Worship That Ain’t

Worship is created by God, received and released by authentic worshipers by spiritual experience. Worship is first spiritual reality then natural reality, and the conduit for that worship is worshipers worshipping in spiritual reality.

If we narrow the field to that definition, we find ourselves talking about worship in a Biblical way, and we put a lot of what we call “worship” into other categories for very different discussions. That is, authentic worshipers doing spiritual worship and “all the other stuff” don’t share a room.

Christian Entertainment

I believe in christian entertainment. I believe it will increase in quality and quantity as we restore and reestablish kingdom culture. I enjoy it. I spend money to hear it as music with deep appreciation for the performance and mastery of music, dance, and fine arts. I encourage it people to participate in christian entertainment production and performance, while applauding excellence, expertise, and enterprise in this aspect of kingdom culture.

I listen to entertainment that moves me to tears, laughter, and sentiment of a pure and holy nature. I read literature, appreciate the fine arts, and celebrate christian cinema.

However, I do not call any of that “worship.” It is not worship. If you start down that road, you understand why some people say, “Softball is a ministry.” You can agree with people talking about enjoying a walk on the beach as “worship,” and you can get insight into people talking about whatever they enjoy doing personally being an expression of worship. You will even hear people say, “Life is worship.”

But, it ain’t true.

Worship is just the opposite of entertainment in every sense. Worship is never about what I want, enjoy, appreciate, or create even though worship can be something enjoyed, appreciated, and creative.

God Creates Worship

God creates worship. We receive and release worship. God has never left the design and definition of worship to humans or angels. God seeks those who can release the worship He creates, to release His worship through authentic spiritual worshipers. God empowers authentic spiritual worship with His Spirit, and the release of His anointing in worship brings the passion of the Father for purpose and people into the earth.

Worship is not about God but a release of God. Spirit with Spirit with spirit corporate worship is not about God but a release of God.

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