Falling in Love with Every Word That Comes From His Mouth

Beware the tendency to devalue God’s Word by pouring it out of your alabaster box when you have only accumulated a few drops.

Of course, God will fill your mouth with a ‘now word.’ God will, at the same time, supply you with revelation for the future that has no application or implementation for today.

Beware confusing what Holy Spirit is teaching you, testing you, and training you for something you need to post on FB as a revelation for the whole world.

It becomes evident to the mature that you have a revelation for the future that you are misusing today when you abuse it to exhibit yourself as a recipient of revelation today.

Proving yourself as a person who hears from God is silly. All people hear from God after the most infantile training. Babies recognize mother’s voice by affinity. What they say when they speak sounds like a baby.

It requires a few days to train you to hear Holy Spirit but decades to prepare you about what to do with what you hear.

Facebook and the infantile supernatural training phenomenon has filled the world with goo-goo and gah-gah revelation words or mimicking authentic adults to feel like the babies are part of the movement.

FB has become both an excellent opportunity for the authentic and a horrible depository for the ridiculous.

  1. If your motivation is to be seen as “I am one of ‘them there prophets types,’ too,” sit down and shut up. Really. Say and write nothing except in your closet and your journal that you share with your immediate eldering leaders.
  2. Stop encouraging people to share their closet devotions as if they are world-staggering insights for millions. It is a form of divination to market what is precious to life as if it is as common as Walmart candy bars.
  3. If your motivation is to prove you hear God, you have confirmed that you are not ready to do so. At that point in your maturity, 97% is for your closet, and the other 3% to share with your leaders. Just stop trying to prove that you can become an adult without growing up.
  4. Do not share any word beyond the scope of its application and implementation. Ever. Not once. If you have a revelation that applies within the kingdom, share it with someone who has the authority to enforce or use it. If you cannot do that, the word is for you to apply to your own life. Period. End of process.
  5. If you have a word that requires an apostolic council to implement, share it with the apostolic council that has blueprints to implement the revelation. Otherwise, you are devaluing God’s Words. You are allowing them to fall to the ground. You are acting out of order. You are wasting the source of life by which we live.

We now have visions and dreams shared every day that cause people to follow prophets for the sake of the prophet’s gift. What they hear and see, dream and envision, lacks any implementation. No one with authority to apply or implement is involved in the communication, interpretation, or the broadcast of Truth.

What we have been doing with the communication of revelation, often with a mind to inform intercessors or make the entire kingdom aware of what apostles and prophets are hearing, has become far too casual. In an attempt to fulfill an anticipated “mainstreaming of the prophetic,” we have championed its corruption because we have no mechanism to judge it.

Instead, we have ignored that overarching assignment of leadership and ignored the corruption of the prophetic. We have welcomed the merchandising of revelation as if the understanding of cultural influence means we can make the prophetic a commodity in the “mountains” of culture. No!

The gates of the kingdom have leaders standing at them to provide entrance and exit. They do not have any authority to merchandise revelation! They do not have a license from God to corrupt the word of God by making it a profit-producing or support-for-the-ministry commodity.

We now have prophetic revelation as a commodity. “We need a fresh word to get the attention of our constituency.” That is divination! That is sorcery! That is no different from producing words for a price. That is corruption!

Publishing words without interpretation, application, and implementation of the revelation is prohibited.

We have innocent people taking some FB post as a license to disobey their leaders, rebel against their priorities, quit when the process of discipline gets tough. They say, “That is so confirming!” It is childish. It is like, “I saw a stop sign, and that confirms I need to leave this ministry.” Duh.

Top-down. Bottom-up. We need to restore the principles, processes, and protocols of kingdom culture if we are to mature the prophetic.

We are presently on a course similar to King Saul. We are near to the point of calling up Samuel to keep people clicking “like” and visiting our websites. We have this “I need more” mentality about success instead of a kingdom mentality of using tools available for the assignments we receive.

Those websites are incapable of fathering the people reading some of their posts. I would estimate that 60-70% of the posts are designed to maintain the visits accumulations they monitor. The email addresses continually get advertisements to buy “Grease Juice to cure cancer” and invitations to conferences where the same improper practices are magnified.

Out to build a following? Stop! Jesus teaches us our “following” is assigned. Jesus teaches us the crowds that gather are as fickle as your next magic show word of knowledge.

The prophetic anticipation that “all of the people will become equal in prophetic revelation function” assumes an error that metastasizes into deadly cancer. It is patently, on its face, unbiblical to make such an assumption or prophesy such an error.

The words and revelations that require universal communication are rare. Very few leaders have anything “global” going on in their metrons. No, we do not all need to hear the Chicken Soup for the Soul presentation of a new, up and coming, discovered voice who appears because we need new material for our hungry consumer base.

Prophetic revelation applies in the much smaller context of the alignments of the people who receive this revelation. The prophetic process calls for communication – writing down or speaking out the perfect revelation – at which point the perfect revelation becomes less than perfect. The prophetic process then calls for interpretation of what has been communicated, editing some the communication because it is imperfect – “No, God would not say that. You may have the wrong impression or filter for what you have received.”

The interpreted revelation then becomes available for application. The application requires more than the person who received the revelation. A group reached the interpretation. Application occurs in the context of leaders God positioned to lead in the areas of use.

Then, the fuller implementation process requires some input from foundational or blueprint leaders, so the application fits the fuller implementation of the King’s blueprint purposes. In this way, the word does not bring confusion even when it corrects. It may require leaders to tear down something and rebuild it. It will never contradict the result the blueprints reveal.

We have erred in the prophetic restoration. That is expected. We have neglected the assignment to mature the prophetic. That is treason. Time for accountability.

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