A Word for Brasil

I heard God say, “The panther crouches at the door, Brasil. You must overcome it!”

I remembered the quote immediately:

“GOD spoke to Cain: ‘Why this tantrum? Why the anger? If you do right, won’t you be accepted? And if you don’t do right sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce like a panther; it’s out to control you, and you must overcome it.’” (Genesis 4:6-7)

The Hebrew words paint a picture of a panther crouching next to a door, ready to jump in if the door opens.

A panther is at the door, Brasil!

This panther acts like Cain. Cain allowed sin to enter the door. He opened the door and welcomed it in. He wanted the power of that panther to get what he wanted. He wanted anger, violence, and lawlessness to govern his heart.

Cain acts like Esau. He is the firstborn who will not inherit.

In worship, Cain brings God what he wants God to have. His worship is rejected. Understand that God will never bless lawlessness. He will never bless what fails to represent His kingdom.

God wants Cain. But, Cain refuses to obey God’s design for worship. Cain’s anger with his rejection leads him to envy Abel’s acceptance.

Cain kills his brother in anger when his brother is not the problem.

At the moment God spoke to me about the panther, I had a vision. In the vision, I heard a man cry out with great pain and double up, holding his abdomen. He was dressed the colors of Brasil.

At the exact time I heard this, Adelio Bispo de Oliveira stabbed candidate for President, Jail Bolsonaro.

I checked the time to be certain. God showed me the vision at the moment he was stabbed.

God shows me an undercurrent of aggressive passion in Brasil. This panther calls the nation to lawlessness.

At the same time, a passionate Remnant, burning with a heavenly passion for God’s purpose for Brasil. It rising in revival to release that purpose!

Lawlessness damages the culture.

God’s principles call a culture to Reformation.

Anger is boiling within many Brasilians. Anger is not the motivation for Brazil’s next step. The passion to kill, hurt, riot, steal, and loot cannot be the passion for the future of this nation!

Passion for Jesus is not frustration but faith.

At the same time the angry call for riot, the Remnant church must be active for revival. The Remnant must rise up with even greater passion in prayer and worship. The Remnant must be visible and public in this activity.

  1. To be ready for this moment: Search your heart for any aggressive anger within you. Frustration produces anger. If you have anger with God and kingdom leaders, repent. If you are angry about the wrong things and people, you have the wrong spirit to represent Jesus.

If you are angry with God’s enemies or lawlessness of rebels and wolves, you should focus your passion on a prophetic declaration, intercession, warfare worship, and the kingdom of God building passion.

  1. Search your life for any lawlessness. If you have rebelled against kingdom leaders, repent now. Go to them and make it right today! The rise of lawlessness will challenge your heart for an open door of opportunity. The panther waits to pounce if you have this open door. Repentance and reconciliation will repair the breach. It will close the open door!

You cannot stand against lawlessness with lawlessness in your heart.

  1. After you know that you are not angry at the wrong things and have no open door to lawlessness and rebellion, discern and discover your place of prayer and worship for Brasil. Pray specifically for God’s purpose to manifest in your land. Pray for God to raise leaders for the future of this nation’s recovery and reformation.

I did not sense that God was telling who to vote for or who has God’s approved. I sensed God was revealing the undercurrent of anger that will become an outbreak of violence. I sensed God was showing me that the Remnant’s passion must burn so hot it cannot be hidden anymore.

For fifteen years of ministry in Brasil, I have prophesied both revival and riot. That day is here! A triumphant Remnant with God’s passion will prevail in the midst of chaos!

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