Dominion of God on Earth

Every Scripture that promises us Jesus will be King and take dominion also promises us that His dominion will be carried out through redeemed people. From the beginning of Creation this was His strategy. Something radical to nature will change, however, once we receive glorified bodies: we won’t marry anymore because gender distinctions will disappear. The “multiply and fill” aspect of the dominion mandate will no longer function, and dominion will be complete.

Covenant is always at the heart of dominion because through covenant God establishes the way He will establish dominion through people. The first covenant is marriage, and all subsequent covenants enhance the importance of marriage as God’s basic buildingblock for culture.

So, when marriage is weakened as a kingdom covenant relationship, all society suffers in terms of dominion. Always.

The Modern Church

Ministry is never stronger than the marriage of the people functioning in ministry. If they are not married, dominion remains possible, but the ministry still must teach strong marriage functions within the ministry and influence the culture with God’s norms.

Paul celebrated both marriage and celibacy. If Christ is to have dominion on earth through His Ecclesia, we can immediately see the parallel that Christ continues to have dominion on earth through marriage. The two are not the same, the the two – marriage and Ecclesia – both represent Jesus on Earth.

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