Father’s Revelation as Satan’s Conclusion

Pure Heavenly Revelation

Simon Peter receives a revelation from the Father.

“Simon, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in Heaven.”

Simon’s revelation arrives pure, authentic, and powerful enough to become a foundation for the most important remarks of Jesus on Ekklesia, kingdom, kingdom authority, and spiritual warfare.

Simon communicates the revelation with excellent clarity, triggering a prophetic declaration from Jesus to Simon’s personal preparation. Simon gets a name-change indicator.

The revelation becomes a moment of transformation as Simon Peter believes something more significant than what humanity creates by intellectual conclusions. Simon Peter believes in a revelation that arrives from Father in Heaven. He becomes a rock.

Simon Peter Perverts Revelation

Then, Simon Peter blows it badly with interpretation, application, and implementation because he fails to submit the revelation to Jesus–the only person available at that moment for the prophetic process.

Jesus judges the word Simon Peter receives as valid. Jesus affirms the communication of the revelation is accurate. Jesus imparts another prophetic decree into Simon Peter because Simon receives this revelation.

Simon Peter walks out of his assigned role, owns what should be submitted, jumps to a massively perverted conclusion about the consequences of the revelation, and takes the revelation that didn’t suffer human impurity right back into flesh and blood handling.

Jumping to a Satanic Conclusion

“Master, You are not going to die on the Cross.”

Simon jumps to this conclusion because Simon becomes the prophetic processer when he isn’t authorized to interpret, apply, and implement the revelation.

  • Simon took Jesus aside for a private personal prophecy.
  • Simon prophesied a fleshy opinion based upon a fleshy conclusion.
  • Simon thinks his revelation processing is superior, even to Jesus.

Next, Simon rebukes Jesus. Wow! One revelation and Simon loses honor, submission, obedience, respect, and alignment. Boom! He is a rogue prophetic disaster.

Pride immediately distorts his revelatory operations.

  • Simon aborts the prophetic process.
    Jesus enters into that process the moment Simon communicates the pure revelation.
  • Simon assumes Father authorizes him to rebuke Jesus.
    Jesus recognizes something as rebellious as hell itself in this prophetic pride.
  • Revelation and Fleshy Results
  • Jesus recognizes the consequences of the prophetic revelation. He immediately interprets, applies, and implements the revelation.

Revelation Purpose Misread by Simon

Father has revealed the timing for Jesus to prepare the originating apostles for His death, burial, resurrection, and what lies beyond.

“From that time Jesus begins to reveal to His disciples‚Ķ”

The prophetic revelation has consequences that Jesus sees through the prophetic process because He is the One with the position, authority, perspective, and alignment with Father to implement the fullness of the revelation.

Simon assumes that Jesus being Messiah and Son of the God Who lives means He cannot suffer many things, die, and rise again. Simon thinks Father picks him to receive this revelation to take over as Jesus’ spiritual career manager.

His presumptuous pretense reveals a wide-open door to satanic delusion.

Notice how receiving one of the most profound revelations of history reveals that Simon Peter is as fleshy as a cranky goat. Simon thinks this makes him king of the kingdom. One revelation from Father and Simon no longer requires leadership.

How many times have I heard that phrase come out of the mouths of impertinent bozos! “I am taught by the Father.” Ha! Conclusion? “Father sent me to correct every apostle, prophet, teacher, and kingdom leaders on Earth. My massive mudslide into fleshy opinion and delusion pride deliver rebuke from Father’s mouth to your ears.”

Revelation Consequences

Jesus realizes this is what the revelation means in its consequences, so Jesus puts the revelation into the context of Ekklesia and Kingdom leadership authority.

At this moment, no one is available for prophetic processing but Jesus. Later, the whole apostolic Didache will take on prophecies to train kingdom citizens.

The “You are the Messiah, the Son of the God Who lives” revelation will be the key unlocking thousands of years of prophetic anticipation. This revelation to and through Simon Peter alters the storyline of Jesus’ life and ministry. It also reveals the need for prophetic process: the purity of Father’s revelation immediately suffers from human impurity without proper procedure.

The words of Jesus are strong!

“Get behind me, Satan!” Rebuke follow rebuke. Simon rebukes Jesus. Jesus rebukes Simon.

  • Does Jesus address Satan speaking through Simon, a satan?
  • Simon is the satan (meaning “enemy”) because his words are the same in spirit and intention as Satan’s words?
  • “Satan” means “enemy,” so we shouldn’t see anything satanic in the rebuke?

Jesus rebukes Simon for speaking hellish conclusions from heavenly revelation. Jesus calls out his fleshy mishandling, not demonic or satanic ventriloquism. Jesus is telling Simon that his misuse and abuse of a revelation to reposition himself as an equal to his Master or Leader is as satanic as Lucifer opposing God in Heaven.

Jesus tells Simon that his interpretation of a pure revelation is satanic in the conclusion while heavenly in the source.

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Wow! That is a stunning moment of clarity for all prophetic people!

A pure revelation from Father, without proper prophetic process, becomes the basis for several horrifying errors, ending with the person receiving the revelation using the revelation to communicate satanic sentiments.

Simon Peter hears the Father’s voice and speaks the devil’s voice, using what he heard from the Father to rebuke Jesus.

A revelation from the father–“You are the Messiah, the Son of the God who lives”–becomes Simon’s delusional motivation for telling Jesus to disobey the Father.

Stop a moment to contemplate how vital the prophetic process must be if Father’s song can so easily and quickly turn into satanic verse.

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