Kingdom Center Building Procedures, Part 2

I say, “A blueprint leader works from the King’s blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams, and imaginations that reveal the residue of the prevailing spiritual condition that has perverted the people and place.”

He accomplishes the healthiest and ideal foundational teamwork when both apostolic and prophetic eldering leaders work in council and company. But, when Jesus sends one man to a region a blueprint, he will begin the process by leading on two fronts: 1) confronting the prevailing spiritual condition and 2) training kingdom leaders.

We cannot separate these two fronts into two unrelated things, and the leader will face the prevailing conditions within the people he disciples as well as the regional arena of spirit. The enemy is working within those who need training, and the enemy entrenched himself in the culture of the region. The representative of Christ will engage without hesitation to rid both the individual believers and the entire culture of this prevailing spiritual condition.

The enemy that holds that region will reveal the region’s redemptive purpose as much as the blueprint that anticipates the fullness of that purpose. This will also be true of each person the representative brings to ultimate person purpose.

1. Jesus creates each person with a destiny that fits the blueprint Jesus gives the representative leader.

The Creator had this person in mind before Creation began and the blueprint of that person has not changed because of history, generational recompense, regional limitation, or prevailing spiritual conditions.

The power of the Cross is more significant than anything hell has done, men have done, or men and hell are doing right now. The power of the Cross pardons, breaks, cleanses and releases the grace of the Cross to overcome anything people do, have done to them, or hell has or is doing.

2. Each leader will have the created disposition, calling, gift mix, and Providential pathway consistent with the blueprint assignment and overcoming the prevailing spiritual condition.

A blueprint leader works from the King’s blueprints. He immediately runs cross-grain with human delusions, dreams, and imaginations that reveal the residue of the prevailing spiritual condition that has perverted the people and place.

A blueprint leader smells the work of hell, the character of cosmic dominators, and the fundamental building blocks of the superstitions and traditions of the region. (See Colossians 2:20 and the phrase, “The rudimentary principles of the cosmic order.”) The fundamental issue between them and us with regards “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” is an apostolic blueprint issue at the site preparation level.

I’m discussing Kingdom Center building procedures, and you haven’t seen or heard the word “pastor” as yet, right? There are shepherds in a Kingdom Center, but they have more to do with the immature and incapacitated than they do with the building process. We will always need them, honor them, and invest in them. They will not be training skilled finished work carpenters or determining the integrity of a foundational pillar.

Look into the spirit and envision a spiritual matrix and ecosystem called “the Oikos of God.” See it as the estate of that region marked as the Inheritance of the Inheritor. Do not see it as it is now, either spiritually or physically. See it as God sees it, fully redeemed and restored to His blueprints without the influence or impact of sin and evil, this present darkness, and the cosmic order (the world).

Picture the blueprint leader arriving at this region with an angelic army, spiritual resources, and Messiah’s authority, rolling out a set of blueprints and surveying the countryside. He sees the entire area on several levels or planes of perception to include purpose, place, and people.

He has a blueprint. He has a set of blueprint that includes every person called to this purpose. He has a clear sense of the prevailing spiritual conditions. He begins with the people given him. He produces the kingdom leaders needed to build what the blueprints call for. He burns with the passion of the Father for this place and people, to create for the Father what the Father has given His Son for His inheritance.

He will die for this calling. He will die for this purpose. He will die to keep the integrity of the blueprints. He will die representing the King. He will never see this region as something belonging to himself or any person within it as his possession. He would never usurp the King while representing the King in this way.

He will not cut corners and save a penny at the expense of the blueprints quality. He will never agree with you when you ask why it can’t be done a different way if that way will produce a different purpose. He will weep that you walk away, but he will not change the blueprint to keep you on the job.

Let’s talk “Kingdom Center”! The name starts with the letters, K-I-N-G.

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