False Claims to Ministry

“I will lead it or not participate” or “I will soon lead it so I will follow along to move into leadership position” creates the splintering effect that leads to shattering division.

The kingdom of God has a King.

Your royal leadership will not be needed. But, thank you for attempting to usurp the Throne. The other ten apostles are disgusted with you as the originating ones were with James and John. When you grow up, we will all know it because you will recognize your juvenile pretense.

1. The “I was here first” claim to all leadership. Jesus blasted that right out the water with a story.

2. The “I have the deepest passion,” so please let me lead claim. Then, you will have the same passion following because you are passionate for a purpose not for position.

3. The “I once shook hands with a famous person” name-dropper claim. This claim means so little that only your mother and wife will follow you. But, you think it is a prophetic mandate for ascendancy.

4. The “all the other leaders suck” claim. This syndrome is the “I am the only one, follow me” error that gathers other people with entitlement and victim mentalities so you can all shout when you preach on “we will show them!”

5. The “since I was a child on my mother’s knee” claim. This claim is the one in which we make yourself into a Samuel destined to fix everything in a world desperate for one man or woman with a word. Oddly enough, the kingdom of God now has a whole room of people with a word contrary to your word.

6. The “no one manifests like me, watch me spin like a top and stick to the ceiling” claim. This circus act gets some gasps of awe from the seats furthest away from the show, but the perception that you can lead the kingdom better because you can stand on the top of a stick for ten minutes does not produce much momentum. What you gonna do for a gasp of awe tomorrow?

7. The “my daddy was a great man, and you liked him” claim. While genetic lineages do have inheritance validity, the kingdom of God is not about natural birthrights. If it were, Paul would have married and had several children instead of investing in spiritual children as inheritors. There is not “daddy passed me the mantle” in the kingdom of God even when momma owns the ministry after daddy dies.

8. “I preach or prophesy, therefore, I am” is identity from ministry syndrome that justifies about 55% of all illegitimate ministries. We have a ministry because I need a place to preach and receive offerings so I can be a preacher “’cause I am one.”

“Preach” is not destiny or identity. And, about 90% of the illegitimate preachers are not preachers at all. They are exhorters with a spiritual gift, not an assignment for a kingdom outpost.

Metron Measurements from the King

In the kingdom of God, the King assigns a measurement of leadership. No one earns more by being cooler than someone else. The King makes these assignments because His Father says so.

None of the claims to leadership listed above are legitimate kingdom claims to leadership. They are splintering dysfunctions that shatter kingdom culture into factions. The leader of a splinter invests most of his emotional energy in maintaining the false claim. Without even realizing it, he is exhorting to reach the same conclusion week after week: “We are a legitimate ministry outpost; please believe in me and support me.”

After spending time, emotional energy, money, and ministry proving something, little is left for kingdom building purposes. You fall into the trap of needing to prove yourself all the time. If you do, you reinforce the illegitimacy of the claim.

Here’s why: the claim to kingdom leadership is always an internal claim within the kingdom, so the claim is continuously reinforced by other kingdom leaders at the instruction fo the King, not directly to the claimant. If the King provides this legitimacy, no one needs to work at the job of proving anything.

The King carefully defines metron to resolve all these extravagant displays of carnal ambition. It is only when the metron claimed has no royal stamp of approval that the person must continue to operate outside the validation to keep a following.

If all the self-claimed ministries closed in a region tomorrow, the region would be not one whit less kingdom influenced without them than it is with them.

The people out of place because of them would find a place in legitimate kingdom outposts where they would thrive as more than props for the circus performance stunts of leaders justifying the existence of a preaching point.

The Bible clearly describes how outposts of apostolic blueprinting are prepared and positioned. The leadership justifications listed above legitimize none of them. The leaders know this was true, or they would not work so hard at proving it on their own.

Yeah, I am saying outright, that a percentage of the ministries that exist right now are illegitimate. The New Era Reformation exposes the faulty foundations. We need to reset the kingdom in radical ways.

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