A New Weapon for Brasil

Jesus says, I am the True Vine. You are branches. Father is the owner of the Vineyard. Bearing fruit is fulfilling purpose.

Branches that bear no fruit, do not fulfill their purposes, are removed. Branches that bear fruit are pruned so that can fulfill more purpose. Branches are prepared to bear much fruit, to gain momentum in fulfilling purpose.

Then, Jesus says, That your fruit will remain. This means that the fruit or fulfilling of purpose stays on the Vine until it is ripe, until it matures.

This is God’s word for Brasil. The fulfillment of purpose has been enhanced by sifting, cleansing, and pruning. God is cutting off what isn’t fulfilling purpose, branches that have appearance but do not fulfill purpose waste the resources. God isn’t interested in pretty leaves!

The corruption is being sifted from the Church so that it can be sifted from the culture.

I wish to speak some to the work of Jezebel in another session because prophesies a false purpose to steal the inheritance through corruption. Any people marked for prophetic purpose will need to overcome Jezebel, and a very special promise is given to Jezebel overcomers!

In this season, God sees momentum in Brasil, and He is feeding that momentum with purified leaders. We are in the season of maturing, staying on the Vine until mature so the fullness of God’s purpose can be fulfilled.

To fulfill purpose, we must mature the people!

Tonight, I want to address what God has been doing in Brasil to prepare you for this season. Tell your friend, “I am ready!” Come on! Prophesy!

Tonight, I want to prophesy into your lives that God has prepared you and you are ready for a new weapon! God has prepared you to mature, to face the roar of the giant, and to possess the sword of Goliath!

Say, “I want the giant’s sword! I want a new weapon!” 

First principle, God doesn’t prepare you to face giants by having you face giants. You defeat the enemies in your assignment now as preparation for giants.

You haven’t been here before. Apostle Chuck said last night that the season of warfare has changed, and my message for this conference is “maturity,” that God has prepared you for a new weapon and a new season of overcoming the enemy so you can establish the kingdom!

After last night and this morning, you are going to be convinced by Holy Spirit, your faith is going to rise up, you are going to have the boldness to run into the valley, face the giant with the weapon you have now, cut off his head, and take possession of his sword.

So, I wish to convince you that you are ready for this season, to charge you with boldness and courage, to impart strength and vision that will carry you forward to maturity, to function at an international level.

God did not prepare David to face the giant by facing giants. David had never seen a giant before or even heard of one. No reports of giants were brought to his valley. He was hidden in obscurity watching his father’s sheep. They weren’t his sheep. They were the sheep and lambs of another man.

Here in the valley of sheep, David acquired the heart of God. How? By developing passion for someone else’s purpose, by developing passion to live by principle, by developing God’s passion while watching sheep in obscurity. David was a worshipper and a shepherd, but in this setting David developed God’s heart, and God prepared him to face giants.

One day, a bear came into the valley. David heard the roar of bear. The bear came to take a lamb. Now, there were lots of lambs in the valley, and none of the lambs belonged to David. Sheep often have twins, so David could have given up a lamb and his father would never have known it was missing. You understand? The moment presented David with a challenge of obedience and submission to his father: Why should I risk my life for a lamb? I am destined to be a king! Should I die here in this hidden valley defending the lamb of another man who doesn’t see or understand my value?

David killed the bear with the weapon he possessed at that time.

Another day, a lion came into the valley. David heard the roar of the lion. The lion came to take a lamb. Again, David faced the challenge of his obedience and submission. Should he risk his life for another man’s lamb? With a destiny to be a king, should he risk it all to save one little lamb? But, David had God’s heart, he had passion for principle and purpose.

David killed the lion with the weapon he possessed at that time.

Brasil ready to face the giant because Brasil has experience the passion of God for His purposes. As we shall discuss later, when great increase comes, God sends a fathering spirit to prepare inheritors. The season of preparation turns the hearts of fathers toward children and the hearts of children toward fathers. “Turns the hearts. Not the heads.” This isn’t acquiring the appearance of greatness but the heart of a champion! And, that passion has come in Brasilian worship, dance, intercession. This is the moment of bringing that level of worship, dance, and intercession to an international level. The enemies you face now are international. Nations desire to possess you, but Jesus has claimed you!

We are talking a lot about the last ten years. Apostle Chuck mentioned ten years last night. It was ten years ago that I had the vision of Jesus standing up in Brasil that I share in my book The Spirit & Power of Elijah. Ten years ago I saw Him stand up in this nation, shake off the dust that represented the years He has waited for this generation. He set His feet, and with fire in His eyes, He looked around Brasil and challenged every claim: “Brasil is Mine! Brasil is Mine! Brasil is Mine!”

That fire in His eyes is the passion of God for the purpose of Brasil, purposes inherited from Europe, Africa, and Asia, unfinished purposes. Jesus has been waiting for centuries for this generation to arise, a generation experiencing God’s passion for God’s purposes.

This fire burned in David! And, now it burns in you! 

God will give the weapon that is big enough for your passion!

Principle two is, God doesn’t prepare you for a sword by giving you a sword. You become expert with the weapon you possess now as preparation for Goliath’s sword.

