Dream: Providence Calls a Conference

A Conference Called by God

Last night I had a three-part dream from God in which revealed Providence to me. The setting was a conference called by God.

God-called conferences are different. God allows no hype, invites strategic Remnant representatives, and sends you home more committed to your present assignment.

The name of the conference and the host leading all the sessions had a name, which I knew was a Hebrew word for Providence, although I did not know the Hebrew word for Providence before the dream. I had to look it up, and based upon the dream, and I found the name in the dream was the word used for Providence at the time of Jesus.

The sessions of the conference that Ruthanne and I attended had representatives of several gifts, roles, and leadership assignments. In one session, we sat next to someone we know named “Destiny.” The meeting focused upon her as the representative of manifest destiny, a concept God loves.

In this conference, Providence spoke through the attendees, not from the platform. There was no platform speaker at all. There was no worship band. When the Presence of Providence filled the room, everyone worshiped from what flowed from Providence into and through the attendees. (Not that God dislikes music, the attendees would release music. However, music was one aspect of worship.)

As each session would progress, individual leaders would speak out revelations from Providence, who filled the room. I knew, in the dream, that this meant the messaging of Providence is both represented by and delivered through Remnant leaders. This method of involved intercession I describe in the book, Providence and Priesthood.

At one point, I shared something with people seated in front of us, and Providence stood by my side in the form of Jesus–that means in the dream coding Jesus made a persona intervention to correct me.

He says, “Don, I didn’t ask you to share your own stuff right now. That is good stuff, but we are doing something specific about leading as a Remnant.”

Presence or Purpose?

This point of the dream was a reminder that Remnant messaging that is representative of Jesus needs to sound different from preaching or even prophesying in the sense that what we say as Remnant leaders carry the heaviest weight of convincing demonstration and impartation–as Paul says.

“People often enjoy My Presence without the maturity to discern My purpose in presenting Myself. I don’t need to show up. I’m always present.

When My Presence manifests, some aspect of Me is available, and the manifestation reveals purpose. When people merely enjoy My Presence, they reveal their immaturity. When people discern the Purpose of My Presence, they reveal readiness to represent Me. It is not mature to say, ‘I just want Your Presence.’

Continue to tell My people this, and train them to discern purpose more than absorbing Presence.”

In one session, Jacquie Tyre, an apostle with involved intercession assignments, a leader from Atlanta, Georgia, slid down in her chair, overwhelmed by Glory. In the dream, she represents the highest leader integrity of involved intercession, those with purpose in mind, more than using Presence, but fulfilling the purpose Presence reveals.

I laid hands on her and prophesied something I had learned from experience in Brasil, and she breathed in what I said like breath and revelation were the same things. I knew this represented the “next” of intercessory prayer leadership operating with Providence in the lead more than the organization.

“There is a Remnant within the prayer movement, a 300 among 30,000, a 30,000 among 3 million, who will receive the revelation of ‘next’ and proceed as a Remnant within the Remnant. The entire 3 million will join them later, but they will do exploits against overwhelming odds in the initial strategy. You see, I didn’t invite 3 million to this conference.

Of course, writing and preaching about Remnant thinking for twenty years, God speaks to me in the dream from the context of leading Remnant strategies in nations. Nothing in the dream was a polemic toward intercession in groups or networks as much as a clarification that is obvious in the Bible, that Divine Remnant methods will apply in the “next.”

Finally, the dream enunciated the battle for Providence as involved intercession among the citizens of the kingdom. When I looked up the term, I discovered that it was a point of controversy among the nation of Israel factions in the days of Jesus.

Providence is Controversial

“God involved in history” was controversial then. “God involved in history” is a controversy now. The purpose of the conference on Providence was the clarification in the Remnant leaders that would produce bold leadership for the ‘next.’

Sending home 3 million does not mean telling people to stop praying. The issue is that they are not praying the same thing, aware of the method of attack, or mature for the essential victory of this battle.

It is not to criticize the many but to empower the few. This decision means that the many will be unhappy, even hostile to the few during the time of the initial attack, hold infantile grudges after the initial victories, and squabble about what this process means in terms of the future.

As much as things change, they also stay the same. However, this can never sideline the Remnant from prioritizing God’s strategies. When the enemy sets himself in array against God, he reveals his fatal flaw.

God reveals the fatal flaw, sends a strategic team, and sets the battleplan through a few so the many can join in at appropriate moments of final victory. Since the issue is always about “who gets credit for this victory,” God cannot allow His purposes to flounder, so He calls a conference of those chosen to represent Him.


God cares a lot, as I do, about the feelings of people, but never so much that He (or I, I pray) fails to do what is necessary to further His purposes. The conference has is finished. The sent attendees arrive at home. They arrive with bold passion for God’s purposes, awareness from God of the coming battle, firm skin against friendly fire, and “do or die” courage to do something spiritually wise but naturally crazy that only Providence convinces will succeed.

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