Deep Calls to Deep

The Vision

On March 7, 2003, I taught a class on Spiritual Warfare and Intercession in our university of ministry when God took me into a trance-like vision. We recorded all the sessions, so I was prophesying into the microphone while in the vision. The vision lasted for an hour and a half.

We had been worshiping with the song “Ask Me for the Nations,” a song special to me because of the first prophecy I ever received. Marilyn Hickey had called me out during a morning session of a women’s conference (yeah, long story there) and said God gave her Psalm 2 as a verse for my life: “ask Me for the nations as your inheritance.”

To that point in my life, I had never entertained the idea that I would travel around the world or have apostolic assignments and authority in more than thirty nations.

The Vision Setting

God caught me up in the spirit. I was looking down on the nations of the Americas, moving above them and seeing from God’s perspective. I was hovering at one point over Brazil.

God said, “Deep calls unto deep. So the deep of God is calling to the deep in Brazil.”

Paul was “arrested” or “taken” by God, so this experience is Biblically sound. I didn’t go anywhere. I stayed right there in that room, being recorded, seen by the forty or fifty students attending the class. God expanded spiritual awareness to include God’s perspective.

In short, God shared His spiritual experience with me in a minimal but powerful way. Of course, God experiences All (that is too much to process), but He shares with humans a minimal portion of that to reveal something strategic.

I was experiencing spiritual reality from God’s perspective.

The “deep” is a prophetic metaphor of mystery. It exists, but it is hidden. The deep of God called to the deep in the land. It is hidden in the hearts, in the people and places, that produces what-God-wants when fulfilled. The deep of God is the mystery hidden in Christ. God hid the deep in Him before the foundation of the world. In this vision, God reveals to me some of that hidden purpose for those people and places.

This vision becomes an assignment for which I received apostolic authority, to communicate it to kingdom leaders, to declare it to God’s enemies (according to Ephesians 3:10) through the ekklesia, and to maintain oversight with other kingdom leaders to see that what God wants happens.

So, God had intended purposes for these nations, the people and places, that remained hidden. These purposes are eternal, as essential God’s intentions in creating them, and marked by God’s intentions in the sacrifice of the Lamb of God who made, redeemed, and restores them to those intentions.

In the vision, the deep of God was calling to the deep in all the nations of the Americas.

The Deep of God in You

The deep of God means God has mystery we cannot see or hear until He decides, intentionally and strategically, to reveal it. It is as real as God’s will in any sense. It is so real to God that Jesus created, redeemed, and restores this blueprint of history. The finished work of Christ includes the mystery hidden in God.

We cannot remove the mystery from God. We are not God. We could remove the mystery from God if we were God, but we are not God. We can only see, hear, know, understand, communicate, and apply mystery when God reveals it. It is no longer mystery then.

There is mystery in you. However, you cannot know it as God knows it until God reveals it to you. You cannot see, hear, understand, communicate, and apply mystery when God reveals it. It is no longer mystery then.

You are not responsible for fulfilling the mystery until God reveals it. To seek that mystery in any way other than God is wickedness and witchcraft. You should never consult with anyone who attempts to show God’s hidden intentions who does not follow prophetic process and protocol.

God commands you to wait for God’s revelation. Revelation arrives by God’s timing and in a strategic way. God remains the One in charge of disclosure and outcomes that revelation produces.

You cannot find it through conjuring up some connection with the universe; the universe has no command presence for mystery.

The Creation Deep

“Darkness was upon the face of the deep” when Jesus said, “Light,” and there was light. The deep held the mysteries of Creation. At some point, God created all that is not God. Nothing but God is eternal.

Then, God fertilized the deep with revelation words that released mystery from the hidden places and moved these mysteries into fullness and fulfillment. God’s blueprints reveal the outcomes or end products of raw materials.

God’s blueprints reveal the ultimate life of any individual. God’s blueprints show the ultimate condition of any place where these people reach their redemptive ultimate.

The Spirit of the Lord hovered over the deep to fertilize it. Creation fire sparked that pregnant condition. A revelation declaration created an outcome consistent with God’s blueprint. A Divine fiat or command spoken punched holes in the darkness. Light in darkness revealed.

The deep of God spoke to the deep in Creation. Earth did not know what was in it until God revealed what was in it. That deep continues to respond to the deep of God!

Mystery, Mary, and Messiah

Gabriel greeted Mary with a revelation wording. She was stunned because she had never entertained the ideas God hid in Himself for her at any point in her life. Yet, from before the foundation of the Earth, God had this mystery in the Divine deep.

When the prophets whispered “a virgin shall conceive” and Messianic prophecies about David’s lineage laid revelation landmarks, God was hinting about mystery hidden from the condition in which Jesus accepted the Scroll from Father and the responsibility to create, redeem, and restore All.

“Mary, let me greet you from God’s perspective, so you get a better idea about what I’m about to announce about your future,” Gabriel says. Or, Gabriel can only speak to Mary from God’s perspective though that point of view includes what is utterly mysterious to Mary.

Mary was stunned by this greeting because she had no context for a sudden peek behind the curtains where mystery hid from view.

Then, Gabriel says, “You will be carrying Messiah.”

Mary says, “How? I’ve never done what is necessary to be pregnant and have no intention of doing so outside of my marriage to Joseph, which is a future event. Like, how you intend to make that happen, Gabriel?”

The angel answers in this way: “The Rhema of God arrives with the power to make it happen.”

Your translation is something like “God can do anything,” but the actual words of the angel point to a prophetic declaration of hidden mystery. God says, “Light,” and there is light. God says, “Pregnant! and the conception of Messiah occurs by overshadowing.”

The point of the deep of God calling to the deep in Mary is profound. When we apply these ideas to ourselves and our regions, territories, and nations, we see how God does stuff in an explosive way. That is, we see God can blow up natural reality with spiritual reality at any moment!

Jesus Stands Up

Hovering over Brazil, I saw Jesus stand up. But that is for another time.

The conclusion of the prophetic vision’s deep calls to deep is that God has intentions for history that remain hidden until God’s timing calls them into activation.

God has mystery in your life, and He is always preparing you for a mystery more than He prepares you for what you can see and hear about your future and destiny.

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