Dream: The New Breed Hybrid

The Context

In the dream, I could see seed sowers of different ages, statures, and facets of this generation. Behind them, God arranged previous generations to reveal the status of those generations in history as they related to this one spiritual activity of seed sowing.

The seed is the Word of God, not the Bible per se, but the applicable and implementable purpose of God spoken by God for people and places, in the generational context.

[Picture how God thinks of a generation as a circle with beginning and end, open to receive from the past and release into the future, not how you interpret a timeline of history.]

So, in that setting in the dream, with myself as one of the fathering leaders, I am in the context of the dream yet still looking on with an outside perspective, seeing from God’s point of view.

This panoramic perspective is an eternal one, as the perspectives of John in The Revelation, not a linear or even spatial context, but a spiritual outside of linear time and spatial reality context.

The generation was a combination of ages, not young and old, but of kingdom leadership stature denoting eldering authority, alignment, and assignment. God having arranged leaders, male and female, according to purpose, each holding seeds to be sown that was the past, present, and future of purpose.

Sowing a New Hybrid

In the dream, the statured were attempting to sow into the maturing in stature–that is the most accurate way I have found to communicate this–but the maturing in stature were sowing into their own statures.

They said, “We will sow and reap a new breed.” 

While the statured were saying, “No, you will simply start the next at the same point and repeat the previous, ending up at the same place we have. The previous generation did the same thing for us, and we did the same thing with them.”

The statured said, “You think sowing hour seed will produce something new. It won’t. You got it from us, not as a hybrid from God. God put the hybrid into the generations, not you separate from the generations.”

[The grief of the previous generations exhibited in the background behind the statured of this generation was so deep then, I thought of the rich man in hell and his level of grief.]

“No, the change that comes through sowing a hybrid seed can only come by blending the seeds, not by sowing your own seed. You think it is different, but we and the previous generations can see that it will take you around the loop one more time. You think models will make your seed produce something different. It will not.”

The Soil

The soil was the four kinds Jesus reveals as metaphoric of kingdom purpose–the Word of God–sown by preaching, training, announcement, and declaration. The soil was no different now than before, hardened, shallow, root-infested, or productive.

The soil and the seed would produce what it has for previous generations, not a new breed.

[The maturing in stature think they have something new when they have what the statured recognize plainly in their own seasons of maturing. The maturing in stature have no context for this except in fathering relationships. When they seek to get to the hybrid on their own, the maturing n stature simply start where the previous generation started and repeat what they experienced and produce what they produced. We call this the cycle of revival and Awakening.]

The soil was the same, but the weather was not. The atmosphere was so different that I knew a new hybrid could be sown now that would not have flourished as quickly as it would have in the previous generations. This hybrid would have grown in any generation, but it would have taken years to develop into the new staple or “go-to” seed and harvest.

Now, with the spiritual climate change, the hybrid of this generation would rapidly become the dominant crop.

The Process of Blending

In this dream, the process for blending the different groups of statured and maturing in stature appeared in the spirit–the wind. A wind blew across the soil, a breeze that we could all see coming. When the wind blew across the ground, the statured would throw seed high in the air, and the maturing in stature would throw their strategically lower so that they both hit the land at the same time, blending in the spirit or the wind, hitting the ground at the same time.

When that happened, the wind released water, and rapid germination occurred. In three or four passes, which I knew in the dream were years, I saw three or four full-field harvests, yet the sowers never left the field.

It was an atmosphere consistently advantageous for sowing, growing, bearing, and harvest.

Then, I saw the reverse of process, when the maturing threw their seed into the soil with following the wind or with honor for the statured. What grew from their inconsiderate sowing whithered because it was not welcome in the wind.

When the statured attempted to preempt the maturing by sowing only their seed, the soil would not receive it. The wind rejected the inconsiderate seed of the maturing, and the earth rejected the preemptive sowing of the statured.

The New Greed Hybrid

When the sowers followed the strategy of blending sown seeds, following the wind, the seed was swallowed by the soil like little birds receiving from their mothers in a nest, eager, hungry, trusting, and efficient.

The rapid gemination–wind released water–produce a vigorous plant with a new hybrid harvest.

Then, came the change!

When the new hybrid harvest was gathered, two powerful things occurred:

both the statured and maturing in stature ate of the seed;

they both began sowing the hybrid seed with the blending strategy they had learned.

The generation shifted in arrangement right before my eyes with the previous generations static in contrast to this historic shifting in the existing generation. How the statured and maturing in stature operated was stunning in the dream [as if I sat back stunned in the dream]. 

They all fed the other with the hybrid seed, not feeding themselves but others. The statured and maturing remained conspicuously unique and identifiable, but they both matured in function while remaining the same in appearance.

The soil enriched itself. The wind became heavier with water. The seed of each harvest produces more. The hybrid became normal. The process sped up.

I awoke. 

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