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Principalities, rulers, and cosmic dominators produce spiritual conditions. Paul calls the spiritual conditions “this present darkness.”

When we say, “The spirit of,” we speak of the spiritual condition produced by the authorities of hell. Jesus identifies these as “the gates of hell.”

The “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” reality the Bible describes is the worldview believers embrace.

A hellish authority influences in a person, region, culture, or nation. The influence is a spiritual condition. The cosmic dominator produces a discernable and discoverable prevailing spiritual condition.

The Bible names these conditions. He uses prophetic codes. They are not revealed to everyone. They are available to the ones to whom God addresses them. Even then, Holy Spirit makes obvious what He wants to make obvious. He makes it obvious to the people He chooses.

We know this because the Bible tells us this is how God does stuff.

The Bible identifies several spiritual conditions produced by cosmic dominators. The Bible provides insights into the character of the demonic ruler. The Bible describes how God would defeat the strategy of hell. The Bible describes how God authorizes His leaders to represent Him on Earth in this process.

The Bible says all this in the context of the Bible’s presuppositions about “How Things Really Work in the Spirit.” The Bible does not provide any insights that fit into a modern worldview of spiritual reality.

Behemoth System

Behemoth is one of these spiritual conditions. It functions over a culture, region, or nation. Daniel saw Rome operating in this spiritual condition. In our times, Islam operates in this spiritual condition. These are examples. The characteristics show up in other demonic strategies as part of an infestation or evil matrix.

Leviathan is a systematic delusion. Where Leviathan delusion operates systematically, Behemoth intimidates against resistance. The goal of Behemoth is to show such overwhelming power that resistance loses heart.

Behemoth is systematic. It is usually a large system. It is always large enough to intimidate and use perceived power as intimidation to oppress. Its influence is first spiritual. That influence impacts the culture systematically. Behemoth oppresses through cultural and economic systems. Cultural systems include religious systems.

Roman Catholicism is a Behemoth. Islam is a Behemoth. The religious systems of reincarnation are Behemoth.

Consider a nation that protects rats and other animals because they hold to a “How Things Really Work in the Spirit” error. The rats eat more than the people. The people refuse to harm the rats. The people suffer starvation and poverty because of this demonic oppression. If they forsook reincarnation and prioritized people, they would have plenty. They are victims of Behemoth.

Behemoth in the Legal System

A student graduates first in his class. His speech at Commencement mentions Jesus Christ. The school refuses to allow him the opportunity to deliver the speech unless he ignores Jesus Christ. They say, “It is illegal in America.”

They know it is not. They know that the minions of Behemoth will attack them in court. They know this will mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenditures. They know this will empty a part of the budget on defending that student’s right to free speech.

They do not want to waste that money. They know the people bringing the suit against them will shop for a judge who agrees with them. They know the lawyers are volunteering to fight any mention of Christianity. They refuse to allow the speech.

Someone makes a complaint about racism. A national figure shows us with hired picket line employees. Threats are shouted. The company agrees to talk about it. The national figure tells the company to support his justice enterprise. The company donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to the national figure’s non-profit. The money enables more of the same kind of intimidation. The intimidated intimidate. Behemoth gains expanded authority. The moral and spiritual issue of racism gains ground. Justice no longer has anything to do with it. Racism is not solved or even addressed. It is not about racism. Only money.

Several of us protesting at Indiana’s largest abortion clinic were thrown into a paddy wagon. We were driven to a court, seated in the jury box without representation. The judge was waiting with several attorneys for the clinic seated before him. The judge proceeded to tell us to stop standing outside in a public place protesting abortion. The Behemoth attempted to intimidate us into silence.

At present this scenario is being used by several hellish agendas in the United States. The individual cases may reflect a valid need for justice. The agenda pushing the issue is designed by Behemoth. The individuals need help. The agenda crushes them. The agenda uses them. The strength of Behemoth promises them liberty. Behemoth gives them increased slavery in return.

