Capacities of Grace – Charismata

Holy Spirit grants each believer with spiritual capacities consistent with their calling and created disposition. Living the SpiritFirst lifestyle means prioritizing these capacities in every aspect of life so that the created disposition and calling upon our lives have a spiritual source of enabling capacity that taps into God’s agenda.

Romans 12 gives us a particularly good insight into how these spiritual capacities work. Paul begins with a pretty strong statement about the effect spiritual gifts should have upon us. First on his list is humility. Spiritual grace capacities should produce humility: none should think more highly of himself than is appropriate seeing that the capacities of grace he is operating in were given to him and are grace flows from God. Gifts are somewhat of a leveling affect upon the Body to help us avoid the “achiever” mentality.

Then, Paul clarifies that spiritual capacities work within the Body and through the Body, not as “stand-alone” supercharger add-ons.

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