When the Forbidden Seems Sexy?

Ask yourself why the forbidden is sexy.

Marriage and faithfulness are the most empowering of all sensual experiences reaching even to the ultimate of spirit, soul, and body oneness. It is the image of God in humanity. It is the highest of all in terms of personal spiritual experience, and the most fundament relational dynamic of any human culture because it is the most stable building block of the kingdom culture.

The spirit of the world inundates the world with enticing deceptions that appeal to something in the soul, calling out like a howling wolf to taste what is forbidden to experience something infinitely less satisfying that the design of the Creator.

From where comes this deep appeal to the lawless population controlled by the prince of the power of the air? And, how is it that so many believers succumb to the same beguiling treachery?

It is the work of flesh empowered by a work of darkness.

I did not say or imply that sensual experiences within marriage are works of the flesh. They are not! They can be if the marriage partners are partners in narcissistic self-gratification, using one another to meet works of flesh demanding desires. That is a very dysfunctional marriage experience and a travesty to the holy institution.

Paul says, “Everyone must honor marriage and keep the bed undefiled.” Married people can defile the bed, I know, so I am not ignoring that reality when I say that sensual experience within the kingdom covenant of marriage is not a work of the flesh. It can be only when there is a massive dysfunction with the relationship.

Oneness alters this condition of fleshly narcissism and destroys the selfishness that causes it.

However, outside the covenant of marriage, all sexual delight is forbidden, so the enemy charges that temptation with the highest forms of deception. He charges a work of the flesh with the works of darkness to destabilize kingdom covenant marriage in individuals and entire cultures.

All perversions of sexuality are works of the flesh charge with spiritual darkness. They are patently wrong and wicked. Even believers who bring perversion into their intimacy also charge their sensuality with darkness. The entire matrix of sexual delight serves as satan’s strategic attack against the most powerful created, human relationship.

He uses works of the flesh as open doors for works of darkness. (This is a typical pattern with all sinful behaviors.)

The Core Issue of Sexual Depravity

Because the core issue of depravity is lawlessness, it is also the core issue of sexual depravity. That is, lawlessness “issues” or releases, spews, fertilizes, and infuses works of the flesh for expansions of words and deeds. But, the issue is first of the heart and mind.

Convinced that the forbidden holds some sought-after delight unavailable in the present experience, the works of the flesh appeal of demanding desires become creative in deceptive imagination. Here is the core issue: hell charges the forbidden with delight in a person’s mind as a means of activating those thoughts into adventure as actions.

The deception never lives up to the imagination because the entire thing is false, mirage, and deceptive. The “I must have more” torment soon reveals its ugly underbelly of addiction. The power of the imaged activity never produces the same afterburner experience the addicted slave anticipates. The false delight is always destructive to the soul.

Sexuality apart from oneness in kingdom covenant marriage is a downhill slide into confusion, disassociation, dysfunction, and the empty soul of a sexual addict. It leads to mental, emotional, and physical impotence. It is depression to the sensual as powerful as the chemical alteration of the brain that produces mental depression.

The forbidden is forbidden for a good reason. Conquering the core issue of lawlessness, the “I have a right to myself,” that embracing the demanding desires (lusts) of the flesh and opens a person to the deceptive works of darkness leads to purity, honor, function, and delight that begins in the spirit through kingdom covenant marriage. It can only be available in satisfaction and joy where the relationship between man and women reaches a level of oneness.

The forbidden is not better. The forbidden is not sexy. The forbidden is destructive to individuals and societies that normalize it.

Integrity is sexy.

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