A Word for Pioneers

You are walking through a mine field, you must trust that the field is Mine. The field is Mine, and the field has mines. The pathway to the mines filled with ore, are filled with mines set by the enemy who claims those resources. The field is Mine, and the mines are Mine.

You are walking through a mine field to get to the mines in Mine Field.

Step strategically but step! Walk forward with open heart even more than open eyes, for passion will scorch the land before you and reveal a pathway through the mines. See with the eyes of your heart. Let the fire of passion burn!

The mines protect what is Mine even though I didn’t place the explosives. No one stumbles into purpose. People of purpose pioneer by persistent treading. Pioneers move with passion because faith sees from the heart.

Stopping is more dangerous than a misstep. Others would run around and run ahead, and the whole field would explode. Then, we will start over again with a new generation afraid to pioneer. Stopping is more dangerous than a misstep. If pioneers do not lad the way with passion, the opportunists will blow up the whole field and waste the resources.

The pathway leads to an entrance, and the gate opens to the key in your hand. Even if opportunists get to the gate, they will attempt to get the resources by exploding the mines. They will use the enemy’s resources to get at the resources preserved and reserved for renewal and reset.

You are walking through a mine field because the enemy knows what has been neglected. It has been lost and return to the wild, so it must be re-pioneered. During the time it was neglected, the enemy set traps for wanderers. I’ve allowed those mines to remain because these resources are for those who live by intention, sending, strategy, and purpose, not vagabonds.

Now, the mines filled with ore will be available again. But, pioneers must reopen the lost pathways. Go now! The opportunists will soon rush where only the sent should go. Gold rush opportunists always waste what they find. They do not know the purpose of the resources. They wish to invest in parties as consumers; the devil can do that even better than they!

Pioneers come to secure Kingdom assets. You are walking in a mine field, but move boldly now for the field is Mine.

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