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Blacksmiths At Ziklag, A Message for Brasil [Repost]

“I have created the blacksmith who fans the coals beneath the forge and makes the weapons of destruction. And I have created the armies that destroy.” (Isaiah 54:16) “The following […]

Equipping the Saints

If you begin with the modern definition of “church,” you end up with a picture of “equipping” that Paul would not recognize as consistent with this Scripture. Paul would ask, “Nice, but where’s the Ephesians 4 implementation I wrote about in Ephesians 4?”

The New and Now Gideon’s Army

God taught Gideon a lesson we need to recognize right now: God will identify the people unwilling or unprepared to properly respond to the strategy God intends to have His chosen leaders implement, to defeat an overwhelming enemy.
God is the One sending people home who are not prepared and positioned for what He intends to do next.

Blacksmiths At Ziklag, A Message for Brasil

We need to move from watching David wield the giant’s sword to having a sword of our own. Then, we need to move from having any available sword we can find for ourselves, to blacksmith production of weapons that fit each warrior personally. Then we need to move into blacksmith production of the soul so we can forge the hearts of warriors pressed and poured into the mold, hammered while red with passion, formed into elite weapons that fit the hands of trained elite troops.

How To Maintain Focus in a World of Swirling Distraction

You go up into the circumstances around the Throne of God, seated with Jesus in the heavenlies, then you bring God’s agenda, priorities, and purposes into your circumstances through intercession, standing between heaven and earth with kingdom keys, authorized to represent God and your assignments in the place of provision, power, perfection, and possibility.

Pace Setting with Champions

Take stock of your present pace setting. Are you setting your stride and stretch to a pace that has kept you running in circles or making little progress for several months or even years? Time for a change! Perhaps you are neglecting to pace your running with the leaders right in front of you, actually avoiding the pace of progress available in their leadership. Or, perhaps you are stuck with the wrong leadership that is going nowhere fast or to the same cycle of running without moving toward the fulfillment of personal purpose.

The Called-Together Ecclesia

The “called together assembly” is built. Intentionality remains the impetus behind the assemblage, the building. Jesus does not throw out an invitation for everyone interested in hearing a Message and use that assembly to displace the strategically positioned authority of Hades. Jesus assembled appointed, designated, and positioned people from the kingdom, sets them into assignment, aligned with His kingdom leaders, and confronts existing entrenchments of the enemy.

Five Important Contrasts Between Revival and Awakening

Ecclesia should be dominated by kingdom leadership development! Producing kingdom leaders should be our measurement of success more than the accumulation of believers. We are called to confront existing cultures and prevailing spiritual conditions so that “the word of the Lord” for that people and place gains momentum through supernatural power and dominates.

Judas Spirit Dynamics

You see this Judas spirit, a term we use to describe the betrayal actions and activities of an inner circle leader who turns tailcoat on his assignment, worked against every one of them, and at times had revealed identical sentiments in their hearts that drove Iscariot’s son into actions of hellish consequences.

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