I am an Overcomer of the China Virus

Our excellent team of nearly thirty people was in Bethlehem right after a group of pilgrims from South Korea exposed that city to the virus. We were booked at the same hotel, moved to another hotel, then moved to Jerusalem after one night.

Our team was on the bus together, shared meals together, and flew back home together. We were on the last bus and only bus to make it through the checkpoints the day we moved to Jerusalem. Bethlehem closed to pilgrims, but we completed our trip and made our way home. No one on the team contracted the virus–but me.

I started with the intestinal discomfort the day before we flew home, and at the beginning of the 11-hour flight to New York’s JFK airport from Tel Aviv began having high fever and chills. (We know now that about half of the people with the virus start with these symptoms.)

I fought the fever and chills for four days with the continuing intestinal discomfort (pain) and symptoms. The fifth day I turned the corner with no fever and chills and, in 24 hours, was past the abdominal symptoms on my way to normal. On the sixth and seventh days, I felt fantastic!

During the time I was fighting the virus, my body was doing what God designed it to do. Antibodies were discerning the cells usurped by the virus and attacking the intruder. Overcoming means my body now has trained assassins for the China virus on alert.

During this time I was also fighting the virus by dipping my finger in the stripes on His back and declaring wholeness and health to my body while under this attack of an invading enemy.

I am one of those people the virus makes vulnerable. After long flights–nearly 15 hours in this trip home–I usually experience a challenge to my breathing. I have also had pneumonia three times in the past two years. In the people who begin with the intestinal symptoms and develop the breathing symptoms, the lungs experienced a more severe attack. I never had any of those symptoms.

My Faith is and was Strong

The book of Job pretty much nullifies this silly idea that Dr. Don got the virus because he did something wrong, but this doesn’t keep the super-saints from screaming unbiblical, false conclusions about sickness and disease. I didn’t ask God, “Why?”

One bozo said that authentic apostles are exempt from sickness. I guess my body didn’t get that memo from the urban legend department of the quasi-kingdom suburbs.

I got sick. I overcame. I am whole and healthy. I didn’t look at porn, lie about my wife being my sister, steal any money, or worship any idol–plenty of idols in the churches usurping the important sites in the Holy Land, but I didn’t fall prey to idol worship.

I am not a survivor. I am an overcomer. I never had one moment of fear about this virus. I know it kills vulnerable people just as the flu and the common cold when the symptoms pile up and attack some people’s lungs before the proper treatment for pneumonia can defeat its deadly symptoms. I know these things, but I know something else about sickness and disease as well: I know that illness is war, and I am a warrior.

During this sickness, I heard from God. I was concerned about my dear wife, Ruthanne, and my family because I never want to see them suffer. I was concerned with the team because I love them all like family. I was concerned with the millions of people affected by the China virus, but I was also more attentive to the outcome God produces in this attack than the virus itself.

Many others will die with health better than mine. Many others will suffer more than I have. Many others will not have a history of overcoming sickness, seeing thousands healed, the dead raised, and demons flee. Many others will see the virus as God’s will or judgment with a fatalistic dread. Many others will not have the covenant intercession and “take a share” alignment with men and women of spiritual authority and power that surround me.

I am grateful. I am not making light of the virus and its deadly spread rate, I am telling you that the fear that came with it is a work of hell, the virus is not from God’s laboratory of judgment, and the outcomes of this global attack are a complete reset of the world’s balance of nation and economic strength.

God did not send the China virus any more than God sent the flu, SARS, or the common cold. This virus is the enemy of life, the enemy of hope, the enemy of faith, and the enemy of destiny. It should be opposed as one would oppose the devil. Submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee.

I did, and the virus died within me; the devil and his dread fled away.

The virus makes me angry with righteous aggression. Still, my apostolic decrees were applications and implementations of prophetic revelations about China, the global economy, and the leadership of Donald J Trump.

God was not caught off guard or surprised by the outbreak. God is not in control of this virus. God is in charge of the outcomes of the work of the devil in a sinful, blighted world. God sees the virus moving through the nations and the spiritual conditions that are exposed by this storm.

God works all things together. He is not in control of all things. God symphonically orchestrates All to the good of those with His passion who are ordained, chosen, selected, authorized, and positioned to produce His purposes.

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