Your Life’s Work

Rees Howells pulled back from most of what we call “church” to give himself to intercession. When the demonic forces of Hitler would have overrun and destroyed his nation, he carried the burden on his shoulders.

What if the decades of intercession have been your preparation for a spotlight season when you will carry kingdom purpose on your shoulders for a parenthesis of three or four years?

What if the time in your closet not only served Faher for several years while you gave birth to a thousand kingdom purposes but positioned you to get pregnant with something akin to Mary birthing Jesus?

What if you lived 78 years before you held the Promise in your arms? What if your entire life was dedicated to a moment when you would bless Messiah on the day of His circumcision and prophesy one prophetic word that would fill echo chambers of hope for two thousand years?

What if your life’s work hasn’t happened yet, but your faithfulness to pray for things that appear to do not benefit you personally is the pathway to that moment of destiny?

Or, what if America needed you but you were not there because you quit, sought your own squatter’s rights to a meager mention on the back pages of your favorite prophetic site, or simply bought into the modern version of self-serving church-anity?

Know Your Call

When I was born, doctors would lift the newborn baby up and slap him on that special place God made for babies to be slapped. I was so ugly, the doctor held me up and didn’t know where to slap me!

When he did, I took my first breath and yelled so loudly the doctor said, “Oh, a preacher!”

I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn’t know my calling. But, I didn’t realize my life’s work until revival arrived. I never anticipated that the move of God would enter my life or locate me for the ultimate. I didn’t know what was in me.

Your life’s work is a mystery. You think you know what it is, then suddenly you realize you didn’t have clue.

You do not know who you are until God tells you who you are. You do not know your life’s work until God tells you your life’s work. You do not know what’s in you until God tells you what in you.

Missing It

As Oswald Chambers said, “The possibility of failure is real.”

Do not assume God’s love you so much you cannot fail. You can miss it. You can sell your inheritance for a bowl of soup and vagabond your entire life. You can be so far from the spotlight of your purpose that no one would recognize you for the man or woman God created to change history.

On the other hand, no one wanders so far away that Holy Spirit turns back from the heavenly hunt for that person’s highest.

The passion of the Father burns in the eyes of Jesus for your ultimate! Father disciplines you to reach that ultimate. Holy Spirit operates in you to press for that ultimate. Kingdom leaders with that passion press you forward to that ultimate. All of Heaven is there to surround you in the pursuit of that ultimate.

Your ultimate remains possible! Listen carefully now. No matter what you ‘ve done. No matter what others have done to you. No matter hell has done or is doing right now. There is power in the Cross to pardon, cleanse, and restore your ultimate! You can be who you were created to be so you can do what you are called to do.

Your life’s work cannot be destroyed because the Cross has the power to redeem and restore it.

Finding Your Life’s Work

Finding your life’s work always involves and includes kingdom leaders who discern and discover the strategic pathway of preparation Father is applying to your life. Hebrews 12 says we have natural fathers who discipline us and we submit to their discipline. It says we have Father’s discipline, and how much more should we submit to Him! Then, we realize the entire chapter is addressed to spiritual fathers exhorted by God to strength our will and support our weakness while Father whoops on us.

Just in case you didn’t want to hear that Father whoops on us, Hebrews 12 includes Hebrew and Greek quotes so you research both languages. You will discover that both languages say, “Father whoops on us.”

Then, Hebrews 12 reaches a conclusion that Esau is an example of a person who lost his life’s work and could never seem to find it again. He was an inheritor who placed no value on his inheritance. He failed the authenticity test of discipline. He sold out spiritual priorities for physical desires. He sold eternal things for temporal satisfaction.

The Bible says kingdom leaders never allow these people to poison the authentic inheritors who are on target and on task toward the discernment and discovery of their life’s works.

Your life’s work may be before you. Your present pathway may be leading you to it. Your earnest submission to the Providence of God and His leaders in your life are essential to your preparation for that spotlighted moment of history. Your submission to endure discipline is vital.

If you suffer more now than others, know that your life’s work requires a level of courage and strength others do not require. Obey His word. Submit to His discipline. Share His passion. Trust His ways. Stay in place. Anticipate the ultimate even when you cannot see the mystery of it.

All of Heaven anticipates your ultimate and the eternal reward that awaits its fulfillment. Don’t stop!

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