence on display – will only show that they will end up like the very fathers they dishonor.

Fathers with estates despair at the dishonor of sons. They have never lived in kingdom culture, and the fathers should carry responsibility for this disaster. This condition tells that we must restore apostolic order based upon the principles, processes, and protocols of kingdom culture and train inheritors to obey all that Jesus commanded.

This reality clarifies that we will only have a Remnant, but we will have a radical Remnant ready to operate in a reset kingdom Ecclesia. That is all Jesus needs to carry this nation into the Roaring Twenties and expand His influence in America in that decade into a Reformation and Renaissance.

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