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You remember the slogan for the armed forces: “be all you can be, in the Army.” Well, the distraction of your destiny and purpose is found in the slogan: “be all you can’t be.” If hell cannot keep you from pursuing your destiny and purpose, hell will work to limit the fullness and fulfillment of your destiny and purpose.

Attempting to be someone you aren’t or do something you can’t do is one distraction that can actually shut down your pursuit of destiny and purpose. Through this delusionary tactic, hell may be able to get you to give up on your destiny and purpose altogether. Through this deceptive substitution, hell may be able to drain away the best years, capacities, emotions, and creativity of your life in pursuit of fantasies.

Destiny and Purpose Aren’t the Same Thing

Jesus was born perfect in terms of destiny: “we beheld His Glory like an only begotten of a Father, filled with grace and truth.” Jesus achieved perfection of purpose by finishing the work Father gave Him to do. He learned obedience by the things which He passionately endured. [Hebrews 5:8] He was tested in all the ways we are, yet never enter the realm of sin, or coming short of God’s glory.

Jesus fulfilled destiny by being all He could be; He fulfilled purpose by finishing His assignment.

No matter how good you are or become, how well you acclimate yourself to your created destiny, you must also apply that destiny’s highest to fulfillment of your life’s work. So, “be all you can be” is the setup for “do all you are assigned to do.”

The power of the Cross guarantees that you can be fully restored: you can be everything you were created to be; you can do everything you are called to do.

Man is created and crowned with glory and honor. Jesus, though not created, became a man and was also crowned with glory and honor. [Hebrews 2:9] These elementary building blocks of identity and pre-destined definition are set in place because God wants us to be and do what He had in mind when He gave us life.

The Spirit of Wannabe

I have spent a good portion of my life recognizing destiny and purpose God has invested in people and attempting to assist them into fullness and fulfillment.

I am still amazed when people of God fall for the strategy of hell to limit their destiny fulfillment, offering them “anything but” as an alternative to “what God wants.” Amazed because it is often so obvious to others that they have bought into delusion, yet they are often so emotionally invested in the substitute they are no longer interested in leadership or correction.

Basically, an “anything but” strategy is a sales job by hell to limit fullness and fulfillment by convincing you to be someone and do something other than what God wants. This is the basic understanding of Romans 12:2: “Do not shape yourself or all yourself to be shaped in the world’s mold, but rather be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can prove the good, acceptable, and perfect ‘what God wants’.”

God’s kingdom is filled with people wandering outside their specific pathway of destiny and purpose, demanding to be someone else and do what someone else does. They waste months and years vagabonding about with various degrees of dysfunction in their lives and ministries. hell is happy for them to attempt to fulfill a substitute for destiny and purpose; God is not help you be someone else or do something other than what He wants.

The spirit of wannabe produces cancers of delusion, disappointment, and death.

Consider a young, gifted, anointed, and pure man or woman of God whose family insists that he function in a prescribed role because they expect him to be the heir apparent of the family business or ministry. Stressed out. Facing burn out. Walking in frustrated anointing. Starting, but not finishing fanciful dreams…

Consider someone whose spouse is a prophet. Threatened, he or she assumes such a function will limit, diminish, and challenge his or her role in life and the kingdom. He or she rises up to be recognized as a prophet to “one-up” the prophet’s assignment instead of walking in his or her own. [I have walked with a couple from outside my home state that is walking out of this limitation, thank God!]

Consider intercessors that see intercession as a springboard to leadership. Praying for fivefold ministry leaders, they assume they are in preparation to be fivefold ministry leaders themselves. Stepping out of their roles, they experience the frustration of failure and blame others for failing to recognize, respect, and release them. Consider how the kingdom suffers through the “amateur hour” of their wannabe leadership.

Leaders cannot prepare anyone to be someone they were not created to be. Leaders cannot prepare anyone to do something they are not called to do. The school of “Be All You Can’t Be” is an educational system of darkness.

Best practices of business suggest that the first step in avoiding failure that leads to firing people, because they cannot do their jobs, is to avoid hiring people to do things they will not be able to do. No amount of training, transformation, and torture can give a person the capacity to do something they simply cannot do.

Some of the best intentions of raising the level of the prophetic and healing occurring right now have revealed a pendulum swing toward mediocrity and “amateur-hour” ministry. This leads to dysfunction and malpractice when we assume anyone can do or be anything to anybody at any time. It is simply on true that any Christian can do anything for anybody at any time.

Kingdom Leadership Functions in Discipling Relationships

There are fundamental protocols, preparations, and process of experience mandatory to leadership. While everyone is a leader, not every is the leader. The Leader has a strategy called “discipling” that requires each leader to align with Him through the leadership assignments He has made in His kingdom and Body. [I never work myself out of the need for leadership; I make myself accountable to leaders on purpose because I cannot finish without it!]

Everyone can hear God’s voice. We should raise the level of revelation so we lead a prophetic people. We should provide both an environment for prophecy at the gift level and proper training and protocols to protect people and prophecy, as much as possible, from malpractice and dysfunction. However, we should also recognize that raising the level of the prophetic will cause prophets to emerge, and not everyone is a prophet.

Everyone can pray with power, pray as Elijah did with the same scope of impact because we are righteous people. However, that does not mean that everyone will walk in the same level of authority in terms of the role of leadership Elijah walked in. When we naively say we are raising everyone to the same level, we are actually reducing everyone to the least common denominator. We are frustrating the strategy of Jesus for our own lives and the destinies and purposes of others.

Because Jesus is visiting His Church in this season, restoring original intention and design, men and women of unusual spiritual power and authority are being assigned as leaders. We are gonna need this leadership because the level of spiritual power and authority is being raised! This is the season of more! As greater revelation and power function within the Body, the Body will require stronger leadership, not weaker leadership.

So, when people have issues about submission, the spirit of wannabe runs rampant! People do what is right in their own eyes, limiting revelation to what they are able to get on their own. Anything that appears to redirect their delusions of grandeur will be labeled “control,” and any leader who speaks truth to that area of deceptive pride will be seen as a threat. And, hell laughs.

Anointing is easy to receive and release. Learning to function in the role Jesus has assigned us, consistent with our created destiny, requires leadership. Being able to sustain what we start, to finish the work to which we have been introduced, requires something only discipling leadership can instill. It is not a magic wand, a conference exposure, or something you can figure out on your own. Every man of God, including Jesus, the Son of God, experienced a process of leadership discipling; Jesus experienced it with His Father, but He designed His kingdom to function with kingdom leadership.

Consider Jesus: the “Your will, not Mine” surrender of His life was daily, continuous surrender to what He heard Father say and saw Father do. He was never controlled or motivated by need, but by assignment. He never did power displays to reinforce His delusions of grandeur; He responded from a place of Divine passion for people Father had determined to help.

You cannot understand the ministry of Jesus within any other context else you are in danger of missing the heart of the Father. We need to do the ministry of Jesus with the heart of the Father and the disposition of the Spirit.

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