Birthing Purpose


When we speak of purpose, we begin with the Father. He originates all purposes. All that exists, including Jesus as His Son and Holy Spirit in us, begin with Father. He sent Jesus. He sent Holy Spirit. So, in this sense, even God Himself operates in protocols of purpose.

Jesus accepted responsibility to Create what Father wants. Jesus accepted responsibility to redeem what Father wants. Jesus accepted responsibility to restore what Father wants.

So, when we speak of “the will of the Father,” or the “passion of the Father,” or even when we say, “Father,” we are speaking of origination.

Revelation 4:11 says, “All that exists Christ created because it is what Father wants.”

Pregnant with Purpose

Paul describes the inheritor’s role in restoring the Inheritance of Jesus in a grouping of verses in Romans 8.

“He reaches the high point of his discussion in verse 28: “For we know that God symphonically orchestrates All together for the good of those that love Him, who are the chosen and called in reference to His purpose.”

The process of producing on Earth what He is restoring in Heaven involves All. We are equal inheritors with Him, so we share the process. We partner with and represent on Earth what He is doing in Heaven.

Jesus is not doing it Himself. He is doing it by the enabling capacities of the redeemed human spirits empowered by Holy Spirit. Restoration releases to the extent we receive restoration.

This is not a measurement of Divine inefficiency or ineffectiveness. It is a measurement of human response to the goal of God: to rule the Creation through human beings. This will happen because Jesus became human Himself, and the Incarnation means we can identify with Him because He identified with us. This sums up the meaning of Atonement.

Paul describes three laboring processes at work as Jesus restores All. The first is the groan of Creation. Creation is pregnant with purpose. All Creation has purpose within it, preserved and reserved, that awaits birthing from the inheritors. Creation is groaning to the land, so to speak, but cannot give birth to purpose. Creation needs the inheritors to birth purpose.

The second groan is the groan of the inheritors. They become pregnant in the spirit. Purpose can only birth through inheritors. Only the spiritual born can inherit. The inheritors must manifest to birth.

The third groan is the groan of God. The inheritors are capable of pregnancy by spiritual birth – that is, those born from above can become pregnant from above. But, they cannot birth because of limitations. They remain under the general Creation curse or limitation, falling short of God’s glory. So, Holy Spirit helps them at the point of limitation. God groans within them to help them in intercession.

Birthing Purpose

Inheritors become pregnant with purpose in the spirit, sent to the place of purpose and aligned with apostolic assignments that will partner with and represent the King of the kingdom once birthing occurs.

Purpose has purpose. Purpose beget purpose. Purpose originates what Father wants, then purpose produces a lineage of purpose through the joining of generations. (Jesus doesn’t birth purpose and put it in a freezer.)

  1. Getting pregnant with purpose begins with covenant with God.

The covenant with God is an inheritance relationship. It is always a fathering relationship. God never impregnates with illegitimacy in mind. God never impregnates authentic sons and daughters who refuse to submit to the process of preparation. God never impregnates rebels who birth babies of purpose only to rear them in a culture of lawlessness. God births purpose within kingdom.

The first step in birthing purpose is to be pregnant with God’s purpose instead of the purposes of this world or your own purposes. This represents a form of spiritual covenant breach with God. You may be pregnant by the wrong source and give birth to Ishmael. You may produce the wrong lineage even while you are God’s chosen father of nations.

Kingdom culture provides the principles, processes, and protocols for pregnancy that define legitimacy. Kingdom relationships all have covenant built into them.

Once you are in covenant, you will begin preparation.

  1. Getting pregnant with purpose is a process of pregnancies birthed, and the process prepares you to birth ultimate purpose.

Personal purpose often highlights our journal and journey. Personal purpose always reaches ultimate when we give it away to our Father. We cannot realize our ultimate until we no longer demand or desire to be pregnant with our own purpose. We were created as a purpose to produce a purpose.

Creation has innate purpose but lacks the capacity to produce. The rocks can cry out, but that sound would only happen in a situation in which the Person present could birth purpose. This explains the meaning of Jesus in saying, “If they do not sing, the rocks will cry out.”

That is why God put Adam over Creation with dominion in Creation to produce purpose. God has always designed Creation to be dominated by human beings as His partnering representatives. When mankind failed, He sent Jesus as a Man to make sure Father’s originating purposes are fulfilled!

To do this, Jesus emptied Himself of personal purpose and embraced Father’s purpose to His own hurt. He endured the pathos or passion of the Christ, submitting to the process that prepared Him to reach ultimate purpose, by sacrificing His own purpose. In doing so, Father guaranteed that His personal purpose would reach eternal and ultimate fulfillment!

  1. Getting pregnant with purpose of greater scope and influence comes with maturity within the covenant relationship.

God is not looking for more intercessors as much as He is looking for mature intercessors. Of course, more intercessors is part of the goal! More inheritors is one aspect of harvest. More intercessors means more inheritors; more inheritors means more intercessors.

We seldom consider that every inheritor is an intercessor because we visualize intercession as a bunch of weird women led by the weirdest women of them all. We miss the obvious: anytime we produce a purpose, we were pregnant with that purpose and gave birth through an intercessory process.

The maturity of our pregnancy and producing comes by greater submission based upon shared passion. Shared passion is based upon deeper trust. The maturity comes as a result of discipline. The maturity comes by enduring painful discipline that tests our trust of the Father as a basis for sacrificing our passion for His. The maturity comes when His passion motivates our submission to His purpose. The maturity comes in the form of fullness of obedience to His purposes at the expense of our own purpose. (We call this sacrifice, consecration and commitment, but it is measured by executing and finishing assignment.)

Surrender Welcomes Overshadowing

Mary says, “Look at me! God’s servant! May it happen to me according to your rhema, Gabriel.” Her surrender welcomes overshadowing. She becomes pregnant with purpose. She surrenders everything of her personal purpose to position herself for this process.

She hears Gabriel says, “Every rhema of God arrives with the power to make it happen.” So, her words are words of surrender to that rhema. Gabriel reveals how we become pregnant by revelation, and Mary reveals how we become pregnant by surrendering to the process by the sacrifice of personal purpose.

In the outcome, Father’s purpose brings Mary’s personal purpose to ultimate fulfillment.

God will not overshadow Ishmael pregnancies even when the father is a father of nations. While Abraham’s error compounds itself in history, God does not disqualify Abraham by this ridiculous side trip into personal purpose: Abraham seeks to produce personal purpose without sacrifice. (God brings Abraham back to this point again after Isaac’s birth.)

How deep is your surrender? How clear is your revelation? How submitted to the process is your sacrifice?

Case study: a person with a call fails to learn the lesson of sacrifice. They become prodigal because they see the inheritance as personal and father as a resource to produce what they want. They assume that Father showing them personal purpose means they are now in charge of producing it.

Lesson learned: God reveals personal purpose to you to test your covenant commitment to His purpose. He shows you your purpose, so you can make it a sacrifice. He reveals your Isaac, gives you your Isaac, then tests your surrender with sacrifice again and again. God never shows you your personal purpose, so you can be in charge of your own redemption and restoration.


It is not hard to get pregnant once you surrender. since Father is the impregnation Source, He awaits your preparation and maturity, beginning with your measure of surrender. He tests that surrender. He revisits that surrender. He builds upon each level of surrender by elevating the price of each subsequent test of surrender.

He impregnates you according to His purpose with your personal purpose in mind. So, He can work All to produce your personal purpose when you are so filled with His passion that you surrender to your calling to produce His purpose.

“For we know that God symphonically orchestrates All together for the good of those that love Him, who are the chosen and called in reference to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

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