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Ephesians 4: “Prepare and Position”

The process produces a Body that measures up to the Head in stature, and until it measures up to the Head in the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, it remains far too weak to have “increased with respect to the Head.”

Apostolic Shepherding, Part 2, Jesus, the Good Shepherd

or our purposes, focus upon the contrast of taking from sheep or giving to sheep seems of paramount importance. While we don’t expect shepherds to become sacrificial lambs to die instead of sheep, we understand that Messiah reveals an aspect of Davidic leadership as a standard for shepherding: a willingness to risk your self, reputation, well-being, and personal desires for the sake of someone else’s sheep.

Kingdom Leadership Dynamics, Part 4, Five Spiritual Leadership Dynamics

If we lack consensus, we have failed to mature spiritual leaders who can function in kingdom leadership dynamics. Division exposes immaturity.

Kingdom Leadership Dynamics, Part 3, Principles and Protocols

A kingdom always functions on principles and protocols. The principles of God’s kingdom rest upon an agreement or covenant, or I would say, “a covenant agreement.” The terms of the […]

Kingdom Debt Cancellation: Followup to FirstFruits

Father promises provision to those who make His kingdom a priority. When you pursue heaven’s kingdom, Father becomes your Source. Father gets involved in the minute details of your life […]

The Apostolic Resource Center

To begin an ARC, you have to start with apostles and prophets as foundational leadership dynamics. To the extent you have both of these foundational leadership dynamics functioning, the ARC can mature, perhaps expand in numbers, but more importantly expand in influence. To some extent these foundations must be localized.

Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 1: Creation Groans

That is both future and present because both suffering and glory are here and now while reaching and progressing toward ultimate passion and eternal glory. Comparing pathos with glory isn’t an even measurement system because you can’t measure one or the other with the same ruler or scale. The proportions of suffering and the proportions of glory belong to separate conditions, natural and spiritual.

Giving Birth to Purpose, Part 2: “We Groan With Childbirth Labor”

This frames the revelation of how things work in the spirit concerning the process of childbirth labor that will someday produce the ultimate but continues here and now to produce the restoration of purpose through the same process of shared spiritual experience.

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