Faith for Impossiblities

Jesus said little-sized faith could move mountains into the sea. He said that little-sized faith should speak to that mountain and tell that mountain what to do and the mountain would obey the command of little-sized faith.

The “mountain” would present impossibilities. The little-sized faith would represent obedience to assignment, moving forward with a tenacity that demands obstacles be removed! Little-sized faith is not silent! You gotta say something’!

Little-sized faith doesn’t just move mountains around for the sake of showing off power, and all the miracles of impossibility are strategic. We don’t want to fill up the sea with mountains just to make a landscape adjustment. We move the mountain that is in the way.

Today, I stare at a mountain that stands in the way of assignment. I say, “Mountain of impossibility! I bury you in the sea!” Little-sized faith and big-sized mountain – a contrast Jesus uses to speak of spiritual power and impossibility.

Are you staring at something impossible while maintaining a position instead of moving on through the place that mountain occupies? Speak God’s Word with God’s authority: “Mountain, I call you by name and give you a new address. You are in God’s way! Be moved!”

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Dr. Don

Dr. Don

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