In this way, a systematic delusion spreads. Apply the scenario to politics. An entire party builds itself a platform of outrage over imagined slights and injustices. The lies are systematic. The Behemoth steps up with the threat of overwhelming discredit to anyone who opposes.

Political correctness becomes so powerful, political leaders fear to speak at all. Running for office comes at the expense of family and personal integrity. Any previous moment of personal weakness can be blown into a massive storm of controversy, accusation without proof, and catastrophic innuendo. Candidates refuse to run.

Behemoth Presence

Behemoth need do nothing to rule. He shows appearance. He releases a sound. He stomps his foot. He is a spiritual bully. Occasionally, he flexes his muscles or crushes someone or something. Nothing happens to his show of force. He appears impossibly strong. He intimidates people into passivity. “Why even try to resist?” becomes the response. With this condition established, Behemoth rules by showing up or sending his representatives.

When an elephant is small, his chained to a stake driven deep into the ground. He cannot move beyond the length of the chain. He tugs. He pulls. He stretches the chain. He cannot pull it from the ground. He cannot break the chain. He stops trying.

When he is full grown, someone ties a flimsy rope to a wooden stack pushed into the ground by hand. The adult elephant refuses to move further than the flimsy rope will allow him. He thoroughly convinced that the rope and stake are too much for him. Even a slight nudge would dislodge the stake. The rope would break as easily as a string. He will not challenge that limitation.

Behemoth systems rule by appearance. A strategic challenge would be deadly to the Behemoth. The people in passivity by despair do not attempt an attack. They perceive it as hopeless.

Behemoth Expansion

Behemoth sires more monsters. He is virile. He is potent in reproductive power. He expands by multiplication.

Islam expands in this manner. It immigrates. It expands. It intimidates through terrorism at every level. It dominates. It destroys all opposition. It rules by intimidation based upon previous terror.

Islam stands there with the threat of death and destruction. Companies hire activists to show tolerance. They think being nice will make Behemoth happy. Behemoth chuckles. Behemoth expands. Imagined slights become teachable moments. People learn to give way rather than resist. It is easier and less costly to acquiesce. Soon, leaders surrender positions of power. It is the character of Behemoth at work.

Whole neighborhoods become off limits, even to police. Political candidates are elected. People assume appeasement will bring kindness. “We can all get along,” they hope in vain. They do not understand the nature of the enemy they face. It is easier to give in than fight. Soon, all thought of resistance is gone. The new cry is one of passive dread: “Do nothing to anger the Behemoth!”

Defeating Behemoth and Leviathan

Once you have some space of victory with Leviathan, organize an attack upon Behemoth. Neuter his reproductive power. Alter his balance for he is vulnerable when off balance. Challenge his weakness. Expose his vulnerability.

The Bible makes it clear that God provides the weapons that defeat these monsters. They are like Goliaths.

Both the systems produce passivity based upon despair and false security. When they roar, the army stands and watches. The army listens to the roar, paralyzed. The enemy sets the rule of engagement, and the army of God follows hell’s rules.

Goliath says, “Send one champion against me.” Israel awaits that champion. Saul sits his tent. Saul promises great riches and popularity. The army stands frozen in fear. All they need is a David.

The weapon that kills the giant is not the weapon of a warrior. But, the one who wields it must be prepared to use the giant’s sword against the giant when the moment of finishing arrives.

Kingdom Culture Reset

When a people are set free of Leviathan and Behemoth they have few points of reference for freedom. They have been victims of hell’s lifestyle limitations. They require a kingdom reset.

David became world class with the weapon he possessed. David tested his faith by quarantining his valley of lion and bear. David had God’s passion for God’s purposes. This is the reason David could win. David could only win by a miracle. But, David could only release the miracles by running into the valley of the giant.

The defeat of a system begins with a simple Divine insertion of the opposite spirit.

To break the back of a system, install the kingdom system. Restore kingdom and kingdom culture. This will not defeat the enemy. This will produce a people who can respond in the opposite spirit. Without a revelation of the finish, they will not make the first step.

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