Three-part Dream Christmas Night 2017: Some Applications for Kingdom Leaders

This dream came in three parts, Christmas night. I awakened between each segment, then continued the dream.

The Balancing of Accounts

In the first segment of the dream, God hammered home and synched the nail on a revelation He has been working into my spirit for a week or so. The paperwork had come through to “balance the accounts” as we enter the next two weeks of preparation and positioning, and we step into a “father of fathers” season in MinistryMatrix.

The scene would overlap parts two and three, but the initial scene was one of a meeting with “accountants” who arrived with a computer system far more powerful than any currently available to the NSA or any company in the earth. Two angels arrived dressed in suits and ties, carrying this system. I knew, in the dream, that the system contained the records or “books” of all history, representing everything God knows about mankind, including the future. The system represented the mind of God, or the omniscience of the all-knowing God. Any rewrite of history or recall of events or attempts to discern the motivations between what people do and say would be futile. This would be the last word on any consideration.

The angels set up the system, and sat down across from me at a table where we were to meet. The room was massive, with a ceiling three stories high, and behind them was an escalator upon which angels rode up and down. I knew I was in a place I could call Bethel, as Jacob had done long ago.

The angels laid a screen on the table that was impossible thin and large, and the “accounts” became visible. They said, “The season of visitation to bring to account is over. The accounts have been settled between you and Ruthanne and every other person with whom you have had dealings all your life and ministry. We are closing some accounts. We are settling all accounts. We are zeroing out what is owed or out of balance in your favor, and you owe no man on earth anything.”

Those words were released as if through an intravenous hookup so that they became available to my spirit, soul, and body at the DNA level both spiritually and physically. I knew that we were being given permission to move on. The second part of the dream caused me to realize why this was being done first.

The Colander of Sifting

The screen lit up with an illustration of people called to walk with us in life and ministry. It showed a colander of shiny stainless steel with variably sized holes all over it. Each hole was different in sized to represent what each person was required to be before they could be sifted through to the next season. This was the colander of the twelve spiritual sons and daughters promised by God, prophesied by Dutch Sheets in July 2017, and follow-up words from Jane Hamon and Clay Nash.

The illustration revealed why many did not make it through the tests, fail because they quit too soon, or simply refused to be teachable and transformable. Without submitting to the process of preparation they could not be positioned in this next season through our lives and ministries.

The colander did nothing to hurt or harm, only to measure. Those left behind would not be destroyed, of course, but would not be available now.

I realized this revelation means that God will complete the number of spiritual sons and daughters promised in different ways, that I should trust Him in sifting and trust Him in sending. I have not yet produced all the children of the kingdom that I will produce. Ruthanne and I will continue to produce spiritual children. This will preserve our youth.

Some of the holes in the colander were finer or smaller than others. The standard of measurement was not my own or Ruthanne’s, but God’s. Some would have been available in this season by God’s understanding of what the next season would have opened upon them had they not quit. However, they would be moved to another process.

I would need to let them go. They would not be inheritors. This stunning revelation goes as deeply into me as the intravenous hookup allowed the “accounts are settled” portion to go.

I was being set up for part three of the dream.

Make Strategic Investment

In this part of the dream, the angel placed the screen before me again, and it showed an algorithm that operates in kingdom and natural economies. This algorithm is like nothing man could produce. It is angelic and set to the mathematics of miracles.

First, he showed me a report of earnings and growth for the investments we have made both in terms of life and ministry. The investments showed miraculous increase!

The angel said, “We have applied this algorithm to everything you have ever done in submission and obedience to the Father’s assignment. In some cases, as when your son was overcoming leukemia and you continued to do the ministry as instructed, the investment returns were historic. You are known in heaven for these returns. Well done! In all cases where you have been faithful, this algorithm has been in operation.”

He continued: “Now, this algorithm will be applied to the money you have received toward a building. You must invest that money both spiritually and naturally in the next thirty days. You will be shown how and where to invest it. When you do, a return both spiritual and natural will be produced by this algorithm.”

He pointed to the screen and said, “This is a comparison chart of what your own efforts would have produced without this algorithm. You can see clearly that this algorithm works wonders. Trust it now and make the most radical and risky investments you can make.”

Then he said, “Expect a return of all you need in thirty days. January is the month of investment and return. Let the investment do all the work. You can do nothing to make this miracle happen except what you are already doing. Let the algorithm work for you. Rest in the strategy God gives you. The strategy will seem crazy to you and others except for what I’ve shown you in this algorithm.”

(All algorithms are “backtested”. The mathematical instructions are tested against the history of market performance, the past is the source. However, this algorithm was telling us future performance. The instructions were already written to take the greatest advantage of the future, so the algorithm was “front-tested.”)

Feelings about the dream:

  1. I awakened with a sense of season change unlike any I ever known.

The most common prophetic word is “you are in a change of season.” It has become trite. It has become a joke because it is the go to prophetic phrase when no revelation is available but someone is going to prophesy something, anything, instead of admitting they have no word of the Lord.

This time I sensed the turning of pages, ending of a chapter, transition that is transforming. There is a no-looking back like Lot’s wife sense to this transition. After years of warning, “God is serious; God is in a hurry” to create urgency, I felt the urgency. Some are left behind.

  1. I awakened with a sense of “it is done” about the future.

Clay Nash read the dream and responded with, “I heard, ‘fullness of time.'” God does operate in ultimates. Mercy reaches a point of no return. Mercy is “time as opportunity.” While mercy is renewed each morning for salvation, mercy runs out when season ending harvests come.

  1. I awakened realizing that God is at work for His purposes and our place in them when I am unaware of all He is doing.

This may be the most important aspect of revelation for kingdom leaders. God at work, doing what God does, reveals to His leaders what He is up to. This is strategic revelation because it says, “I want you to get into step with Me.”

  1. I awakened knowing I have favor.

While we can do nothing to gain favor with God, and this is the sense of impartiality the Bible emphasizes, “God chooses who He favors because He is God and He can do whatever He wants,” when God indicates favor, nothing can be more insulated and dishonoring to God than to take favor lightly. We are in trouble with Deity when we hesitate to run with the favor He chooses to give.

  1. I awakened ready to take the biggest risks of my life and ministry.

Risks remain risky after revelation. They don’t take on a “God will be obligated now” component. They are risky. The revelation gives us the strength of will to take the risk. We remain as human as before, true to our dispositions as before, but we step up to run into the valley of the giant, so to speak,

  1. I awakened ready to think with the future in mind more than the past.

The sense of “future in mind” leadership is the most prophetic leadership possible. First, revelation of the past as it affects the present, revealing what we didn’t know God was doing about the past, hence, “zero-balance accounts” and “colander screening leaders.” Second, new algorithms of present conditions with anticipation of miraculous future results.

  1. I awakened feeling strong confirmation that we are doing the right things at the right times.

Boldness comes from such revelation thinking.

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