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Kingdom Culture and Existing Culture

By Dr. Don | September 23, 2021


Ekklesia is a Kingdom Culture Assembly

By Dr. Don | September 22, 2021

Conclusion: to reach reformation momentum, we first restore and re-pioneer kingdom culture, and we do have all the pieces available now.

Toward a Biblical Understanding and Application of Apostolic Fathering and Alignment

By Dr. Don | September 20, 2021

To assume there is no leader between God and emerging leaders is to tell Paul he has written Scripture from faulty presuppositions. If you refuse to submit to the apostolic order because you can find several apostles who look after themselves more than Christ, you merely reveal your willingness to tell Christ His original designs don’t work.

Think What God Thinks, Think as God Thinks, Process God’s Thinking like God

By Dr. Don | September 7, 2021

We do well to step over into God’s way of processing information by surrendering to the Holy Spirit for spiritual wisdom.

I Never Knew You

By Dr. Don | August 24, 2021

esus says, “Many people will not stand as leaders and representatives in His next steps for the eternal kingdom on Earth. If they ignored the blueprints, He ignored them. So it appears there will be no opportunity for “do-overs.”

Avoiding Prophetic Intimidation in Prophetic Training

By Dr. Don | August 23, 2021

Inadequacy is the enemy you address to stop insecurity.

Living Fearless

By Dr. Don | August 17, 2021

Since fear is a spiritual condition embedded in our souls by satan, believers require deliverance from the spirit of cowardice. The strongholds or fortresses that hell builds to protect the places where fear is embedded are torn down by weapons mighty through God. That exposes the entry points. The exposure pinpoints the application of what God knows to reset our thoughts to “obedience to Christ” mode.

A Biblical Context for My Crosscultural Influence and Perspective

By Dr. Don | August 17, 2021

America is exceptional because Her original intended purposes include the Kingdom Gospel establishing kingdom culture and sending Kingdom Gospel pioneers to other cultures. Ignore that, and you are just an American bigot.

Toward a New Prophetic Nomenclature

By Dr. Don | August 16, 2021

Listen to prophets who bring their own nomenclature into their communication. I do, but I avoid the creation of a subculture like a plague. I produce a prophetic culture, for sure, but avoid a prophetic subculture.

Missing God in Our “Today”

By Dr. Don | August 16, 2021

Prophetic people accurately anticipate what’s coming next so they can prepare today. Often, the revelation of accurate anticipation leads to a scrapbook instead of a game plan.

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