Judge Kavanaugh: “Cave in Not,” a Prophetic Viewpoint

God often speaks in wordplay. He used it with Jeremiah in the “I watch over My word to perform it” section. He still uses it today.

I heard “Kavanaugh” as “Cave in not.”

That was a good word to hear! I think it applies on three levels:

1. He will personally not cave in.
2. President Trump did not cave in.
3. The people of God in America should not cave in.

What must be done to restore the nation’s covenant purpose requires that good men not cave in.

In the kingdom, we have a lack of endurance for the battle. We win one fight and feast for a week. The enemy just comes at it a different way while we are feasting. We lose. If you haven’t seen this pattern, you will think you are champion when you are a chump.

For example, Californians got a reprieve on the kill the Bible bill. It will be back. It will be presented in a different way when believers are off-guard. In fact, the present law can be used just as Kamala Harris did with the heroes who exposed Planned Parenthood. All charges but one were eventually dropped, but she is running for President on the foolish and fanciful fiction that she did something great. She is a fraud.

Do not cave in. When cornered, the enemy will compromise in a way that opens the door for a future victory against God’s purposes. That is how we lose cultural influence. We wish to look loving when we need to look righteous. We forgot that obeying His commands is loving Him.

We should be asking ourselves questions about how well we mature leaders. Mature people don’t cave in.

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