Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 1

I say, “Nothing has destroyed the kingdom more than allowing everyone to do what each of them thinks Holy Spirit is telling them to.”

That is why the King sends representatives with His blueprints to guide and govern the construction of kingdom and kingdom culture, to produce the purpose of the people and place to which He sends that representative. The Bible tells us how this process plays out and the kingdom leaders Jesus bestows upon His kingdom to make it happen.


The Kingdom Center

That anything that cannot happen without my direct involvement in its implementation will not occur is the One Thing I immediately understood about a Kingdom Center.

I never set up anything to run with my direct implementation involvement. I am not a maintenance manager. I am not a project manager. I am a blueprint leader, architect, and foundational plumbline judge, but I am not the one laying bricks and setting doors.

If it requires my personal touch to start and finish, it will not happen. On the other hand, if it isn’t according to the blueprints, I will stop the work and tear it down.

And, this is where the rubber meets the road in Kingdom Center relationships: the immature and the rebellious look alike in implementation but are not the same inside.

1. People will assume the fact that I am not the hands-on implementation person means I need just to go away so they can build whatever or however they please. They will see you as controlling because they want to create whatever they want, and they will use the Name of Jesus to sell you on it.

“Why don’t you just allow everyone to do whatever Holy Spirit tells them?” they ask – both the immature and the rebels ask this question, for very different motivational impetus.

I always answer, “That is the last thing we are going to do.”

You see, I trust Holy Spirit. I do not trust the immature or the rebels to hear Him. Why? Because they are immature or rebellious, that is why! Consider what you would build if given a free hand to “do what God tells me” when you immature. Consider what you would make if you are a rebel with your own cause.

Nothing has destroyed the kingdom more than allowing everyone to do what each of them thinks Holy Spirit is telling them to. That is the explanation for the worst atrocities of history and the most significant rebellions of Korah, Balaam, and Cain. That is the very reason why Jesus is represented by blueprint leaders and ever tells His kingdom citizens to “do whatever you think Holy Spirit is telling you to.”

He says, “Holy Spirit teaches us, shows us what’s coming next, and guides us as One who comes along beside to advocate the judgment decision of the Father.”

Then, Jesus gives us kingdom leaders. Why would He do that if Holy Spirit is all we need? Why would the rest of the New Testament even exist and the entire kingdom culture require training, if Holy Spirit just does all the discipling, correction, leading, and leading?

The answer to that question is given in the Bible in the structures of kingdom and kingdom culture. In the culture, no one is exempt from submission to human leadership. No one.

2. In a Kingdom Center, the blueprints govern the apostolic and prophetic elders as a basis for the apostolic order they build upon a kingdom culture.

Until you have kingdom culture, you have no kingdom centered lifestyles or regional foundation for the blueprint order to govern the site preparation, foundation laying, and final construction.

No, the apostles and prophets do not construct the building, but neither do they hand it off for someone else to build whatever they want where and whenever they wish. They are responsible to the King to see that what is produced is what the King wants. Not what they want. Not what their families want. Not what the people of the region want. Not what the people who show up to attend events wish to.

Nobody gets what he wants but the King. Everyone else submits to the King so His representatives can represent Him to the kingdom so the kingdom culture can represent Him to the region.


I do not do everything that needs doing in the Kingdom Center. I never design something to require my implementation except what I am assigned to implement.

I should be involved in everything to the level necessary to make it consistent with the blueprints. I am busier than anyone else in terms of kingdom building, but I am not there to place every nail and paint every wall. I can walk onto the job site at any moment, however, and tell you if the construction in progress fits the blueprint. By that I mean, I can say to each person about who they were created to be and what they are called to do. And, I can judge whether or not that person, in his present condition in those two particular defining conditions, should be building at all, building where he is engaged, or building what the King wants.

I am there to provide a consistent, constant voice of authority for the kingdom, kingdom culture, and the construction assignment of a leader set in the gates of a region, nation, or the nations.

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