We Have Momentum Again in Warfare!

I have noticed a continuing condition of unnecessary competition among intercession and warfare groups that is based upon recruiting practices, some ultimately involving money.

Here’s how it works. “We need to be the ones who did that so we can claim credit so we can legitimized our superiority as intercessors in training, maturity, and network quality.” In this way, we can attract more and more influential intercessors and build our network, thus gaining more income to support the network and its leaders.

At some point, the stories told are written and repeated to reinforce a sense of “did it first” and “did it right” or “did it better because of who we know” and “we are safer because we are wiser.” The real issue is “we want to get more people in our downline.”

I offer an alternative

It is possible some or most of the breakthroughs come in ways that pretty much make all this competition null and void, ways that could help us stop the endless energy investment in the wrong things so we can invest more energy in actual intercession and warfare.

1. Much of our breakthrough comes from prayers prayed by other people stored up in heaven and poured out by Jesus, the Intercessor. Much our breakthrough comes from prayers prayed by intercessors praying in tongues and prophetic closets of prayer in other nations and regions applied by Jesus the Intercessor.

So, we should cool our jets on the story telling breakthroughs a bit and acknowledge that even if we struck the decisive blow or witnessed the breakthrough as spectators reporting it, the work of intercession is not exclusive to our downline of “better and best.”

We should cease using our stories to claim rights to any and all victories in our efforts to prove our way of doing warfare works while others are flawed. We should stop using networks to build income streams that make intercession into a market, misinform people about themselves and their intercession for the purpose of imaging our brands.

2. What we did in the nineties isn’t what we are doing today. Our honor for the pioneers should be huge. Our implications that anyone else is not ready for the big time is spurious. God has prepared some intercessors and warriors in caves, Remnant leaders who will come out of those caves and will never be released by any of the “we are the ones.” Some of them have been trained in secret to be released against the enemy strategically as secret weapons.

So, we should stop scaring people to death with backslash superstitions while continuing to teach protocols about “How Things Really Work in the Spirit.” That is, we should cease with the “I and I alone can lead this” for whatever reason our pride has developed such a delusion. We should stop building downlines on the basis of superiority of leadership, the “until our Apostles says something, God is silent” syndrome, using that to also say, “until we have prayed it and decreed it, it ain’t been done right or finished.”

3. Our leadership is about maturing intercessors and warriors in accurate anticipation of “what is coming next”, preparing and positioning leaders to do the work of ministry. So, our focus should be upon leaders that mature, measuring that maturity by character, love, and humility. Then, the result of that process should provide resources; formal training that people invest in financially instead of recruiting a downline. To be fair, if you can’t mature intercessors, step back and let someone else lead.

Our frantic pace of getting there first to do it better has burned out more intercessors than it has matured. Part of the leadership responsibility is setting the pace, not using people to get better stories to tell.

Momentum is Back!

We lost momentum. We have it back! We should built on that momentum and feed that momentum with a new spirit of kingdom oneness. We should not use it to rebuild what has proven less effective in maturing intercessors than it should have been. We learned basics that never change. We also applied the basics in ways that fragmented us more than united us. Let’s repent of that and change.

We should work on an assignment basis that comes from more locally tuned-in leaders than generalized, devotionalized instructions that separate people from local and regional leaders closest to the assignments.

In other words, maturing leaders occurs regionally and locally with personal accountability, and that is the point at which assignment strategy should be applied, with alignments with regional and national leaders providing broader blueprints. Causing intercessors to disengage with the regional leaders who mature them through constant and consistent fathering leadership and connect them directly to someone at the national or network level creates a dysfunctional, diminishing disconnection the regional leaders Jesus to whom gives regional blueprints.

Momentum is back! Let’s take a new tack to feed it.

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