Church Meetings or No Meetings?

If you are asking whether or not “churches” should have meetings, you are asking the wrong question.

  • This is not the pivotal issue of faithfulness to Jesus.
  • This is not proof of superior anointing or power.
  • This is not the provision of supernatural immunity.
  • This is not the present “prove God faithful” strategy.

You do not get to quote “none of these diseases” from the wilderness wanderings of the Jews without eating manna.

You do not get to quote “none of these diseases” to say that they never got sick. They did. The reference point to “none of these diseases” is Egypt.

You do not get to quote “none of these diseases” to prove that this promise applies to all believers when it doesn’t. Since you apply it only to the China virus and ignore all other viruses, you need to delete your FB posts and shut up with the irrational conclusions.

Some charlatans are misrepresenting Jesus to get publicity, living the limelight, making stupid statements, and acting irresponsibly with a “come on down, CNN, and see some real Christians.” Ignore them. They are frauds.

The Supplemented Anointed Ones

There are some authentically anointed leaders doing their version of “we have the Anointing” thing that I really respect with the caveat that they make tons of money selling supplements for your physical health as “temple care” that are multilevel rip-offs.

If you say, “Anointing,” then you sell supplements to keep your healthy, you are actually saying, “Anointing and the supplement of the month,” not “anointing.”

You should care for the temple of God. You should live SpiritFirst, including your body. You should not say that the Anointing keeps you from getting sick because He does not. You should not say there is a level of Anointing available that keeps you from getting sick. You should definitely not say the Anointing makes you healthy while building your downline selling acorn-shell dust for its healing and healthy body properties.

It is not rational to say both the Anointing and acorn-shall dust are God’s gifts for a healthy body when six months ago, you were selling $50 shots of Amazon fruit juice as “the miracle from God’s Creation that cures cancer. Holding multilevel sales meetings in that back of the churches where the healing fire-lines continue flopping healthy bodies on the floor in the front is kinda silly, right?

“You need healing because you didn’t drink your $50 shot of miracle juice and eat your $45 acorn-shell dust daily regime? Get over here and let me heal you, then get in the meeting in the backroom and buy your kit for Jesus.”

Sometimes we make ourselves look silly and misrepresent Jesus, huh?

I really don’t have a big problem with your miracles cures. I have no problem validating your Anointing. I do have a bit of a problem with the hype for either or both. And, the subtle, smug idea that “we are the ones” is an insult to the King.

No Super-saints Needed, None Need Apply

There is no call for a “super-saint” response to everything in which your leadership bottom-line is always, “I’ll show you what a real Christian does.” Then you tout living by faith when you are knocking down the coin on a new batch of multilevel miracles every year, or two with the latest acorn-shell dust cures cancer in laboratory tests on Peruvian cave slugs. After you sold out of shark cartilage and deep Amazon jungle fruit juice, you thought toothpaste for Jesus would cure cancer too.

Sell your supplements if they build good immune systems and actually contribute to good health. No problem. Make tons of money. No problem. Don’t mix the two things. That is borderline fraudulent.

You are not living by faith at all when you are mixing messages of prosperity and evangelism with “the Anointing is too strong for viruses.”

Jesus Wasn’t Sick

Jesus had a unique body. He was flesh and blood, but His body did not come from Joseph. Jesus had a unique DNA without the bloodlines of Adam and Eve.

Your physical father wasn’t God. Your mother was not a virgin. You have a bloodline from Adam and Eve. You are not immune to sickness by any redemptive or restorational benefit of the Cross. You are receive healing from the stripes on His back if you get sick.

Jesus didn’t get sick. You do. Jesus gave His life. You die. Jesus is now glorified with immortality. You won’t be until the Resurrection.

For those who think having a better covering will cure their ills, Jesus healed people who followed Him. His “covering” was miraculous. Lazarus died from sickness with Jesus as His covering.

I still receive these “there is a place of maturity and anointing at which God’s people are exempt from sickness” claims. The John G Lake ones are special in this crisis since he faced horrors instead of this virus that is less lethal than the common flu.

These courageous heroes standing before the China virus are risking little if they are healthy. John G Lake was watching people die horrifying deaths by the thousands, praying for tens of thousands at risk of becoming one of those victims.

Challenging the common cold and the seasonal flu has never been the “great moment to prove the faithfulness of God and the power of my Anointing” since it has never offered these frauds a spot on CNN. These are opportunists, not leaders. These are frauds, even if they never get sick. These people misrepresent Jesus by misrepresenting the issue.

Our dear brothers and sisters with Anointing should continue doing the great work they do. Please keep the promotion of the latest downline profit margin quiet.

The real issue is that our exposure in the storm requires us to reconcile with our flaws.

Do Not Stop Doing the Ministry of Jesus

The issue is not whether you have a public service in the quarantine. No one I know is stopping the ministry of Jesus, preaching, healing prayer, freedom ministry, intercession, or giving to God. Many are showing solidarity with their neighbors and the nation’s fight against the spread rate that threatens to overwhelm the greatest healthcare system in the world.

With all that Anointing, why not stand outside some hospitals and heal everybody inside instead of trying to prove immunity and super-saint status? The answer to that speaks to the real issue in this crisis in terms of how to represent Jesus.

For the most part, the kingdom has been exposed by the social conditioning of millions of believers. The real issue is that most Christians think like pagans. They are as much in panic as the pagans.

They are looking for a source other than the kingdom of God. They are begging the government to solve this problem. They are willing to blame the same government for getting them into this mess, not protecting them from it, and interpret the situation through the lies of modern media with a strong foundation of religious superstition they learn in church-anity.

Psalm 91 and the virus have become crisis fellows. I have never seen such a response to sickness in my life. Some of our great leaders are dead from this virus because it has the power to pick apart existing and chronic conditions. These dear ones die because of other unhealed conditions, not from the virus. There is a difference between the virus and deadly illnesses.

Technically, the virus kills very few people, usually because of advanced pneumonia that is a treatable byproduct of the virus. So, the spread rate is about the treatable conditions getting treatments in time.

If you have a healthy immune system, antibodies chase down discerned usurped cells the virus has hijacked. You recover from this virus like you would any other if your body can fight it. The medications that will help your body do not exist. The vaccination is supposed to give you the virus, so you develop these antibodies–yeah, give you the virus.

The medications for viruses answer to other treatable conditions, right? So, the real issue is antibodies and treatment for the deadly “other” conditions.

So, the response to this pandemic of fear has been vastly exaggerated because of the spread rate. It could overwhelm the healthcare system because so many people have these life-threatening conditions at the same time. Quarantine lowers this spread-rate and the people who ignore the quarantine assist the virus.

So, reconcile the real issue to the representation of Jesus. The priority of healing prayer would be for those people with preexisting conditions. The priority of warfare prayer would be to slow down the spread rate and push this virus into weakness. The priority of ministry would be to one’s own family, ministry, and region, which includes a priority to assist in the war against the virus.

Choose accordingly. Stop using this moment to build your brand! Stop acting like the Anointing makes you immune if you are actively selling supplements to do the same thing–since immunity from the Anointing would mean no supplements are needed.

If you don’t get the virus, praise God without promoting yourself. I have overcome the virus. I got it. I overcame it by healing prayer and antibody production. Both of those factors are normal in the kingdom of God. Take supplements. Take care of your body. Release Anointing.

But don’t create a misrepresentation of Jesus with your arrogance or gnostic “I have the key” exaggerations. No glory to you. All glory to God.

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