David had no sword. David had never seen a sword or handled a sword. David had a sling and five stones in a shepherd’s bag. In fact, the Bible tells us that no one in all of Israel had a sword but Saul and Jonathan, that all the men of war went to battle with farming tools, and that no blacksmith could be found in all the nation to forge weapons.

David had no sword, but God was preparing him for the sword of Goliath. Remember, God will give you the weapon big enough for your level of passion. God will mature your passion for His purposes before He releases you into the fullness of your purpose.

Hey Brasil, you are ready for a new weapon!

Let me explain how God has prepared you. Be convinced and let your faith rise!

In order to be ready for a new weapon, you must become an expert with the weapon you possess now. You must be world class with that weapon, functioning at an international level.

Here’s how David developed skill with his sling. See him extend his arm full length, rotating at the shoulder the full circumference, gaining speed and power. Watch him training his eye to coordinate with the arm, to release the stone at the apex of the swing, feet set, knee flexed, eye focused! First, he could hit a tree, Then, he could hit the tree 100 times without missing. Next, he could pick out a leaf. He could hit that leaf. Then, he could hit that leaf 100 time without missing. Then, he saw a mosquito on the leaf and hit the mosquito. Then, he practiced over and over, day after day, building the muscles of his shoulders and arms, setting his feet and bending his knees…until he could hit the mosquito 100 time without missing.

David became an expert with the weapon he possessed as preparation for the sword of Goliath! He became world class with this weapon. He had passion for his purpose, ridding the valley of bear and lion and mosquitoes!
So, one day his father released him to serve his older brothers who made fun of him. His father sent David with a bag of pao de queijo. When David came into the camp, he heard the roar of Goliath, but his response was very different from the army’s. They had been frozen in terror because they had never heard the roar of bear and lion. They were not prepared for the giant’s sword. They did not have David’s heart. They were spectators in Saul’s show of appearances.
David said, I will go face this giant. David had the passion of principle, and he would kill the giant on principle! David had the passion of purpose, and he refused to allow the giant to possess God’s land! David had the passion developed in the valley of sheep to run into the valley and face the giant. David wanted Goliath’s sword. He said, “There is none like it.”
Do you hear me? Are you listening, Brasil? God has been preparing with His passion for nations, to worship and prayer at an international level, to share His heart for His purposes. He has been preparing you for a new weapon!
You see, God had seen that there was no sword in Israel big enough for David’s passion and no blacksmith in Israel to forge one. So, God gave the Philistine a giant so they would forge a sword for Goliath that was big enough for David’s passion. God knew there was no one in Israel big enough to deliver this sword to David, so He had the giant to deliver it.
David was running into that valley to gain victory for God, Israel, and principle, but David wanted the giant’s sword! Do you have that much passion for purpose and principle? Do you want the new weapon God has made for you that He is having your greatest enemy deliver?!
So, David threw the stone with the weapon he possessed. He had become world class with the sling! The giant hit the ground, and David finished the job! God is calling Brasil to a season of finishing the job. You cannot have the weapon if you don’t kill the giant! The finished work frees up the prepared sword.
So, David runs up to the giant and picks up the giant’s sword. He has never had a sword, and no one has ever had a sword like Goliath’s! He cuts off the giant’s head! And, Goliath’s sword becomes the weapon of David!
Now, you may be picturing Goliath’s sword as a two-edged sword that tapers to a sharp point, carried on the belt. But, this is not the sword of the giant. This type sword is used to thrust and pierce, or chop. The arm is bent and the work is done closer to the body.
Goliath’s sword was a cycle sword, sharp on one edge and curved like a cycle. Carried on the back because it was long. This sword was used by swinging the fully-extend arm with the muscles of the shoulder. The warrior would go into battle swinging, cutting a swath through the enemy.
In other words, the very same muscles David prepared to be expert with a sling were the muscles he needed to use the new weapon, the sword of Goliath. God doesn’t prepare you for a sword by giving you a sword, but you become expert with the weapon you possess now!
Brasil is ready for a new weapon, prepared for a new season, to face the roar of giant, to finish the job and take the giant’s head, to possess Goliath’s sword.
They sang, Saul has killed his thousands but David his ten thousands. “There is none like it!” The sword of Goliath.
David had heard the roar of bear and lion, prepared for the roar of Goliath; but when David held up Goliath’s head, he heard another roar. This roar is rising in Brasil! Do you hear it?!
When David held up the giant’s head, the sword of Goliath in his hand, the army of Israel began to shout. They ran into the valley and chased the Philistines down and took their weapons. In the days of Saul, no one had a weapon, but in one day – in one day – David put a sword into the hand of every warrior in Israel! 
Are you ready for a new weapon?! Say, Yes! Prophesy, “Yes!” God is releasing a new roar in the land for those who no longer fear the roar of the giant. Perhaps your biggest enemy is even now showing his face in Brasil…but God has prepared a generation with the passion of God, the heart of God, expert with the weapon they now possess, to take down this giant, to take the sword, to have a weapon as big as their passion!
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  • Amen! I hear the sound of a new roar! I see the shift of the new season! I hear the Heavenly Call for a Conclusion! Thank you, for sharing the Word of the Lord with us!!! God bless you, your família & ministry with a great harvest! Catia Baker.


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