Interceding From The New Place of Overcoming Victory

We Can Win ‘Em All!

“You can’t win ’em all” is catchphrase used after someone fails or loses to put the loss in perspective and motivate them to continue in what they do. Winning isn’t everything in competitions and challenges because the process of playing the game or fighting the battle or doing what you do is a form of success.

We do have consolation from God when it appears we have lost or failed. On the other hand, we know that we can win them all through Christ Who has won a complete victory in All things. We apply that victory, with the aid of Holy Spirit and grace, personally and collectively.

Paul says, “Use all of God’s weaponry.” He then seems to assume that doing so will result in winning! “You will oppose in the evil day” – a way of describing the conflict that we face against principalities, power, and cosmic dominators.

Then, Paul says, “Having done all in the withstanding, stand in the victory won with a full complement of God’s weaponry.”

The fullness of withstanding or opposition wins new places and positions in our positive press to produce God’s purposes. At each new place, and in each new position, we establish ourselves as representatives of God.

We War and We Win!

We always win when we represent the King, utilize all God’s available weaponry, and keep on a’coming!

  1. We positively press for God’s purposes.
  2. We have appropriately aligned ourselves to fulfill authentic assignments as God’s representatives.
  3. We utilize God’s available weaponry.
  4. We continue in battle until we overcome the opposition.
  5. We occupy the place and position won, displacing the enemy from that place and position.

Then, from that new place and position, we reset out battleplans. We reset our intercession to the new condition our victory produced.

All Available Weaponry

We often fail to appropriate all of God’s weaponry. We tend to pick up our most familiar weapon or our favorite when we wear a loaded belt heavy with different swords, and our hands have different bows and arrows, spears, and knives.

Consider how you approach every battle and skirmish with the same weaponry. You have come to rely upon experience more than revelation when you throw the same thing at hell upon every occasion of conflict.

“This is how I do it,” can be deadly to your battlefield strategy!

When you approach the enemy, start with God’s strategy, not your proven one. Trust in His weaponry more than your experience or familiarity with His weapons.

When I receive a new anointing, I can see that as a new weapon when I engage in spiritual vision. The visionary impression of having four swords on my belt at a given moment tells me that God knows the enemy I will face because of the assignment He gives me to fulfill.

It is like the proverbial James Bond 007 scene in which the licensed to kill agent picks up his equipment for the mission. (Not that James Bond movies are a beautiful testimony for entertainment.) In each task, weaponry for the mission is needed, written into the script, and introduced into the battle at the appropriate moment. The writer anticipates the exotic weaponry and tricky situations.

God knows perfectly well what the enemy will pull on you before He sends you. So, “All God’s weaponry” is vital to your success. Not your experience in previous battles with other enemies. You can be confident that defeating an enemy means you are moving on to face new enemies.

God has weapons for those enemies. He makes them all available. Paul says, “Get all the weapons of God made available to you as you press positively for His purposes, fulfill your mission, and establish a new, broader claim upon the Inheritance of the Inheritor.”

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