No, God Does Not Ask You to Stay Out of Politics Scripture in the Bible teaches us that kingdom citizenship voids natural citizenship. No statement in the Bible says that becoming a believer means ignoring national affinity or love for one’s country of birth and kingdom ministry assignment. Nothing hints that the influence of God’s kingdom is so spiritual that it never produces political influence.

Contrary to these contrived conclusions, everything from the first verse to the ending Amen says kingdom citizenship means God’s representatives influence the politics of their nations.

Jesus on Citizenship

The verses that say we are citizens of God’s kingdom do not include references, statements, conclusions, or declarations that kingdom citizenship voids natural citizenship.

For sure, God enrolls in the kingdom as citizens. Jesus mentions this in the context of His returning representatives’ thrill about demonic responses to the use of Messianic authority.

“Do not rejoice because demons are subject to you, as much as you rejoice that God registers your names in heaven,” Jesus says.

Jesus recognizes that His authorization of them puts demons on alert in the heavenlies. This is another “how things work in the spirit” revelation. The response of demons further backs it up to the sons of Sceva recorded in Acts 19: “Jesus we know. We are getting acquainted with Paul. We have no clue who you think you are.”

The representatives of Jesus have been visiting the cities He will soon see. Unfortunately, the message and ministry of Jesus are political in the extreme. The representatives stir up the very issues that lead to the politically charged death of Christ.

Hebrews and Philippians References

Philippians 3:20-21 contrast with traitors to God’s kingdom who worship their bellies with minds concentrated upon physical reality. In contrast, our politeuma, to live as a citizen of, begins with, is sourced from, and exists as a context, heaven.

Again, no statement that reads, implies, or suggests the false conclusion that belly and physical consciousness means “politics, government, or political parties” in contrast to “heaven as the point of reference.” The contrast between the words on the one hand and words on the other that can possibly produce no “stay away from politics” conclusion.

Hebrews 12 contains no contrast between kingdom and natural, but a contrast between mountains, one physical one, Mount Sinai, and a spiritual one, “Mount Zion.”

Ephesians 2:19

Paul employs sumpolites to contrast strangers and aliens with fellow citizens. The emphasis of sumpolites toward the establishment of kingdom culture. Paul presents no conclusion that those who share the kingdom politic must remain completely free of any national politic.

From this and other references, those concluding that involvement in politics is contrary to kingdom culture look for “be heavenly minded” and “set your mind on things above” and references to the reality that our kingdom is “spiritual.”

Now that conclusion requires us to assume that spiritual things lack influence upon physical reality, which would be the most egregiously possible denial of the kingdom strategy.

Jesus reset the kingdom to bring spiritual reality influence upon physical reality. That is the new covenant agreement presupposition: SpiritFirst living is more powerful. Instead of beginning with natural Creation dominion to arrive at spiritual reality, we now start with Spiritual Creation dominion to arrive at dominion demonstrated in Natural Creation.

God in charge of outcomes in the natural begins with God in charge of outcomes in the spiritual.


Separating any influence of the spiritual dominion of Jesus Christ from nations contradicts the entirety of the new covenant strategy for the Inheritor of the Inheritance to receive His inheritance.

Explain how the King of All cannot be political. How can Father symphonically orchestrate All and leave out political influence, involvement, and consequences? Such a consideration is irrational, and such a conclusion is obviously illogical. In addition, any explanation of why the Almighty would want to avoid such influence requires denial of basic Providence.

It is not spiritual to avoid demonstrations of spiritual reality upon natural reality. Conversely, it is not more spiritual to avoid spiritual influence upon natural influence.

In fact, hell probably builds monuments to saints who espouse leaving politics to the devil.

In conclusion, from Genesis to The Revelation, we find no verse of the Bible that presumes, prescribes, or pretends that kingdom citizens should live in a subcultural commune to avoid contact with, influence, and leadership existing culture.

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