An Army of David’s

In the dream, I am with David as he arrives at the camp of Israel. The giant is roaring blasphemy. I am party to David’s feeling and passion.

I am burning with the heart of God that dominates David’s passion!

Our first encounter with David’s brothers would need a book to communicate. In one download moment, I sense a panorama of spiritual conditions. I discern the heart of those that stand and watch. I discern the heart of David to run forward.

I hear David’s brother accuse him of showing up to cause trouble and watch “the battle.” There is no battle. David’s brother thinks he is in a battle. He is standing around with an agricultural tool in his hand. He has been raking leaves on the ground. He points out what a nice job of raking leaves he is doing. The ground is clear about his position.

David thinks, and I am party to his thoughts. “Battle? What battle? I don’t see any battle at all! I see an army without weapons passively taking it on the chin every day from a giant. There is no battle here. Is there not a cause?”

Our second encounter is about my feelings standing with David. As he postures himself to run into the valley of the giant. In my dream, I feel what David feels, and I am expanded in my revelation of passion.

David burns with passion! He has God’s heart. David feels what God feels about the giant. While David could waste a lot of time analyzing Saul, he does not.

But, he does get permission to pursue his passion from a failing king hiding in his tent. He does so with wide open eyes about Saul’s motives. Saul wants David to wear his armor so the people think Saul is the one out there facing down the blasphemer. David does not fall for that, but at the same time honors Saul as the king.

I needed this moment to correct my own concerns with the present conditions of what we call “the battle.” Our “battle” is more about a line up for blaming “them” for the downfall of our nation.

David isn’t looking to blame as much as he is looking to kill the giant! I am refocused upon the primary passion, first love, do the first works priority of a kingdom champion. Let God take care of Saul. Give me the giant’s sword!

Our third encounter is how it feels running into the valley of the giant with David.

[Remember, this is a prophetic dream, not a rewrite of Bible history. David went into the valley alone. The point of the dream is how that relates to our generation here and now. It is an application and implementation of the heart of God.]

In the dream, there is an army of David’s.

I am one of those David’s. David leads. We run with David. We have the same heart of God David has. The same passion that motivates David motivates us.

You could no more stop us running into that valley than you could stop a herd of stampeding water buffalo. You would be facing a forest fire with a water hose. You would be attacking ten thousand elephants with a penknife. All you could do is run with us or get out of the way.

As we run, the voice of the giant fades. Breezes that blow past our ears turn into a different roar! The wind of God blows around us, into us, through us, and our nostrils burn with holy fire. We see the giant. We hear the giant. We see him down. We see him dead. We see his head in our hands and his sword in our possession.

I know in this encounter something about an army of David’s that moves me to hope I’ve never known! David kills his ten thousands. An army of David’s levels an entire nation of God’s ancient enemies!

Taking the giant’s head is a beginning, not an ending. What is done to produce a David or an army of David’s is more important that the head of the giant. They own the weapons the giants have been wielding. What the giants used to intimidate God’s army into passivity now motivate the army to finish the job!

In the dream, I feel my hand in the hair of the giant. I feel the swing of his severed head as the wind of God continues to blow after I have severed it. Holding up the head is not an ending. There is not fade-out to the next scene. The scene begins with that moment. I hear the roar of an army of David’s who ran into the valley with me.

I know and realize the issue is passion. The revelation of the dream is passion.

If we prepare David’s with slings, facing down bears and lions, we can have an army unafraid of giants. If we prepare David’s to be experts with the weapons they now possess, they will pick up a giant’s sword and immediately own it as if it were always their own.

If we send our David’s against lions and bears, they will not stand around waiting for the king they demanded to do for them what God wants them to do themselves!

While God has His¬†champions, he wants an army of David’s!

The fourth encounter was about worship. I was walking along with David in his tour of the nation with the giant’s rotting head. The roads are lined with singers and dancers. The reason for this is much different from Saul’s previous parades. The song is new. The dance is new.

I realize something greater than a battle has been won. A culture has been shifted.

[David seeds the head of the giant in Jerusalem many years before it becomes the capital of the kingdom and the home for David’s Tent.]

As we walk, I hear the sounds, smell the smells, and experience what I’ve experienced in Glory. David’s Tent is already in David. That is why he ends the tour by seeding the head of the giant in Jerusalem.

David plans for success. The success is more than the death of a giant. That is the beginning of a process that leads to kingship for David, the kingdom for Israel, and Glory for Zion.

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