Write It Down!

If you want to lead, write. If you want to hear God’s voice, write. If you want to dream God dreams, write. If you want to mature, write. If you want to know more of what God is saying to you, write. If you want to expand on what Holy Spirit is teaching you, write. If you want to get your mind more clear about your destiny, write.

You should write it down!

People ask me daily to help them with dream, prophetic revelation, destiny questions, problem solving, leadership, and reality. Invariably I find myself wondering, at some point in the process of answering them, “Did you write this down?” Occasionally, someone actually did. Usually, they did not.

They have a strong, entrenched justification for not writing it down, of course, and the entire justification tends to be illogical.

1. “I don’t have time.”

You are already wasting time trying to deal with it because you didn’t write it down. Compare the time invested in writing it down with the time invested processing it without a deeper understanding. Consider that you can reach a better conclusion to problem solving by writing it down. Consider that you will discover that God has spoken more than you thought He did when you write it down. Consider that you will have organized your own thinking so you can share the question or revelation more fully with someone helping you deal with it if you write down.

So, write it down!

2.”I need to think about it some more.”

So, you can’t write it down because you need to think about it some more? Yet, writing it down would be the very process of thinking it through you seek! The activity of thought, motor skill, and word selection would be the most beneficial way of organizing the “thinking it through” effort.

So, write it down!

3, “I need to talk to someone about it.”

Talk with yourself about it, then process it with someone who can help you understand it better. Not understanding it yourself limits your ability to receive the help someone else can give you. Talking it out on paper with a writing instrument or typing it out in your computer would put your brain into it, utilizing the greatest and most powerful computer system in history.

So, write it down!

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