Vision of the Reformation Bicycles

The Vision

During worship, I saw angels riding the front seats of bicycles built for two. I saw several hundred of them. The second seat was empty but they were arriving to pick up some people for a ride.

Since bicycles represent individual ministry, I knew the angels were on personal missions. I was surprised when the angels arrived. They got off the bicycles built for two so two leaders could ride them together.

“Two is better than one,” I heard the angel say.
“Two increases ten times the power of a warrior,” another angel said.
“Two is my apostolic pattern,” the next angel announced.

I watched some leaders approach the angels and turn away when they saw that they would ride in tandem.

I saw two leaders fight for the front seat. I saw a line of leaders waiting for another bicycle. They did not wish to ride with the other leader the angels were inviting on the bicycle.

The angels left the bicycles and flew to stand and wait ahead for the leaders to start riding together.

I saw hundreds of bicycles left to lie upon the ground because leaders were unwilling to ride in tandem. Hundreds of leaders walked away from the bicycles. They did not want to ride with the leaders invited to ride with them. No angel asked them what bicycle they wanted to ride.

I saw hundreds of leaders attempting to ride the bicycles built for two alone. They soon fell over from the effort. The bicycles need for two riders, not one. They were not strong enough to move the bicycle forward very far alone.

Bicycles carrying two leaders moved forward. They moved with speed and power. The angels waiting for them started to burn like flames of fire. The angels of fire flew with those that rode together on bicycles built for two.

“Those that left will diminish. Those that ride will increase ten times more. The ride will lead them forward. The ones that left will walk into places of less influence. The riders will reach the next season on time. The others will catch up halfway through.

“I will not leave any out who serves Me. I will release the first wave of the Roaring Twenties through those that ride together. The needed speed and power of this momentum requires a new mode of movement.

Two is Better than One

The bicycles represent covenant. The fact that there are two is not that only two can ride together. Many bicycles built for two were riding together in road formation. They ride in alignment.

The sense of two on one bike is a covenant. You cannot ride together at all without a relational covenant. No other relational dynamic will survive the transition and change.

One angel flying next to me – for now, I am riding on a bike myself – said, “Many think the present relationships are enough.” I realized many leaders are not capable of a covenant in ministry.

I asked, “What is different from those riding and those walking away?”

The angel came close to whisper a secret, “The difference is trust.”

I knew that truth. Trust is the basis for submission, so those without trust will not submit. No covenant can exist without submission to the purpose of the covenant.

He smiled and nodded, “Yes, those that walk away have forgotten or forsaken the purpose of their calling and ministry. They have a purpose. The purpose of the Father cannot be managed or controlled by man. No relationship that lacks covenant can contribute to the purpose of the Father. Leaders learn kingdom covenant in the kingdom. How can these leaders lead in God’s kingdom when they have not learned a covenant?”

I knew then that we are not limited to two’s but to covenants.

The Road Formation

The bicycles moving forward took on a formation. The road forward traveled only one direction. It had no lanes to define “the rule of the road.” The fiery angels led the way. No one could see very far ahead. The road rose up before the bicycles quickly. Without the covenantal balance and two sets of eyes – two sets of eyes – they would crash into one another. They were forced to make split-second adjustments.

Here is why: a tiny movement presented them with the need for seven more movements. What they did in one second required them to make seven more decisions the next second. They were processing information ten times faster because two is better than one.

“The course of your decisions will require a sevenfold implementation of those decisions. You cannot process that information and implementation fast enough. To maintain the speed you require exponential cooperation, consensus, and collaboration,” the angel said.


The new road formation is the basis for Reformation. We nail the theses of a New Era on the door of the modern church. We will need to implement faster than we have ever implemented before. We cannot speak of theory and ideals when the road demands Reformation.

The bicycles represent covenant relationships. The covenant relationships represent a new formation of leadership dynamics. The new relational dynamics empower rapid implementation. The rapid implementation alone will keep this movement from taking on a life of its own.

The angel’s eyes burned as he spoke, “The fiery angels distribute the reformation the same way they lead the road formation. The fiery angels distribute the reformation the same way they lead the road formation. The fiery angels distribute the reformation the same way they lead the road formation.”

Only those riding the bicycles built for two could lead the first wave of the New Era Reformation. Only they can trust, share passion, submit, and obey as will be necessary for the Roaring Twenties.

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